How to Make Cardboard Corner Shelf / Rack

This tutorial shows how to make step by step cardboard corner shelf / rack / Organizer.
Cut an right angled isosceles triangle of cardboard of sides 13 inch and hypotenuse 18 inch (take 9 such triangles) Now, cut 18 stripe of cardboard of size (13 inch * 2 inch) Next,cut 9 stripe of cardboard of size (19 inch * 2 inch ) Now, take 3 triangles and glue them one over other to make one tough triangle. Take two pieces of cord of lenght 5 feet and put one end of both the cord in the center holes (hole at the right angled corner) of the 3 trays and the other ends in the other 2 sides hole of the trays

DIY Cardboard Desk Organizer with Drawers (AFFORDABLE)

It is awesome to take some recycled cardboard and make a nice desk organizer with drawers, as shown in this DIY Crafts. With its multiple dividers and two drawers, this organizer is a great space saver to put away your stationery, accessories, cell phones, keys, wallet and so on. It’s very easy to make and you can be rest assured that everything will be organized and looking nice on your desk. You can use your favorite wrapping paper or fabric to create your own style.

Required Material:

  • Cardboard (you can use shipping boxes);
  • Wrapping paper or fabric with colors and patterns of your choices;
  • Cardstock paper;
  • Glue;
  • Craft Knife;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Pen.


1. Decide the size of your organizer, draw the templates on cardboard and cut out the pieces. The dimension of the organizer is about 30 cm in length, 20 cm in width and 20 cm in height. The front section is about 12.5 cm in width and the back section is about 7.5 cm in width.

2. Assemble the pieces to see if they fit. Make adjustments if needed.

3. Assemble the side pieces and make sure every piece fits perfectly.

4. Disassemble the organizer and wrap each piece with paper or fabric and secure with glue.

5. Assemble the wrapped pieces again into the organizer and cover the seams with cardstock strips. Secure with glue.

6. Now it looks like this.

7. Wrap the drawers with paper and insert into the drawer slots of the organizer.

8. The cardboard organizer is done. It looks nice, doesn’t it?

9. Place your accessories, stationery and other stuffs in the organizer. Enjoy!

Hope you like this desk organizer craft tutorial.

Image source: icreativeideas

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How to make paper and cardboard stand-organizer “Elephant” for the tablet

paper and cardboard stand-organizer “Elephant” for the tablet:
On our desktop, where the whole family is engaged in creativity, are always accessories. One of them – the tablet, usually show some series, a regular review of interesting gizmos, workshop or just playing music. In this master class you will learn how to create a stand for such a satellite creativity with his own hands.
So, let’s begin!

Required Material:
beer board thickness of 1.5 mm, a sheet of 250 × 300 mm (I had two sheets of 250 × 200 mm at hand);
beautiful sheets of paper, one of at least 9 “x9” (229 × 229 mm) and 2 A4 paper (I used 3 sheets of paper for scrapbooking 305 × 305 mm);
adhesive (for example, “Moment of Crystal”);
stick to scoring.
Additionally, to facilitate the manufacturing process, can be used:
board Creasing (preferably inch as customized sizes just under a);
model knife;
mat for cutting;
metal ruler;
Now we need the sketches “Elephant.” To maintain the correct dimensions, the image should be printed on A4.

The first two designs for the board – this is the framework of our stand. Printed, pasted on a sheet of cardboard prepared and cut. it is not necessary to cut out on the first page of the ear at the elephant, it is there to guide. We cut out the details of the plotter. But there is a nuance, plotter companies Silhouette can cut through the cardboard beer 1.5 mm, even a knife for cutting deep. I cut the usual knife to the maximum depth, then dorezayu modeling knife.

On the second sheet of the boxes are arranged to the last detail. In the sidewalls have top and bottom. When cutting, it is desirable to label them, then to avoid confusion (see. Photo). The arrow indicates where the top.
The remaining two files can be printed directly on a beautiful piece of paper, which will hide the frame of cardboard. It is necessary to bear in mind that you need to print on the back side of the paper. And also cut out. The dashed line, in the diagram designated fold line.
The first step will collect elephant ears. I prefer them to do different in color from the base color stand to emphasize their presence.

Apply glue and you can use an old credit card to evenly distribute 🙂 Ready ears are set aside, they give us is no longer needed. And go to the sidewalls of an elephant. First glue outer sides, those with the ear hole. By the way, about this hole … You can not cut, but I cut, because then it is easier to glue themselves exactly ears.
We give a little dry, and can be glued inside. Bends by first fold lines on each of the paper components. Do not forget that should have two mirrored parts, but not the same (see. Photo).
Now you can paste them. The adhesive can be applied to cardboard, guided by the slots for the side walls.

Then start collecting box. Glue all the pieces to one of the elephant’s side. First the sides and then the bottom. All parts have to enter the end of the slots.

The attentive reader must have noticed the mistake. I became interested in photographing process and mixed direction sides. Later I will tell you what it will turn back to me. After we have collected this part of the box, it is desirable to quickly paste the second side of the elephant. The fact is that when the adhesive dries thoroughly, we will not be able to correct the symmetry of the sides. And this, in turn, will affect the stability of the finished stand. The slots for the connection, I specifically made with a small gap, this will allow us to align with the need of an elephant at this stage of assembly.
After a complete frame assembly elephant set on a flat surface. And make sure that all the legs and trunk rest on this surface.

If all is well, let it dry. So that will not shift anything in the further work.
Dried up? Now you can paste the elephant ears.

Next we will refine a box for small items. I used paper for scrapbooking 305h305 mm, left of it are two trim width of just over 3 “(about 8 cm).
I have already said before, the size of a box fitted with an inch, as we have in the presence of plaque for scoring from Martha Stewart.Dimensions in millimeters will be put in brackets, they can be rounded up to integers.
We need a long strip of exactly 3 “(76.2 mm) and long 10⅜” (263,5 mm). This will be the outer part of the box. Folds will be from any edge on ½ “(12,7 mm), 3⅝” (76,8 mm), 6¾ “(153,1 mm) and 9⅞” (229,5 mm).

Scoring can be done without the board on the mat for cutting

Corners need to slightly undercut, at about a 45 ° (cf.. Photo).

As a result, should get a band, wrap the entire outside of the box and curled inside edges … I recommend to try it before gluing. If everything is exactly the size, the band will go tight enough to not work nor any gaps. After that you can be glued.

At the edges, the corners glued strips is recommended to take a stick to creasing, or something similar, to press tightly against the edge to the frame.

In any case, you can check the structure for alignment. If everything is in order, then put off to the side of an elephant and begin to make the inside, a decorative box. Here we need a sheet of 9 “x9” (228.6 x 228.6 mm), I will use the same sheet skrapbumagi, as well as for the whole elephant. Cut the desired size and outline the fold line at a distance of 3 “(76.2 mm).

Then we put on them and well ironed

As a result of these steps, the next work piece should get:

Now we make four incisions, like the following picture, so you can collect the box.

Assembled without glue box you need to try.

It also should include tight, but still go. After a successful fitting can be glued. As it is not extremely important, but I prefer to do all four sides equally (see. Photo).

Well and still collected a box to paste in our elephant. Glue is applied to the inside of the carcass. Otherwise, if you put glue on just glued box when installing it in place all of the adhesive remains on the outside and the risk to stain the whole elephant.

Now that’s what caused my inattention. Remember, I mixed up the direction of the sidewalls of the box? So, these walls have turned lower decorative portion and protruding edge. I had to trim it in place, and it is not very convenient and turned koryavenko. In the photo seen below, by how much.

Sam elephant is ready, you can exploit
Phew .. It seems to have coped. I hope that someone will come in handy. And if you like it, put the Huskies and subscribe. For this single respect, and a ray of goodness in your face

courtesy: livemaster

How to Make Cardboard Mega Organizer

Beautiful Cardboard Mega Organizer: Take a piece of cardboard, a little more than A4. I took this size. A little longer and a little below … do these 2 items. Then, on the one part indent 4 cm below the upper edge. Was handy plastic container cap. I placed it exactly in the center, through which we measured out)
Cut … Here is the neckline we’ve got) This two together. Do marginalia … Result. Glued it all together, and got a crate). Without a bottom … Top view. Exactly like …Makes the second work piece. The process is the same. The same cap) Do these two parts. Try on … This marginalia. Glued. Delicious … everything sticks together Moment “Crystal”. You can make between compartments stenochku one … But I liked it so much anymore. Plastered napkins or paper towels, as in my case. I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future).I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future). Looking ahead a bit … do such departments-pockets made of cardboard. Again, try on … Now themselves pockets. Cut 2 strips of … By hand, I draw an arc on which cut too much. Forgot to mention that divided the strip into two parts. Bottom 3cm, 2.5cm top. Like this …. Burst … These are the arcs we get … Try on … Making a second pair of pockets … The process is the same …Try on … Pockets remove. I missed the photo as papered them. They are dried))) I did not have a large piece of cardboard, and I decided to make it out of pieces. Who has a large sheet, it will be easier. Many things can be missed. Puts the already dried pockets to our subject) I like it) Since I have a small piece of cardboard, obvozhu only with the first pockets. Hard to see, but I think it is clear. Like this … Cut and paste at the time of “Crystal”. Since the whole structure is placed on a bad photo, will be showing one side. Try on the pocket … Take a piece of cardboard More … placed under the structure, and try on the second pocket … encircles the second pocket, and cut. Do not forget to do likewise second side) Remove pockets … As you may have noticed, there is no photo with a sketch … But I think everything is clear) Here is a detail should get. Smear glue under the tube and cut, which we will stick to the first part.Glue and fix for reliability masking tape … Now it’s pockets) We glue them … That’s what we’ve got. Now paste napkins bottom, inside and out. The rest is in the process … to finish, lay out photo description … While decorating a matter of taste. You can just paint. And you can issue to the technology, which is the soul. Who, in that much

How to make vase from plastic bottle

Beautiful vase from waste material

Required Material:
1. Plastic container;
2. Corrugated cardboard;
3. Hot-melt adhesive;
4. PVA glue;
5. Napkins;
6. Acrylic paint and varnish.
Step 1.
Take a plastic bottle of detergent and a cut off the top part.

Step 2.
Draw a flower pattern and cut it. We transfer the pattern on the pattern on the corrugated cardboard.

Step 3.
Cut out of cardboard and pasted our flower hot glue on our future vase.

Step 4.
Tear to pieces napkins. PVA diluted 1: 1 with water. Mash napkin begin their glue on a vase.

So you should get.

Step 5.
Once the wipes to dry well, cover the bowl with black acrylic paint.

Step 6.
As the black paint is dry, retouch brush semi-violet paint.

Step 7.
Coloring flowers.

Step 8.
After drying, cover the bowl with acrylic lacquer.

That’s all there ready to bowl!

How to Make DIY Desk Organizer

Learn how to make a DIY Desk Organizer using Cardboard with a step by step tutorial with instructions and this fabulous Handy Pencil Holder is a cool craft that you must learn for systematic storage of your stationery supplies.This DIY Desk Organizer is the perfect DIY Fun Art and Craft Project that you can engage your kids in this vacation Holiday.

Required Material:

  • Thin Cardboard
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative tape
  • Glue gun and Glue Stick
  • Glitter
  • Color papers

Make the Containers:

To make the containers of the Desk organizer make 4 containers of the following dimensions.

10 x 4 cm

10 x 4 cm

7 x 4 cm

4 x 4 cm

Add an extra 1 cm to help you pack and seal the box.

Keep the width i.e 4 cm common for all the Thin cardboard containers.

Paste and join the edges to make a container.

Make the Slant Container:

Take a cardboard strip and make markings at intervals of 10 cm, 2 cm, 10 cm , 2 cm ,1 cm

Draw lines with a pencil and make markings and cut to give a slant look.

Fold the thin cardboard and join the edges to make a slant container.

Build Your Craft:

Make the same markings on Red and Blue colored papers, as you did on the cardboard for the containers.

Cover the containers in colored paper by pasting the colored papers with adhesive.

Decorate Your Craft:

Take 2 cm wide yellow paper strips and cut them in a triangular designer pattern.

Paste the paper strips on the rim of the containers, like a pretty border.

Create a Base:

To give a base to your craft, take a white paper and draw a color palette on the white paper. Cut it out to use as a stencil and cut out a color palette

Cut out the color palette from a thick cardboard and cover it with green paper.

Paste the thin cardboard palette on the thick one.

Add the Last Touch:

In the end arrange and finally paste the containers to the base of the color palette with glue gun.

Line the edges of the containers attached to the base of the color palette, with golden glitter.

Cover the edges of the Color palette edges with decorative tape.

Your Desk Organizer Is Ready:

Aquarium – Crafts for children from the box and color paper

Aquarium Crafts for children from the box and color paper: The underwater world is fascinating, adults and kids. We Andrei tried to create a marine area directly in a cardboard box. We now have on the shelf, you can hear the sound of the surf and enjoy the beauty of the ocean inhabitants.

We took the usual box from under the shoe and pasted her self-adhesive film.

Glue “Moment-crystal” glued shells on the bottom of the “aquarium”.

In the same color film made algae.

We have prepared the future inhabitants templates.

They completed their two-sided application in engineering.

Hung our “animals” on the strings and set them to the top of the wall, “aquarium”.

Of beads made “air bubbles”, and also hung them.

Our underwater world is ready, it remains only to put it on the shelf and enjoy !!!

Hope you like this tutorial.