How to make vase from plastic bottle

Beautiful vase from waste material

Required Material:
1. Plastic container;
2. Corrugated cardboard;
3. Hot-melt adhesive;
4. PVA glue;
5. Napkins;
6. Acrylic paint and varnish.
Step 1.
Take a plastic bottle of detergent and a cut off the top part.

Step 2.
Draw a flower pattern and cut it. We transfer the pattern on the pattern on the corrugated cardboard.

Step 3.
Cut out of cardboard and pasted our flower hot glue on our future vase.

Step 4.
Tear to pieces napkins. PVA diluted 1: 1 with water. Mash napkin begin their glue on a vase.

So you should get.

Step 5.
Once the wipes to dry well, cover the bowl with black acrylic paint.

Step 6.
As the black paint is dry, retouch brush semi-violet paint.

Step 7.
Coloring flowers.

Step 8.
After drying, cover the bowl with acrylic lacquer.

That’s all there ready to bowl!

DIY Flower Vase Out of Plastic Bottle

I would like to show how I made a flower vase out of plastic bottle. This flower vase can be used to keep both artificial and natural flowers. For keeping artificial plants or flowers use pebbles or sand in order to fill the vase and for natural flowers use water. This piece of craft is completely made out of plastic bottles. We use a lid of relatively large container as a base for the flower vase. Use spray paint or painting brush to paint the flower vase.

Required Materials:

1) Plastic bottle

2) Lid of a container

3) Artificial plants or Natural flowers

4) Pebbles

5) Cutting blade

6) Glue gun or any adhesive for plastic bonding

7) Iron box

8) Spray paint or Acrylic paint


First of we shall make the vase from the plastic bottles. For that,

1) Take any plastic bottle of desired shape. Decide the required size for your flower vase and select a plastic bottle.

2-3) Cut out the top quarter of the plastic bottle as shown in the image. 4-5) Now using a hot iron box curve the brim of the cut out plastic bottle. Set your iron box to a low temperature and slowly slide the brim of the plastic bottle on the surface of the iron box in a circular motion. 6) Now take a lid of a container. While selecting the lid it should have a size approximately equal to the brim of the bottle so as to get a good shape for the flower vase. 7-8) Apply hot glue at the center of the lid top and fix the bottle head on to the top of the lid as shown in the image.

Painting Vase:

Now we have made a simple flower vase.

1-2) Using a white acrylic spray paint paint the flower vase. Apply a second coat a few minutes after the first coat.

3) Now I have made one more flower vase in the same way. You can try with bottles having different shape and size. 4-5) This time I have planned to give a black acrylic color for the second flower vase. 6-10) Finally, i have made one more flower vase to give a gradient effect on it. For this, the flower vase is lay down and spray painted with black on one side. Thereafter on the other side it’s spray painted white as shown in the image.

Add Plants or Flowers:

Finally, we need to place plants or flowers inside the flower vase. We can keep both artificial and natural plants and flowers in this flower vase.

1-6) For an artificial plant or flower use pebbles or sand in order to fill the vase. I have placed to artificial plants in the black and white flower vases.

7-9) Now, for a natural flower we can fill the vase with water. This could extend the freshness of flower in flower vase. I have placed a bunch of red roses in the flower vase as shown in the image.

Flower Vase:

So we have finished the Flower Vase. It’s a cheap flower vase as it’s a recycled plastic bottle craft. Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.

DIY Vase of branches made from plastic bottles

I made a vase of disposable glasses, decorated with an elastic tip and pasta; branches made from plastic bottles.

To work on a vase I need: 3 disposable glasses, PVA glue, elastic sock, shaped pasta Melt glue and spray enamel.

Three wine glasses pile up as follows:

Elastic socks are well soaked in glue PVA

I put it on the bottom glasses, doing drapery and leave to dry.

Two wine glasses on the stand Thermo glued together, as shown in the photo

When the glue is dry, begin to decorate curly pasta, pasting them Melt adhesive.

Next pasting glasses to the stand

Now paint aerosol paints. The upper part of the color “Old Copper” bottom – paint brown

Then everything is slightly enamel.

Here is a vase I got

For making branches receive a green plastic bottle, neck and bottom cut off.

For work, I need the middle part.

From paper-cut stencils for the leaves.

Stencil cut out leaves from the middle of the plastic bottle.

Stencil cut out leaves from the middle of the plastic bottle.

Over a candle flame gives the sheet shape. It is important to remember that the candle flame must not touch the sheet workpiece. Sheet form gives hot air instead of a flame. The work should be carried out in a well-ventilated area!

Leaf stalk spirals, softening it over a candle.

These are the leaves I did.

For the manufacture of the branches take a plastic bottle of brown color and cut it in a spiral to form a strip approximately 1,2sm

I twist the strip in a spiral, softening it over a candle flame.

To connect the two branches together, the end of one branch in a candle flame and quickly presses it with pliers to the other branch.

In the same way, I attach the leaves to the branch.

These are the branches and leaves I did.

I put twigs in vases cell.

So, enjoy The result of my work.

courtesy: stranamasterov

How to make Jute Basket

Overview on different sides.

Some photos curves were obtained.

Turns around.

And now MC. The most I have done the first photograph, but I think everything is clear. In a jar put on a plastic bag, wrap the top jute, gluing it, let it dry. When filming, we had to top a little incision.

For the fortress was held inside again jute. The thing I’ll tell you, boring and pretty tyagomotnoe. But vase on the fortress-like wood.

Paste bedplate.

Crochet 3 chains, missed PVA and left overnight to dry.

Glued to the sides.

I wrap the handle jute while its sticking. Tails cut off the braids.

I begin to decorate.

I do not give to dry, attach directly to the place. Raw petals well take any shape. I got the place of attaching handles.

Glue the bottom 2 more leaf and beads.

still leaves pasted.

Clay and leaf curl.

Clay curl on the other side.

Decorate further.

The bottom of the inside.

DIY: Hamdmade vase of plastic bottles for fruit

Vase of plastic bottles for fruit 1

Hello! Today we will do a vase for fruit from the plastic bottles.

For the manufacture of vases with their own hands, you will need:
1. Plastic bottles;
2. PVA glue;
3. Newspapers;
4. Napkins conventional and sandwich;
5. Hot glue;
6. The stones or something heavy;
7. Acrylic paint and varnish.

8. Cardboard

Step 1.

Take the 2-liter bottle and cut off them. First, step back a little from the neck is

will foot. Second, a little below the middle.

Step 2.

From cardboard cut out a couple of feet in diameter circles. And glue them together.

Step 3.

From the third bottle cut out the middle and curl into a tube, it will be a connector

two parts.

Step 4.

Wrap in newspaper stones laid in the leg and close the cardboard circle.

Step 5.

the second part of the bottle to 3 cm. And cut.

Step 6.

Cut the petals glue tape, about the same distance.

Step 7.

Paste vase PVA newspaper strips and a 1: 1 with water. Paste in 2 layers.

Step 8.

From cardboard cut out the template and use it to outline the pattern.

Step 9.

Paste vase crumpled paper towels.

Step 10.

From 3-ply napkins curl flagella and stuck on the vase.

Step 11.

First, paint to black, and then slightly purple at the end of bronze.

Step 12.


How to make mini vase bamboo


The creative idea to create a small vase imitating bamboo. Very original look in the interior, with virtually no material costs for manufacturing. Sea pluses and no minuses. Do you want to try to make their own hands?

Materials and tools:

• Melt.
• Pipe-tube from the film.
• napkins, preferably white.
• Toilet paper (rough).
• The paint is suitable gouache or watercolor.
• A piece of laminate. This flooring pre-cut in the shape of a triangle. Laminate is the basis of the composition.
• PVA glue. 6 steps and the original vase ready

1 step. The pipe must be cut into three unequal parts.

Step 2. On the prepared piece of triangular-shaped laminate, glue all the pieces of the pipe by means of Melt.

Step 3. Rough toilet paper basis pastes vases using PVA glue.

Step 4. Twist the cloth, using techniques Pape art, thereby we attach our image of a vase of bamboo. Step 5. Imitating the bark of the bamboo stem. To do this, toilet paper glue, a little squeezing, giving texture vase vertical stripes. The result should look like this. That’s a mini-vase made of bamboo looks close. 6 step. Paint the vase in color similar to natural bamboo. You can use shades of green and beige colors. This MK twisted flagellum napkins dyed white mother of pearl. So ended a mini-vases manufacturing process.The concept is simple! Be creative masterpieces their beauty and originality of the people around them!

How to make jar vase lamp

Jar Vase Lamp 1

Here is a curious thing has turned me from a simple jar of coffee from under. It is quite universal. Want to be stained flashlight … And if you want, vase!

I’ll tell you how to make such a flashlight.

So, we need:

  • jar of coffee from under the
  • masking tape
  • acrylic paint black (paints in the can)
  • stained glass paints (suitable for beginners “Gamma” water-based)
  • contours on the glass (black and gold)
  • paper template for a picture
  • wire
  • tin cans cap
  • scissors
    Jars washed by label grease.

On those sites, we are not going to paint, paste self-adhesive tape (I have it oral). You can use masking tape. Black paint from a container covers our jar. Give the dry somewhere 30-40 minutes. Dried up? Gently peel off the film. It is now we do not need. Our jar shaped like an old lantern. Here on this image and we shall make a start. With black dots, contour masks the unevenly torn edges. Since this will be a lantern, to draw it on the paper flame. We put into our sketch, fasten with tape. Gold contour draw flames. And so – all four sides. Here’s what happened. Give the circuit to dry. One hour is enough. Stained glass paints colorable our flame. From all sides. But! Each side must be completely dry! Not less than a couple of hours in a horizontal plane. Only then will proceed to the next painting. Result (painted all four faces): The handle for the flashlight I made from copper wire. Just two wires twisted together. Our “pen”. Maybe someone has a more interesting design. I – what happened). Around the neck of the jar – do the same intertwined rim, anchoring our pen and painted the same black paint from a container. In this case, it is sure to cover the jar itself something to paint got only on the neck and the handle itself. And here it is – our flashlight! Spark of my soul)) To install the candles offer the following construction. It will be clearly fixed in a jar and it will be convenient to light a candle.
So, take the lid off the tin cans and doing a few notches. Next cut off here in such a way to get the “sun”. Buckling edge. Insert a candle – come)! Punched in two places at the hole and pulled through them a copper wire. Fold the edges to avoid scratching the edge of our flashlight. Another angle to make it clear: And now the fun! We lit candles and paste it into a flashlight. Antennae fastening just fixed on the neck of the jar (which, by the way, I also painted black paint). And we admire! )) Can also be used as a vase – too beautiful! And it is possible and so … But better still as a flashlight, is not it? )))))) Oh, and our flashlight to bedplate been protected, you can glue the circle of velvet cardboard.Thank you for your attention! Success in creative work!