How to make quilling frame of cardboard

Photo frames can be not only a good interior decoration, but also a wonderful gift close. They can be bought in any store or made from scrap materials with their own hands. The most available material, in this case, can be regarded as paper.

What would have been our quilling frame of cardboard with his own hands for a photo, we need a multi-colored cardboard, glue gun, glue PVA, stationery knife, paper quilling, quilling tool for.

We start with the fact that the inside of the draw colored cardboard the size of our future scope of the decor. Then take the knife and carefully cut the frame. Now we need to take the glue gun and glue together a piece of cardboard and a blank for the frame. Apply glue should be at the very edge of a board that had a place to put pictures. What’s more, plus the use of glue gun, it creates a small space between the sheets of cardboard, where he will continue to post pictures.

Now you need to make a stand for the frame. To do this, take the cardboard and cut the shape out of it as shown in the photo. Bend the edge of the figure so as to remain within the middle of a width of about a centimeter. On the back of mid-Apply glue and glue the base to the frame. Now we can proceed to the decor, which is made in quilling techniques. To do this, we need to take a quilling tool. If you do not exist, it can be very easy to do out of the ordinary toothpicks. To do this, take a knife and carefully cut the edge of the toothpick. The tool is ready. Now we start to do the flowers for this we press the edge of the paper to the toothpick and turn loose circle. Then presses one edge of the circle to get a drop. This will be our petals. Do not forget to glue the edges of the paper PVA. With the help of glue, PVA collects flower of six petals and decorate the middle of a simple yellow circle. Sticking flower to the frame. Making other flowers. To do this, twist the loose circle, and then Fold the two edges up, pressing the middle inside. We supplement this flower with green leaves, drops and connect it with another flower strip of green paper. In the same way, we do the flower of a different color and fasten it at the top of the frame. Of the green paper, folded together a few times, do list, which is attached to the bottom of the flower and composition complement one another leaf and twig. We glued together several strips of green and fasten them to the bottom of the flower. Fold the branches, simulating the vine. Do not forget to capture all the glue. At the edge of the upper twigs fastened little flower from simple circles. The frame is ready. If you wish, you can complement the decor more details.

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