DIY Beautiful Peacock Design from plastic bottles

This tutorial shows how to make beautiful peacock design from plastic bottles….which adds beauty to our home.

In many countries, the peacock was considered a royal bird. Image peacock symbolizes happiness, beauty and nobility. We decorate our infield solar bird peacock. Miracle bird are made of plastic bottles.

Feathers cut from colored plastic bottles.

Need a sufficient amount so on packages pile up feathers preform.

Feathers cut into different sizes.

Sort by shape and size of the work-piece to the tail and breast.

Getting to the manufacture of small feathers.

The trunk is cut out of the synthetic foam. It is easy when working and does not crumble.

Peacock torso to attach to churbachok legs.

Bottle of red beak cut shape for the peacock.

Let us plumage birds. Sheathe colored plastic breast.

Incrementally glue feathers to the bird.

Feathers secured by an adhesive gun with silicone rods.

Alternate dimensions and color blanks when attaching feathers.

On the back of a miracle bird glue over the length and texture feathers.

The photo shows two kinds of preparations for feathers.

In the course of work.

Side view.

Feathers for tuft of plastic cut into thin strips.

Glue series of pieces on the neck.

On the head of the oval continue plumage details.

The beauty of the peacock begins to emerge.

We make beautiful eyes.

For the manufacture of wings use abrasive mesh. Her fasten the feathers.

Fasten feathers to the grid.

When creating anchoring wing preform in length, ranging from smallest to largest.

Getting to the creation of the tail.

Peacock’s tail, including all colors of the rainbow, was seen as a symbol of wish fulfillment.

We are putting all the parts of poultry. And the bird of paradise and settled in your garden!

That miracle bird on the face!

Hope you like this tutorial.

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