DIY: Valentine’s Day Rainbow Banner

This is a fun little rainbow banner for Valentine’s Day make with felt and string. Keep reading to see how to make it!

Required Material:

  • Squares of craft felt in rainbow colors
  • Bakers twine
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Heart cookie cutter
  • Batting
  • Pins
  • Start by tracing the heart shape onto a piece of felt folded in half

After it has been traced with chalk, pin the middle to keep both sides together.

Cut out your hearts. Keep the pins in. Set pinned hearts aside.

Do the same with the other rainbow colors.

Now sew both pieces together along the edge in a extra wide stitch with contrasting thread. You could also handstitch these. Leave 2 inches open to add the batting.

Stuff the batting into the heart and sew up the last inch.

Do the same with the other colors (I only ended up making one of each color as opposed to the two I had cut out).

Thread some bakers twine into a embroidery needle and poke through the top end of one, threading it through to the other side. Make sure to put the hearts on in rainbow order.

Keep adding to the thread until they’re all on.

Hope you like this Rainbow Banner tutorial.

Image Source: momtastic

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DIY: Hearts from waste material

Hearts from waste material

Good day, dear colleagues.

I would like to bring to your attention two craft classes on making heart from waste material to the holiday Valentine’s Day.

For work, we need:

– A sheet of cardboard;

– PVA glue;

– Brush;

– Pencil shavings;

– Heart pattern.


Transfers the image of a heart on cardboard,

Apply glue along the edge of the small area and place the chips from pencils teeth outward, alternating by color. When the first row is laid, we proceed to gluing the second, Then the third.

Each subsequent series of slightly overlaps the previous one. So move until the entire space is filled.

Our heart is ready.

You can cut it, step back a little from the edge. Thank you for attention.


DIY: Surprise Messages Hidden In Little Matchboxes

To make this cute craft you will need:

  • Small spring;
  • Cutting Pliers;
  • Sewing pins with head;
  • Matchbox;
  • Papers of your choice and with the colors or prints also of your preference;
  • Structured paper of your choice and with the color or stamp also of your preference;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Common scissors;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Template (image below).

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts.Measure the size of the inside of the matchbox and cut strips of paper.
Coat the outside of the carton. Cover the inside of the carton. Glue the smaller strip to the length of the carton. Remove the outside of the carton. Cover the outside of the box and reassemble it by gluing the flaps with the aid of the hot glue gun. Cut one piece of the sewing pin through the end of the inside and fold the leftover pin inside to secure.

Decorate a heart made of structured paper and paste a phrase on the side of the heart to decorate your surprise box . Write or draw what you want and also decorate your paper heart structured with the materials you want.

Cut a piece of the spring and glue it to the back of the heart with the aid of the hot glue gun. To finish your piece, glue the spring into the matchbox. And it’s ready! (Photo:

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

Valentines Day Nail Art Designs Ideas Trends

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Trends 2017

 Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the globe, lovers cannot resist its temptation because that’s the day when they want to go overboard just to bring a smile on their other half’s face. Well I must say that love is not fixed for a day or two, in the entire lifespan we should be greeting each other with love, compassion and care.

Since Feb 14th deals with lovelorn and beloved, there has to be something special in terms of fashion and trends, here I have something so fabulous for all the women who want to make their other half startled at their beauty and charisma on Valentine’s Day. Look at this post of 50 Valentine’s Day nail art designs, ideas & trends of 2016.

 Don’t forget to give us your feedback, we try harder every day to bring before you latest nail art trends that you can take benefit from. Stay beautiful and grab praises from your partner on Valentine ’s Day, you deserve it.

Paper Quilling Beautiful Lovebirds – Happy couple

Paper Quilling Beautiful Lovebirds 4

“Happy couple” The picture made ​​into a birthday present.

I will explain how to do.

Took the picture.“By eye” collection of modules, glued together only modules on the side cover.

And the second.

second 3mm departs from the background to make the Volume of.

the work of the strips of 3mm, only the tail of the first of 1.5mm.

foot of 1mm.


frame 15×21

How to make a dream catcher

Valentine’s Day gift 1

There are those who don’t like surprises, but Valentine’s day decor must be romantic, so I want to show how you can surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day, although that surprise you can do in every other day, for example, on the anniversary of dating or wedding.

We will need:

  • Metal hanger
  • Pliers
  • Embroidery hoop (or plain circle cut from durable cardboard)
  • Red or pink thick yarn, yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Variety Of buttons, beads, seed beads
  • Pieces of fabric or felt

How to do:

First, we’ll make a heart from a piece of hangers:

The Wind the thread (so as not to slide the next layer): Then connect the tambours and our heart as follows: You can decorate the middle of beads, beading. Tail section can be made of any materials at hand, but don’t forget about hearts To make a heart from the rope, take the mold, wrap it with a rope and fill with adhesive. When the glue dries, the heart becomes hard. That’s such a beauty you can hang a chandelier, and a romantic mood will be provided.

How to Make a Tissue Paper Heart

heart of the napkins with their hands 1

Hearts pendants of napkins will make a romantic touch to the atmosphere of your apartment. Hearts may be a different color and any size. Suspension of napkins can be decorated with any door, hang at the head of the bed or simply on the wall, finding the right place. Homemade will be a great addition to your interior and bring a lot of enthusiasm and excitement around. How to make this creature with his own hands, you will learn from this master class.

For the suspension of napkins Materials needed:

– Paper napkins two- or three-layer
– glue stick
– Cardboard
– A pair of scissors
– Simple pencil
– Stapler
– colored ribbons

Completing of the work:

Step 1. We select the size and color of our bases for the heart. For this, we need cardboard and scissors. Drawing on cardboard image size required us to the heart.

Cut it to the intended line. Step 2. Making flowers from napkins. Take a paper towel and fold it four times to get one box. In this box draw a circle, a circle can be described any suitable size. Staples for fastening the middle, napkin, and then cut along the contour of the circle. Such preforms flowers can be done by 10 – 20 units, in accordance with the size of the heart base. Step 3: For the manufacture of the flower, it is necessary to take a ready-made circle of bonded wipes and gently remove each layer of tissue in the center. The more layers of cloth have, the more luxuriant will flower. Step 4. The next step is to mount the paper on the basis of color. It is necessary to take a glue stick and spend some time on the back of the flower and glue it to the heart. For a better and rational distribution based on space, fill in the first edge of the heart, and then the very middle. Step 5. Once all the flowers pasted on the base of the heart attach stapler ribbon for hanging on the highest part of the back of the heart. After that, cut the ribbon and tie in the middle of a beautiful bow.
The suspension is ready! The suspension can not only hang in his apartment but also give a loved one. This decoration will always be a symbol of your love and care. This decor will not require large financial costs and can be done in several different ways for any holiday.

Hydrangea Wreath with Burlap


For a long time I want to try to bleach and color burlap … all hands did not reach) Look, what a beautiful and gentle wreath can wring out of the vine and the branches or host miniature hydrangea flowers of colored burlap. Very original idea! Suitable for decoration of any interior. Enjoying a master class?

So, to create a delicate floral wreath we need the following materials:

*hessian (can be combined with another cotton cloth);
*vine or branch (the basis for the wreath can be and other scrap materials);
*Melt with hot glue;
*paint for fabric – on request;
*decoupage glue or Mod Podge glue PVA;
*stamp for scrapbooking in the form of flower;
*plastic measuring spoon.

Getting Started. From the vine and the branches are twisted hoop – the basis for our wreath

Now we take the burlap and cover it with an adhesive layer for decoupage Mod Podge or PVA glue. We wait until the drying treated burlap. With a stamp for scrapbooking cut out flowers. If not, cut the hydrangea flowers with scissors. With the help of a plastic measuring spoon attach the flowers form. Now cut out the leaves of burlap previously created a template from the paper. Glue the leaves to the wreath with hot glue Next, glue the flowers: The shutdown circuit note midway flowers.

How to create a cascading bouquet of artificial flowers

cascading bouquet flowers 1

This small master class, I decided to show you how to make a cascading bouquet, understudy in taping technique. I do not know, does anyone still doubles so this technique and I like the fact that it allows you to create absolutely any bouquet shape, whether ordinary hemisphere or “waterfall” to the floor.

Necessary materials:

– small head rose (on the job took them 40 pieces)
– Rose leaves 10 pieces
– a pair of white carnation bushes
– a few sprigs of greens with tiny leaves
– Floral wire is 0.7 mm thick
– Teip tape
– Hot air and hot melt adhesive
– Scissors
– Wire cutters
– Satin tape 4 cm wide and 2.5 cm (2 m)
– Lace 50 cm
– Beads (15 pieces)
– Decorative buttons
Getting Started. Cropped bushes with branches carnation so that we stayed on them “legs”. In order to collect a bouquet of roses in the head, you must first create them stems. Here we need the one wire that was left of carnations.

Cut it into pieces, centimetre 4-5. Such pieces will need as much as the heads of roses we’ll use. Next, we need to put on the head of the wire segments roses. To do this, we are on the tip of the wire we put a drop of glue and put on our roses. It looks as follows: We continue to form stems. Take the wire and florist primate it to our legs so that the ends of the wires were down, prolonging the existing legs. In the same way we do with the rest of the flowers and greenery. Now we need to wire propitiate. To do this, take the tape and from top to bottom, a little stretching her tight and carefully amalgamate she ends our wire. That’s legs and ready. At first glance, someone who has not worked in the technique of taping, the process may seem long, but when “the hand is already packed,” it is done quickly. Now you are ready to assemble. Take one at the flower and begin to put them together to form a “cap” of the bouquet. It is better to do so: lay down a few stalks, tap-recorded tape. Then added another and again recorded. So we continue to put a flower in the flower, alternating red and white and adding a small green, trying to give the bouquet shape of a hemisphere. Here it was possible to stay and start to decorate the handle of the bouquet, but as he we should be cascaded, we will form a part of its drop down. To do this, take in hand a rose, then, below (below the height of the head), are putting two other roses. Below them three pieces. In between, do not forget to insert a carnation and greens. And since several rows depending on how long we want to make the cascade. In form it resembles a Christmas tree. Next, you need to connect the top and bottom of the bouquet. To do this, we bending the lower part and are putting it to the top so that together they constituted a single unit. We fix tap-tape. Now start to decorate the stem of the bouquet. First, on the edges of the leaves of roses surrounded by cushioning the foot and again fix tap-tape. Satin ribbon width 4 cm cut into 8 pieces of 10-12 cm. Each leg folded in half are bent, as shown in the photo and fix with glue. These blanks around the perimeter of foot paste bouquet. Determine how long we want to leave the leg and cut the excess stems clippers. Again, fix their tap-tape. Then decorate the leg across the length of the ribbon width of 2.5 cm. In the centre of some of the glue in beads roses. On foot, the top we tie or glue lace ribbon and decorate with decorative buttons. Well that’s all, our bouquet is ready! If my master class you like, or you find it for yourself something useful, please click ‘like’, because he is involved in the competition.

Simple and beautiful idea about felt hearts

Valentine made of felt with their hands 1

If you are watching this master class, then you think about exactly what you can do for Valentine felt his own hands. This card is very close to you will be pleased, because you do it with all your heart and with sincere intentions.

We prepare the following materials for valentines:

• felt red
• Cardboard white
• red and white pol busily
• White thread for embroidery
• silver paste
• curly scissors
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Paper
• scissors
• a piece of chalk
• glue gun

Identifying exactly what size will our hearts and cut a rectangle of the same size, which is folded in half. Draw a half heart on the part of the fold, so that eventually turned the heart of the whole two equal halves.

Take the white cardboard such size that in it together next two hearts already familiar size. Divide the cardboard pencil into two equal parts and then perform blunt scissors a ruler on the same line a little pushing. Eraser to erase the line from the pencil. Bend the cardboard on the sunken line. To place, the fold is putting heart so that it touched the edge of the pointed end. Encircles the template. Cut along the contour curly scissors except for folding seats. Trace the same pattern on a red chalk felt. Cut Felt heart, making the indentation of 0.7 mm from the edge of the chalk. That is, felt heart must be smaller than that of the cardboard blank. Departing should be the same. The edge of the felt heart processed loopy forked suture. First delaying loop in one direction and then in the opposite direction, thus penetrating the needle through the same hole. The cut edge of scissors curly decorates red pol bus NAMI. Then on top of sticking embroidered Felt heart and decorate the edge of the white pol bus NAMI. We place them one by one between the red. Silvery glue draws the word love. To this end, squeezing a bit of glue and stretch it in the right direction. After applying the adhesive must be dry. So we have made with their own hands Valentine, which remains the only sign and sends to the recipient.