How to make decorative peacock bottle

How to make decorative peacock bottle:  Today I come to you with a new idea: this time the bottle decor hot glue. For some reason it came up with the idea to draw a peacock. And as always, the photo on the fly! Let’s start !!!

We need: a bottle. Soak 4 hours in cold water and remove labels

Glue gun

I found on the internet appropriate picture and print the pattern on the size of the future picture and attach to the bottle – like this

Now cut the tail and draw on the bottle of the future size of the tail

Now we start to paint glue gun, glue droplets – the new tail feathers

That’s what we get

On the reverse side will have three pen base too impressive

After the glue froze, I removed all the strings on the fly, and covered the surface of the bottle of white acrylic primer

on the back side

Now we start painting our bird:  pencil drawing

Now we start to paint with acrylic paints: start with light colors

Then we go to the darker

Last – Green. It is seen that the plot begins to be drawn

When the draw paints finished, move on to the decoration 3-D-contours

These I drew on the face and beak wing. And also gave the texture of the feathers on the back side and on the tail

Then decorate the white background also painted contours: for this I used gold, bronze and gold-glitter. Now photos from all sides – feathers

So goes the tail feathers in

View from above

tail closer

Well  closer

Thank you, all of you success in the work and endeavors

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