Easy Waterfall Braid Tutorial – Step by step

The waterfall braid gets its ornate look by releasing sections of hair as well as picking up new ones along its path.

This technique isn’t particularly hard, but it can be arm-tiring and takes a bit of practice to get an even-looking result. Keep at it!

Step 1: Begin a Crossing-Over Braid

As you grew accustomed to doing in the first few lessons, part your hair in the middle and grab a small section at the front (on the left or the right), and sweep it back.

Divide into three sections and create a few stitches of a standard crossing-over braid.

The next time it’s the lower strand’s turn to cross, set it aside instead by sweeping it forward. You can use a clip or your mouth to hold it.

Next pick up a small section of hair from right behind the set-aside section.

Step 2: The Waterfall Stitch

Carefully separate and smooth your new section from the rest of your hair, then cross it over the center section of your braid– this new piece acts in place of the liberated section.

Cross over the part-side section like in a standard braid, then sweep and secure the lower section forward and away, like in the previous step.

Again pick up a new small section of hair from right behind where the now-free section, and use it to cross over the braid.

Repeat this step to make as many waterfall stitches as you like!

Step 3: Finish It Off

This technique can be extended to wrap around your whole head, but for this style, stop adding new sections when you get to the crown area (or when you stop being able to see what you’re doing clearly with one mirror).

Now you can let go of the sections you were holding with your mouth or clip (any earlier and they would have been in your way). Use a standard crossing-over braid to finish up this side, and secure the tail with a small elastic.

Step 4: And Again From the Other Side

Repeat to make a matching braid on the other side of your head. Start braiding a small section, then each time it’s the lower section’s turn, sweep it forward and out of the way, then grab a small section of hair from right behind it to use instead.

Try to match the angle and stitch size to the first braid. Did you notice this technique to be easier on one side than another?

Step 5: Complete the Style and Wear It!

Tie the two braids together with a small elastic at the back of your head (don’t catch any free hairs from the rest of your head), adjust for symmetry, and optionally remove the braids’ individual elastics.

Smooth and style the rest of your hair (with a styling product if desired, such as a bit of hairspray, hair paste, or conditioning oil).

Now it’s your turn!

Hope you like this waterfall braid tutorial.

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Latest Long Hair step by step hairstyles for Girls

Latest Long Hair step by step hairstyles for Girls” is great collection of step by step hair cutting for girls of all ages. First of all pick the best suited hairstyle and then simply by following easy steps you can try totally new looks.

This is the best way of trying different haircuts at home without spending any cost. We hope you will enjoy this collection, keep sharing your thoughts and comments with us. Enjoy the collection!

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2 Cool Hairstyles for Little Girls on Any Occasion Step By Step

The classic hairstyle for a holiday is considered to be two high ponytails or braids with white fluffy bows. But now this is not so strict, and you can create many other beautiful hairstyles – all kinds of bundles, braids, weaving and tails .. The hairstyle for any holiday it is recommended to use white or light pastel colors bows and ribbons with a neat styling.

Simple by elegant hairstyle, which can make even the Pope. Suitable for short to medium hair.


Step 1
Make a side parting and braiding little tails on head circumference from the left temple to the right. Tails at the temples are located above and below the sink in the back of the head

Step 2
Now we need to take the tail and screwed it on two fingers, rotate and fix beautiful invisible with white flowers.
Thus we stack all the tails.

And the result is a great hairstyle!
As an option – you can leave your hair loose and curled behind them curling. Or collect in the high tail with a lush white bow.
Hairstyle with ribbons:

To create such hairstyles will need two tapes and a beautiful bow.
Step 1
Tie a high ponytail and braid plait the usual three strands. We wrap the braid around the base, and fix, the resulting beam pins

Step 2
Take the ribbon and through the same distance from the back of the starting pass through under the strands. It is better to do it with the help of invisible – you need to slip invisible under the hair, catch it and pull the ribbon. Ribbon stretching across the entire circumference of the head around the bundle

ozmite another tape in the same manner and only staggered with respect to the first tape, stretch using invisible. Leave the ends of the tape loose. Attach a ribbon beam, a little hair spray and hair ready.

How To Elegant High Full Ponytail Hairstyle Step By Step

When you are going for the corporate event and wishing to have the big full ponytail for yourself then you need to be bit clever for the hairstyle. Therefore, we are again here with the step wise tutorial of the big full ponytail tutorial that you can get. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the steps of the tutorial with few tries of the practice. Start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end and get this in your way as by grabbing the tools required for the tutorial.


You will need:

Hair spray

Hair brush

Hair elastic

Hair comb


Step1: Start with the clean and the dry hairs and if you are not carrying the dry hairs then get some dry hair texture hair spray on the hairs. Best will be if you are carrying the day old hairs for the hair style.

Step2: Comb the hairs thoroughly and clear out the knots from the hairs and then grab the section of the hairs from the forehead and back comb this front section to fluff the hairs i.e. to create the volume of the hairs.

Step3: Brush the hairs with the wide bristle brush and then tie up the hairs with the hair elastic into the ponytail.

Step4: Part the pony hairs into two parts and start creating the volume into the pony hairs as shown in the picture.

Step5: Brush up the pony hairs thoroughly and then add some hair spray to the hairs and you are done here.

Super Easy Hairstyle To Try For Back To School

Braided Back To School hairstyle:

Messy Bun with Knot Headband or any Bow

First pull hair up into a high ponytail.

When tying the ponytail around all the hair the last go round do not pull the hair all the way through. Leave at least a couple inches of “tail.” This will create a bun.

Pull the bun tight by the ponytail.

You can then add your knot headband or you can add your bow to the back of the bun to create a fun hairstyle!

Knot headbands (We also have these in stripes and other prints.)

Hair Bows

Here is one that is fun but takes a little more time.. 🙂

Braided Pigtails with Bows

First, you will create two even sections for your pigtails. Once hair is parted all the way down the middle you will want to clip one side out of the way.

Step 2: Take the top half inch section of the first section of hair from the part to begin the braid. Now divide that section into three parts to start your braid. **Create fists with hair in each hand.Make sure your pinkies are touching her head. By keeping your hands close to her head makes for a tighter braid.

Drop the middle piece of hair and bring it toward the front. Grab a small section of loose hair to draw into the braid with the piece of dropped hair.

Pick up that hair with the hand closest to the forehead. You should have three pieces in your hands again.

Now drop the current middle piece again and grab a small section of loose hair to draw in with the dropped piece. Pick up the hair using the fist toward the back of the head.

Repeat those steps until your braid reaches the bottom of her hairline on her neck.

Once you reach the bottom of her hairline, continue with a normal braid for an inch, and then band it. This will help keep the braid tight without creating tight pulls in the braid that will yank her scalp.

You can then leave the remainder of her hair loose in a ponytail (like pictured) or braid until the end of her hair.

Now follow these steps for her other braided pigtail.

After finishing both pigtails you can easily slide a bow with an alligator clip in right above her elastic hair tie.

courtesy: The Hair Bow Company

20+ Step by Step Hairstyles for Long Hair

Step by Step Hairstyles for long hair are really helpful for girls if you’re about to attend a special event like birthday party or any other event, above all you found yourself having really short time to visit hairdresser then this article will be really helpful for you. Simply by following easy steps for your long hair, you can have really good looking and beautiful hairstyle in really short time.

Also it’s the easiest way to try different hairstyles and find out which one suits you the best and makes you look more beautiful. Our today’s article “Latest Long Hair step by step hairstyles for Girls” is having all the amazing and beautiful collection of latest hairstyles for girls of all ages. All you need to do is to follow each step closely as indicating in each hairstyle photo and get your favorite and stylish hairstyle in really short time.

You can also share this article with those girls who always love to get new hairstyles after sometime. Hope you like these step by step tutorials.

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5 minutes hairstyle (Tutorial)

5 minutes and beauty 1

We would like to share with you how to do this hairstyle! Taking the hair in a ponytail and fix the rubber band On both sides take away uniform hair strands We connect them and fix the rubber band Gently pull strands Taking the following strands on both sides Putting them together and fix the rubber band Gently pull strands Do this as many times as allowed by the length of hair And here we get a result!