DIY Vase of branches made from plastic bottles

I made a vase of disposable glasses, decorated with an elastic tip and pasta; branches made from plastic bottles.

To work on a vase I need: 3 disposable glasses, PVA glue, elastic sock, shaped pasta Melt glue and spray enamel.

Three wine glasses pile up as follows:

Elastic socks are well soaked in glue PVA

I put it on the bottom glasses, doing drapery and leave to dry.

Two wine glasses on the stand Thermo glued together, as shown in the photo

When the glue is dry, begin to decorate curly pasta, pasting them Melt adhesive.

Next pasting glasses to the stand

Now paint aerosol paints. The upper part of the color “Old Copper” bottom – paint brown

Then everything is slightly enamel.

Here is a vase I got

For making branches receive a green plastic bottle, neck and bottom cut off.

For work, I need the middle part.

From paper-cut stencils for the leaves.

Stencil cut out leaves from the middle of the plastic bottle.

Stencil cut out leaves from the middle of the plastic bottle.

Over a candle flame gives the sheet shape. It is important to remember that the candle flame must not touch the sheet workpiece. Sheet form gives hot air instead of a flame. The work should be carried out in a well-ventilated area!

Leaf stalk spirals, softening it over a candle.

These are the leaves I did.

For the manufacture of the branches take a plastic bottle of brown color and cut it in a spiral to form a strip approximately 1,2sm

I twist the strip in a spiral, softening it over a candle flame.

To connect the two branches together, the end of one branch in a candle flame and quickly presses it with pliers to the other branch.

In the same way, I attach the leaves to the branch.

These are the branches and leaves I did.

I put twigs in vases cell.

So, enjoy The result of my work.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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