How to make vase from plastic bottle

Beautiful vase from waste material

Required Material:
1. Plastic container;
2. Corrugated cardboard;
3. Hot-melt adhesive;
4. PVA glue;
5. Napkins;
6. Acrylic paint and varnish.
Step 1.
Take a plastic bottle of detergent and a cut off the top part.

Step 2.
Draw a flower pattern and cut it. We transfer the pattern on the pattern on the corrugated cardboard.

Step 3.
Cut out of cardboard and pasted our flower hot glue on our future vase.

Step 4.
Tear to pieces napkins. PVA diluted 1: 1 with water. Mash napkin begin their glue on a vase.

So you should get.

Step 5.
Once the wipes to dry well, cover the bowl with black acrylic paint.

Step 6.
As the black paint is dry, retouch brush semi-violet paint.

Step 7.
Coloring flowers.

Step 8.
After drying, cover the bowl with acrylic lacquer.

That’s all there ready to bowl!

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