KIDS CRAFT: Artistic Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps

Recycle bottles caps is a Green way to make cheap decorations for kids rooms. Plastic bottle caps are a perfect material for decorating backyards with handmade designs in bright colors. Simple, easy for kids crafts make wonderful garden decorations. You can create beautiful flowers and funny characters with bottle caps. Colorful wall murals for kids rooms and unique gifts are great ideas to recycle bottle caps.

Plastic bottle caps are interactive kids toys that inspire and stimulate the imagination. Use a chance to incorporate this artistic way of recycling bottle caps into your home decorating. Colorful designs bring fun and joy into kids life. Recycled crafts and art projects teach children to act eco-friendly, be resourceful and creative.

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Painted Plastic Bottle Caps Craft Tutorial for Kids

How can you recycle plastic bottle caps? Enjoying art projects and making crafts with kids are fantastic ideas for recycling. Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps are some of the eco-friendly projects. Things that use for crafting- paints, stencils, tools and texturizers. Fabulous recycling ideas to inspire the everyone to turn colorful plastic caps into beautiful artworks.

The kids chose four colors of Decor Art paint.

Then portioned out the bottle caps into four bowls and started pouring paint in each.

We enjoyed mixing the bottle caps into the paint.

After all the bottle caps were covered in paint, we dug them out of the bowls one by one with a fork, then laid them on a flattened paper bag to dry overnight.

Once they were dry, the kids made all kinds of painted bottle cap artwork (with the addition of a few wooden cookie and tea party accessories)…

It’s a perfect rainy day or lazy weekend recyclable art project for the kids.

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Image source: whimsicalkidscanvas

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Fun & Games Activities for Helping Kids with Dyslexia

People with dyslexia see the world differently! Many are visual thinkers (rather than verbal thinkers – like 90% of the population). Visual thinkers can be creative and amazingly innovative. Their strengths are in the area of the brain used for creativity and art, puzzles and innovation. Unfortunately, research has shown that dyslexics who use the part of the brain normally used for reading struggle with reading. Research also shows that dyslexics who become fluent readers use a different part of the brain for reading. The good news is that the creative, artistic, part of the brain can be trained to take over the task of reading!

We know that dyslexic learners have a knack for figuring out these puzzles because of their visual thinking talents. The Puzzle Games activate the right brain and over time the games begin to introduce symbols, letters and numbers – as part of the art! The art and puzzles gradually transform into reading activities and over the course of 2 to 3 months, depending on the pace of the student, the creative, artistic area of the brain takes over the job of reading!

Did you know that Dyslexics are brilliant and many will learn to read, with or without therapy? The natural process can take years! Dyslexia Games accelerates this process, empowering the student to overcome symptoms of dyslexia in a few months, not a few years! This is wonderful for a child’s self-confidence!

Question and Answer Time!
Q. What is the best time is to train the dyslexic mind to overcome reading, writing and spelling problems?
A. During times of low stress, like when the child has a nice long break from all other school related studies.
Q. What are the two times each year when we have this chance to help our kids take the biggest jump out of the foggy zone we call “reading confusion”?
A. Christmas Vacation and Summer Vacation!

Source: Dyslexia Games

These Games are the simplest, fastest, (and most affordable!) way to help your child to naturally overcome symptoms of Dyslexia, including letter reversals, poor spelling, messy handwriting, concentration problems, and reading confusion. This is wonderful for a child’s self-confidence!