22 crafts made with EVA and Plastic bottle

Want to check out 22 crafts made with EVA and Plastic bottle , to reuse your materials in a creative and different way? So take advantage of everything we’ve separated on this all-encompassing subject.

As we’re talking about two very inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, you can further diversify your pieces by using sophisticated EVAs such as shaggy EVAs and glitter EVAs that make any piece much more exquisite and luxurious. You can make souvenirs with EVA and pet bottle, Pet bottle holder and EVA, EVA toys and Plastic bottle, pet bottle table center and EVA, among many other handicrafts.

Handcrafts Made with EVA and Plastic Bottle


To gift differently and still value your souvenir or gift, make a bottle of pet and EVA. Cut the straight part of the Plastic bottle, fold in order to create the packaging. To decorate your packaging, cut a strip into an EVA and make EVA flowers. Glue everything with hot glue. This packaging can also be used for party favors.

Check out Crafts Made with EVA and Plastic Bottle

Another easy handicraft with plastic bottle and EVA is the piggy bank. You can use the whole pet bottle to make this handicraft. Cut the middle part to place the coins. Cover the bottle with EVA and cut the EVA in the direction of the cut of the bottle. Cut ears, tail, and pinch up winding EVA strips. Stick everything in the bottle. Cover the bottle cap with EVA and glue two black circles. Make and glue EVA eyes or glue plastic eyes.

Recycled Soda Bottle Heart Shaped Keeper

Gift with heart pet bottle wreaths to delight your gift. This piece can have the details you want and the colors you want.

To make this craft you will need:

  • 3-liter pet bottle or smaller pet bottle, if you want a smaller carrier;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Spatula;
  • Common scissors;
  • Common white glue;
  • Glue all or hot glue gun;
  • Micro-corrugated paper with the color of your choice;
  • Flower or ornament of your choice to decorate your piece (optional);
  • Structured paper of your choice with the color or stamp also of your preference.

Step by Step Heart Pet Bottle Trek

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Then cut the bottom and top of the chosen pet bottle. Use an adhesive tape to make it easier to cut the bottle straight.

Then wring a piece of the pet bottle. Use a spatula, if you want, to make the job easier. Soon after, fold in the curved part, making a second crease. Now, release the bottle so that it opens naturally and is in the correct position. Then, take the heart made of pet bottle and scratch in the chosen paper. Cut two hearts, to make it firmer, but leave a small leftover around the whole heart, so that the piece made with the pet bottle fits inside the heart at the end. Soon after, stick one paper heart to the other. Now, cut a strip as wide as you like on the chosen micro-corrugated paper and place it around the paper hearts. Then apply all glue or hot glue to the heart splicing. Let it dry. Stick the heart made of pet bottle. Let it dry. Then, to finish your piece, make another piece of paper, to be the cover of your carrier. If you like, stick a flower or other ornament on the lid. And it’s ready! (images by plumperfectandme)

How to make butterfly from a plastic bottle


• Paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, pen;
• Clear plastic bottle;
• A piece of white lace fabric;
• Beads;
• Water-resistant transparent adhesive

1. Drawing on paper wings. For this purpose, first of all, the middle sheet with a ruler and pen, draw three lines: one – central, two – side, departing from the center line of 3mm.

2. On the left side, touching the sideline, draw a butterfly wing. Use the eraser to redraw until you get a wing that will satisfy you. Well, if you come out the first time.

3. Now lean the line to the center line and fold in half along the line of the paper. Then fold it on the bend in the opposite direction, so that we can draw a second flap on the same side as the first paper leaning against the window.

4. As a result, we get two exactly the same wing.

5. Draw the torso.

6. Now we cut out our paper butterfly.

7. For our next step, we need a clear plastic bottle. Cut a piece of plastic, large enough to accommodate all of our paper butterfly in him when we are leaning against it. The paper needs to be fixed with tape on all sides, to the butterfly is not slipping, as we trace the path on the plastic.

8. Now that we are firmly secured to the plastic paper butterfly, you can trace the outline of the marker

9. Cut our plastic butterfly. I cut small nail scissors, through which you can carefully cut a butterfly in all difficult places.

10. I tagged dots line the wings bend, formerly called the sidelines. Leaning line to the dotted line, carefully so as not cracked plastic, bend the wings. This will be our plastic butterfly volume.

11. Now, on to the fun. Now we need to lace fabric and glue.

12. Apply glue on the wing, leaned against the fabric so that the lace was on the tip of the flap. We wait a few minutes until dry. Then nail scissors cut off the excess fabric of plastic contour of the wing. The same make with the second wing, cloth covering the body of the future butterfly.

13. Well, the time has come when in the course of action you need to let your imagination. Here we need only glue, beads and glass beads. The adhesive can be applied directly to the wing of the broad layers or droplets and immediately pour a palm or forceps to spread beads and beads. A few minutes later the adhesive layer dries, firmly clinging to an all you inflict on him.

14. Try to pick the beads of the same color range, or the same color, but different shades, then your butterfly will look harmonious. Antennae can be cut from the remnants of a plastic bottle in the form of thin strips, stick them on the plastic substrate before applying beads. And on the tips of the antennae secured with glue. so we got a butterfly. Due to the fact that it was created with the help of sufficiently resistant material, it can be used for different purposes: decoration for flower vases, hair clip, magnet on the fridge, and even decoration for sandals.

DIY: Pineapple from the bottle


1.corrugated Paper,Glue,Bottle

– Upper lobes cut out a shape, a width of approximately 1.5 – 2 cm and a height of 7-8 cm. Sami scales width of 2 – 2.5 cm long and 9 centimeters folding is not necessarily in the middle, the best one the tip of the other shorter. Fold paper twist and stretch at the bend locations at once 2 halves. Inside, between them I have them stick together with glue droplet. If the scales are short, we will see the bottle and turn ugly. That begins wrapping the bottle in a checkerboard pattern. Top tip – do not tear off the label !!!! To bare the bottle very hard to stick (especially Italian crepe paper). Bad assistant with the paper and tape !!! Of course, if you use an ordinary crepe paper for school (I did a paper Christmas tree) is suitable glue pen and tape. The second pineapple glued Melt – quickly and accurately !!! Often, i.e. rows close to each other to stick is not necessary – it turns dumb Optionally, you can paint the finished pineapple marker And it is possible, and leaves from the bottom, “attach”. Beauty Get pineapple bottle low, a round. That such leaves I made soapstone pallet.

How to decorate bottle “Little House”

Decoration bottle Little House 1

Required Materials decorating bottles:

1. Bottle

2. The self-hardening modeling paste on the air.

3. Ground.

4. Acrylic paint

5. Bed

6. The varnish bitumen and lacquer on wood.

7. The adhesive liquid nails.

8. Latex putty.

9. Patience.

10. A bunch of ancillary material, which is we need for every kind of decoration.


Getting Started!

1. Take a bottle, from which we are going to do beauty. I have a small bottle of 100 ml. From bottle to decorate, remember, the longer the bottle, so it will be harder in the end! Were washed, stripped from it all labels, remove the traces of its past 🙂 then degreased her squeaky. And here we get a clean bottle!

2. Then uncork pack your clay … it can be a variety of pasta. I have tried many, many, can do a separate review of pasta 🙂 But I will not, until … Well, take the pasta and make a cake thickness of 0.5 cm – much as possible, but thinner is not particularly recommended the paste dries crack. 3. Roll out the cake bottle with a rolling pin. 4. Then this bottle tortilla wrap.5. Excess tear off, cut and crush fingers, and then Roll the little bottle with the paste.
6. Then take the cap off the bottle, it will we do windows 7. After forcing necessary to remove the paste – to dig, so to speak. How you do it does not matter, I do it with a palette knife. 8. Next, cut out the door. Well, the rest of the windows, and we get just such a thing: 9. The door, which cut not throw out. Her I decorate separately. You can do it in a different way, but directly in this bottle, I’m doing it! There is at my such things, they are not required, but doing the workplaces easier and more fun 🙂 Here I do not have photos, I laminated places the bottle on a blue plaque with floral ornament, and here was such a texture on the bottle itself. This time, I forgot to take pictures! 10. Then, my house shall be a roof. Her I do, forming a thick sausage and wrapped around the neck. Crush with your fingers, get the “mushroom hat”. Hold your fingers, crush hat and bottom. 11. Then, take the tool, I have this tool on a tree, but I think that any angled  do the task just as well. And start doing the roof. I will not describe, look at photos, I think it is clear that if the inquiry.

12. By the same principle do canopies over windows.

13. Next, I wanted to have this house were beams. The final project is not, therefore, do everything for the dictates of the heart!

Chop a long stick on the beam, it is desirable that they were approximately equal, and stuck on the roof.

14. All are now allowed to dry for a day. It can be more. At first, until the paste dries, glances, some pasta pop very much. But then I tell you about methods of struggle with the cracked product location.

15. The evening of the second day, and I view the loss!

Here,  one of the peaks in the window. To this end, I have liquid nails. visor attaching adhesive and pressed down. Checked, will hold a bang. Moreover, this adhesive can then be covered with paint.

16. Excess adhesive remove. A further view, where there is a crack.

17. Here, it became clear that such defect should be clean. And we do it with latex filler. Because sometimes you have to put putty in remote places, I go it’s “shoving” syringe without a needle, of course, but it turns out very handy!

Then, crush fingers, smooth that came to hand, I have this latex paintbrush.

18. Stage primer. I’m a different soil house. At this time, I take a black ground. And proceed to the primer. Brush leaves the band, especially noticeable on large surfaces, so I bottle body sponge of soil and roof in a remote place with a brush, there are extra relief stripes – we are not a hindrance!

We get an absolutely black bottle! 19. We continue to paint. Now I take just such a green acrylic. Acrylic dries quickly. While I paint, it dries on the brush, and not to run into the bathroom and wash the brush without end, leave them to soak in a jar of water, and the very next take the brush. So, the green paint. Solid is not painted, in some places, and it turns out: 20. Then I put or render a surface, without rubbing white primer. 21. Coloring roof. They are red, you may have a different color. 22. Then take the bronze  and thinly bronze acrylic, so that the apparent texture of the bottle. Excess paint on the brush palette and rented on any unnecessary piece of paper. 23. Now remember that the pipes in the house no. Ah … it is necessary to fix it! Bottle drying, lipid pipe. In a similar manner as a bottle. Just expand on masonry. 24. Then, take an old toothbrush and attach the texture of bricks … Well, can not they be smooth in our old fairy house!
Then try on pipe-stopper on the bottle and change in its sole discretion. I, for example, wanted her little “grimaced.” I have so much fun. It turns out this way. 25. Now take my favorite bitumen varnish. When I opened it the first time, he turns up his nose, saying that stinking of varnish is not met. And now nothing at all to me, and it does not smell that strange 🙂 26. I start from the top down, that is, from the roof. I put or render a varnish, and then take off the excess with a cloth, lightly feathered at the same time!

27. Leaving the bottle dry. Maybe the whole night, and I can get to it late at night.

28. toning pastels bottle, pick up the color I needed … and more!

29. Then take the cloth and rub clean excess pigment.

30. Then again taking bronze and allocate some space.

31. Then take the path and acrylic windows make the house. Circuit dries fairly quickly, but it is better to leave him alone for a few hours. And then spend it the line, and then when working with the product accidentally smashes … not tell how long it will go to fix 🙂

32. About the plug will not tell apart, it is clear that it passes all stages, as well as the bottle.

33. Then, the windows can be painted, and can be left as is, it is as you like 🙂 To paint the windows need a stained glass paint color that wishes your soul – the main thing that they were transparent.

34. cover the entire bottle of varnish or, as they say, professionals, reverse polish (I hearing this expression cuts, so everything is in a rural). And I leave it to dry for the time specified in the instructions.

The varnish I take the tree. Look, I specially photographed icons in the lacquer. This paint does not smell. It’s important for me. 35. After drying varnish I stick to the leaf mounting adhesive. It keeps well and becomes transparent when dry. And best of all – an assessment of the result!  And as the light of the windows, when viewed against the light.I think if you are in trouble with the electronics, it is possible to come up with a small battery-powered light bulb, then the house will be light. And so, quite a functional bottle turned out. It is possible to pour something, well, a tube or roll a note 🙂

How to make decorative peacock bottle

decorative peacock bottle 1
How to make decorative peacock bottle:  Today I come to you with a new idea: this time the bottle decor hot glue. For some reason it came up with the idea to draw a peacock. And as always, the photo on the fly! Let’s start !!!

We need: a bottle. Soak 4 hours in cold water and remove labels

Glue gun

I found on the internet appropriate picture and print the pattern on the size of the future picture and attach to the bottle – like this

Now cut the tail and draw on the bottle of the future size of the tail

Now we start to paint glue gun, glue droplets – the new tail feathers

That’s what we get

On the reverse side will have three pen base too impressive

After the glue froze, I removed all the strings on the fly, and covered the surface of the bottle of white acrylic primer

on the back side

Now we start painting our bird:  pencil drawing

Now we start to paint with acrylic paints: start with light colors

Then we go to the darker

Last – Green. It is seen that the plot begins to be drawn

When the draw paints finished, move on to the decoration 3-D-contours

These I drew on the face and beak wing. And also gave the texture of the feathers on the back side and on the tail

Then decorate the white background also painted contours: for this I used gold, bronze and gold-glitter. Now photos from all sides – feathers

So goes the tail feathers in

View from above

tail closer

Well  closer

Thank you, all of you success in the work and endeavors

Make a papier-mache cow using an empty water bottle and toilet paper rolls – Step By Step

cow 01 1

Required Material:
Two big plastic bottles, the more rigid the better
4 toilet paper tubes
Shoelace for the tail
Cocktail straws for the udder
Wooden toothpicks
Knife, scissors, and all
Crafts glue
Paint and brushes
And a lot of old newspapers
1. First of all, let’s make the tail. Pierce a hole in the bottle’s bottom, thread a shoelace through it so that its end reaches the bottleneck and tie a knot there. Then pull the knot inside the bottle.

Tie another knot outside the bottle, as close to the bottle as you can (the second knot isn’t shown in the photo). Add a crumpled piece of a newspaper to the outer part of the bottom if needed, secure it using masking tape. Masking tape is used widely in paper-mache because you can glue paper easily onto it.

The rear part of the cow looks like this:

2. I used a bottle with a special shape to make the neck, but your cow can be without a neck at all, that’s OK. You have only to make ears and snout. You might also want to add two horns if you like. For the snout remove the bottle’s neck to get a little bit wider opening.

Fold a thick strip of newspaper and roll it into a tight “snail”. Leave a short loose end.

Secure the snail with a piece of masking tape, and insert its end into the opening. Attach it with another piece of tape.

3. The ears can be made from another bottle. Leave a small rectangle at one end of each ear when you cut it out, then make two slits in the head and insert the rectangles into the slits.

Using this trick I wanted to create the right shape and rigidness for the paper mache ears.

This is how the head looks like when done.

4. Toilet paper tubes wanted to be cow’s legs, and we let them.

Make two semicircular cuts one opposite the other at one end of the tube where it will be connected to the bottle.

Attach the tubes using masking tape.

In this photo, you can see a leg with a hoof, the tail, and the udder. So, let’s make the udder.

5. We are about to make treats out of drinking straws (pink ones:)

Crumple a small ball from a newspaper, then make a U from a straw and pierce two holes in the places where it bends. Insert toothpicks through these holes and stick them into the paper ball.

Cut the toothpicks if needed. Make another pair of teats and attach the rudder to the body. The horizontal part of U will be covered with paper.

6. It’s time for papier-mache layers. We had 6 to 7 layers of pieces of newspaper dipped into craft glue mixed with water. Use a stronger glue mixture and white newspaper margins for the upper layers. You might want to check out other Web resources for basic and advanced papier-mache techniques, for example Getting Started with Papier Mache.

7. Decorate your cow, paint or glue a pair of eyes. That’s it.

How to make imitation bricks on the bottle – Step by Step

imitation bricks on the bottle 1

You will need: a bottle filler, putty knife, a match or a toothpick, sandpaper (the smallest), acrylic paints.

Remove from the bottle label, bottle decreased and begin to work. Apply the filler with a thin layer of approximately 2 mm.

Level the surface with a spatula. With a toothpick or match conduct by the bottle line, which imitates the brickwork.

After complete drying of the coating will be overwritten by sandpaper.

Now we put a sponge acrylic brick color in 3-4 layers.

Once dry, paint the bottle of white acrylic paint – 1 layer

Again, we pass our brickwork skin.

That’s the result! And now you can use decoupage napkins or just varnish bottle