26 Lovely and Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids!

Some of the best crafts to make with kids are made with the simplest supplies. From my years working in day cares, I’ve always been partial to popsicle stick crafts! Whether you prefer to buy yours or just wait until your kids have eaten enough popsicles to amass a good sized stick collection, there are hundreds of different crafts that you can help them make with the little wooden slabs.

Hope you like these Fun Popsicle Stick crafts for kids.

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How to sew a bright summer dress for girls “Strawberry ice cream”

Soon, many will go to such a long-awaited vacation! Someone close to the sea, some to the country! And to this wonderful time, of course, we need to thoroughly prepare! We always want that to our girls look the most beautiful and fashionable, and with it, their clothing was easy and convenient, and the tissue from which it was sewn genuine.
I assure you, create, sew the perfect dress their girls to the power of many! And I invite you to a workshop on self-tailoring summer beach dresses for girls of any age! In such a nice light dress can make a leisurely stroll along the sandy beach or go boldly into a small sea voyage on a boat!
And how to spend days of fun at sea under such a bright hot sun without a hat? I propose to make a simple partial scarf with elastic in the kit to our dress.

Let’s get started:
Required Material:
The basic cotton fabric. I chose this merry pretty popular cotton charming Morozhenko.
Fabric companion cotton, for some items and decor of our dress.
Thread cotton fabric tone.
Children’s T-shirt for making patterns.
Elastic narrow 0.5 cm and 1.5 cm wide.
Tape measure.
Sewing machine.
Safety pins.
Tracing paper.
Crayon or marker for the tissue.
Now it is a very fashionable dress with such a romantic flounce at the shoulders. It’s something we are going to sew. Dress, in my opinion, is not difficult, but very interesting and spectacular! Imagine how charmingly will sway in the wind shuttlecock. Also, we will have an asymmetrical bottom and unpretentious ruffles.

1. Construction of a pattern
Since my workshop is intended for all those who are unprofessional sews clothes, I decided to give you not finished the pattern and not the one that will have a long and hard to build, and an option to many easily sewed a dress their baby. So, take the baby t-shirt that sits perfectly on the child (preferably not too tight), folded in half, back inside, draw out a pencil. Note the line of the armhole and neck. We get here a dress before.

Now we pattern. Pattern we will be unified for both forehand and backrest product (of course, to some extent, this is not entirely true, but it is possible, most importantly do not sew the back to back, let it be a little loose, especially since the idea model allows, then armhole not will pull). I traced the side, slightly extending it for the convenience of the child, he said the waistline, neck draw a new line, as we will cut with flounce. Bottom draws a semicircle inside – it before, outside – it will back the product. Cut out the pattern, that’s what happens.

For this the pattern to create basic patterns before and back our future dresses.

2. Cutting (Items proposed in accordance with the size of the child’s growth on 98 cm., Depending on the variation of parts dimensions can be modified).
Prior – 1 pc.
The back – 1 pc.
2 parts of the shuttle base fabric by 70 cm long. And a width of 9 cm.
2 parts of the shuttle companion tissue 70 cm. And a width of 10 cm.
1 part for the lower part before the excised semicircle and a length of 50 cm, a width at its widest point to 8 cm.
2 armholes piping forehand and backrest (cutting obliquely) and a length of 21 cm and a width of 4 cm, including allowances.
Gum for the shuttle, narrow, 60 cm long and gussets, wide and 8-10 cm long.
1 gusset piece for a length of 40 cm, a width of 25 cm (volume 48 cm head).
1 item for registration gum 10 cm long and 4 cm wide.
2 strips 70 cm long and 90 cm wide and 2 cm, for decoration and dresses the bottom gusset.
Sam all the slices and dress hem – 1.0 cm.
Impose our patterns on the fabric is pinned in several places, so as not to move out draw out the pattern, cut out.

3. Tailoring dresses
So, to start all the details. The lower part of the flounces, the lower part of the forehand and the decor strips (for the length of two sides) is treated with role-seam. If you do not have such an opportunity, and bends over the edge.
First of all, I would like to draw the lower part of the prepayment. Take the lower part of the strip and for decoration, these parts on upper edge, namely paving two parallel lines at a low tension of the upper thread, contractible yarns on the lower pulling simultaneously (in this case obtained assembly). Shear and grind 2 parts before. Remove the padded for assembly seams. Allowances press out up, we make fun decorative stripes on the front part, as in the photo, and at its center along the entire length. Remove the padded on the strip for assembly seams. That’s what we do: in front of little shorter dresses back, and this simple effervescent bottom
Now just issue the backrest down, folded the allowance at 1 cm, ironed.

We perform the side seams of our products. Gut-wrenching, iron out the seams

We proceed to the processing of armholes. Every piping folded along the right side out. Folded piping pin and stitch shear armholes. Oversized cut close to the weld line, the piping wrench on the wrong side edges, armhole defer 0.5 cm.

Grind short sections shuttlecocks, their iron out. Impose shuttlecock from the main tissue of a shuttlecock companion tissue. Determine the middle shuttle and before dress pin up to a distance of 1.5 cm from the top to the gum. Grind down, leaving room for threading elastic bands.

Our future shuttlecock. We put the gum, collect and distribute evenly. Zastrachivaem place threading gum. Our dress is ready!

4. Sewing scarves
Take a rectangle of fabric for our scarves, overcast edge. Tuck hem around the perimeter of the inside-out, ironed. Take a decorative strip of cloth, to pin up on the edge of the front face of our scarves.
Take the box to gum, long sections of grind, gut-wrenching, gum paste. We fix and stitched around the edges.

Now we collect our scarf on short sections (I prefer the Christmas tree), by inserting between our gum, and the top anchoring, ie stitched by. Our scarf is ready!

Here’s a set we turned! By the beach season ready! Sea met!

Friends, thank you for your attention!
courtesy: livemaster

2 Cool Hairstyles for Little Girls on Any Occasion Step By Step

The classic hairstyle for a holiday is considered to be two high ponytails or braids with white fluffy bows. But now this is not so strict, and you can create many other beautiful hairstyles – all kinds of bundles, braids, weaving and tails .. The hairstyle for any holiday it is recommended to use white or light pastel colors bows and ribbons with a neat styling.

Simple by elegant hairstyle, which can make even the Pope. Suitable for short to medium hair.


Step 1
Make a side parting and braiding little tails on head circumference from the left temple to the right. Tails at the temples are located above and below the sink in the back of the head

Step 2
Now we need to take the tail and screwed it on two fingers, rotate and fix beautiful invisible with white flowers.
Thus we stack all the tails.

And the result is a great hairstyle!
As an option – you can leave your hair loose and curled behind them curling. Or collect in the high tail with a lush white bow.
Hairstyle with ribbons:

To create such hairstyles will need two tapes and a beautiful bow.
Step 1
Tie a high ponytail and braid plait the usual three strands. We wrap the braid around the base, and fix, the resulting beam pins

Step 2
Take the ribbon and through the same distance from the back of the starting pass through under the strands. It is better to do it with the help of invisible – you need to slip invisible under the hair, catch it and pull the ribbon. Ribbon stretching across the entire circumference of the head around the bundle

ozmite another tape in the same manner and only staggered with respect to the first tape, stretch using invisible. Leave the ends of the tape loose. Attach a ribbon beam, a little hair spray and hair ready.

Super Easy Hairstyle To Try For Back To School

Braided Back To School hairstyle:

Messy Bun with Knot Headband or any Bow

First pull hair up into a high ponytail.

When tying the ponytail around all the hair the last go round do not pull the hair all the way through. Leave at least a couple inches of “tail.” This will create a bun.

Pull the bun tight by the ponytail.

You can then add your knot headband or you can add your bow to the back of the bun to create a fun hairstyle!

Knot headbands (We also have these in stripes and other prints.)

Hair Bows

Here is one that is fun but takes a little more time.. 🙂

Braided Pigtails with Bows

First, you will create two even sections for your pigtails. Once hair is parted all the way down the middle you will want to clip one side out of the way.

Step 2: Take the top half inch section of the first section of hair from the part to begin the braid. Now divide that section into three parts to start your braid. **Create fists with hair in each hand.Make sure your pinkies are touching her head. By keeping your hands close to her head makes for a tighter braid.

Drop the middle piece of hair and bring it toward the front. Grab a small section of loose hair to draw into the braid with the piece of dropped hair.

Pick up that hair with the hand closest to the forehead. You should have three pieces in your hands again.

Now drop the current middle piece again and grab a small section of loose hair to draw in with the dropped piece. Pick up the hair using the fist toward the back of the head.

Repeat those steps until your braid reaches the bottom of her hairline on her neck.

Once you reach the bottom of her hairline, continue with a normal braid for an inch, and then band it. This will help keep the braid tight without creating tight pulls in the braid that will yank her scalp.

You can then leave the remainder of her hair loose in a ponytail (like pictured) or braid until the end of her hair.

Now follow these steps for her other braided pigtail.

After finishing both pigtails you can easily slide a bow with an alligator clip in right above her elastic hair tie.

courtesy: The Hair Bow Company

Fun & Games Activities for Helping Kids with Dyslexia

People with dyslexia see the world differently! Many are visual thinkers (rather than verbal thinkers – like 90% of the population). Visual thinkers can be creative and amazingly innovative. Their strengths are in the area of the brain used for creativity and art, puzzles and innovation. Unfortunately, research has shown that dyslexics who use the part of the brain normally used for reading struggle with reading. Research also shows that dyslexics who become fluent readers use a different part of the brain for reading. The good news is that the creative, artistic, part of the brain can be trained to take over the task of reading!

We know that dyslexic learners have a knack for figuring out these puzzles because of their visual thinking talents. The Puzzle Games activate the right brain and over time the games begin to introduce symbols, letters and numbers – as part of the art! The art and puzzles gradually transform into reading activities and over the course of 2 to 3 months, depending on the pace of the student, the creative, artistic area of the brain takes over the job of reading!

Did you know that Dyslexics are brilliant and many will learn to read, with or without therapy? The natural process can take years! Dyslexia Games accelerates this process, empowering the student to overcome symptoms of dyslexia in a few months, not a few years! This is wonderful for a child’s self-confidence!

Question and Answer Time!
Q. What is the best time is to train the dyslexic mind to overcome reading, writing and spelling problems?
A. During times of low stress, like when the child has a nice long break from all other school related studies.
Q. What are the two times each year when we have this chance to help our kids take the biggest jump out of the foggy zone we call “reading confusion”?
A. Christmas Vacation and Summer Vacation!

Source: Dyslexia Games

These Games are the simplest, fastest, (and most affordable!) way to help your child to naturally overcome symptoms of Dyslexia, including letter reversals, poor spelling, messy handwriting, concentration problems, and reading confusion. This is wonderful for a child’s self-confidence!

DIY Felt Baby Booties Easy Pattern (Tutorial)

I saw the tiny toes of my newest nephew, i wanted to make him some booties. Without knowing how to crochet or knit, i went with my favorite medium: felt. i winged it with the pattern, but i’m pretty happy with how they turned out! tiny shoes are just the cutest.

Required Materials:

  • 1 sheet colored felt
  • 1 sheet white felt
  • 1 sheet black felt
  • white embroidery floss
  • 40″ of white cord, cut in half

  • cut out pieces according to pattern.
  • punch holes for lacing (i used a leather punch)

  • blanket stitch the sides and top edge of back panels.
  • overlap the toe cap 3/8″ from the edge of the tongue. blanket stitch pieces together.
  • blanket stitch around the tongue

  • mark the center back of back panel with a pin.
  • fold the loops in half lengthwise and stitch to center back, using an X.

  • sandwich all 3 layers of the sole together. use pins to mark where toe cap placement.
  • baste around the toe cap, 1/8″ from the edge.

  • gather basting stitches and pin to the sole, lining up with markings
  • stitch toe cap to sole, going through all layers.
  • once around the toe cap, reverse stitch back through all layers.
  • remove basting stitches. fill toe with tissue and press the seam allowance so it lays flat.

  • pin center back of back panel to center back of sole.
  • starting where the toe cap ends, stitch sides and back panel to the sole, going through all layers.
  • when you reach the toe cap on the other side, reverse stitch back through to the beginning.
  • lace up and slip in your tiny toes!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: whatido.com

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Different types of frocks designs for kids

In this fashion world, Frock design is growing day by day and all the people are getting its effect. It is true that human mind has been vulnerable to changes so fashion is also not permanent it remain changes. The Beautiful collection of frock designs for girls has been introduced by different famous designers. As every woman is waiting for new clothes for decorating her wardrobe so she should be ready to go market because all these dresses are available in leading stores. This time the leading designers are showing some experimental rock styles so that you can try a different and unique thing to make your personality stylish.

Spring Crafts: How to make a ladybug with their hands

Spring crafts. Articles made of paper ladybug. How to make a ladybug. Spring crafts kindergarten. Spring crafts from clay. Spring crafts from salted dough.

Ladybug poem:

“Ladybug, fly to the sky
Bring us bread,
black, white,
only not burnt.”

She listened attentively, and we threw it to the sky.
A continuation of the poem is:

Fly to the sky –
I’ll give you bread!
Fly to the sky,
They are your kids
Kushan candy –
All for one,
And you no!”

In this article, we gathered the spring crafts on “Ladybirds with their own hands.” We invite you to make these cute insects from paper to sculpt out of clay or salt dough and even mini sandwiches prepared in the form of ladybirds. We hope that our crafts will give you the spring, sunny mood!

1. Spring crafts out of paper

We offer you a spring crafts origami – ladybird paper. You will need a square sheet of red paper. Fold it as shown in the picture below, cut with scissors sharp corners black pencil or marker Doris ladybug missing parts. Articles made of paper ladybug ladybug is ready!

You can make three-dimensional applique with ladybirds in the photo below from the paper circles.

For the manufacture of a ladybug, you will need three circles. Each circle should be folded in half, and then glue them together flanks.

2. Crafts on spring – Kids crafts spring

See what kind of an interesting application on the topic spring can be made with the children of colored paper. It is very simple to manufacture spring hack for children.

3. Crafts spring has come. How to make a ladybug:

Another spring crafts out of paper-

Download and print the scheme crafts out of paper on the link >>>> Cut and glue according to the instructions. This spring crafts out of paper just seems complicated. In fact, it makes it easy and fast.

4. Spring crafts from clay – Spring crafts from salted dough

Moving from spring craft paper for the spring Crafts from clay and salt dough. Even a very small child under the supervision of an adult mentor can dazzle ladybird from plasticine or salt dough. The link you will find detailed instructions on making this spring crafts with their hands >>>>

5. Spring crafts kindergarten – Spring crafts for kindergarten

If you have a home remained flat stones since last summer, it is possible to paint them with paint, and you will turn out cute crafts ladybugs.

On the other interesting artefacts from the stones can be found in the article “Living Stones” >>>>

6. Crafts Spring. How to make a ladybug

spring hack – the ladybug imprint of children’s feet.

7. Spring crafts for kids. How to make a ladybug from tomatoes

Cook with your child edible crafts – mini sandwiches “Ladybugs”. To do this, first spread a soft cheese on crackers.Now take the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and pomidorinku of these halves make wings ladybirds. Olives (pitted) make insect head and dots on the back. Decorate all the greens. It turned out tasty, useful, beautiful, spring dish.

8. Developing games for children. Education account

Cards in Mathematics for preschoolers with numbers from 1 to 20.

Download cards in mathematics can be on the links:
link 1 >>>>
link 2 >>>>

9. Spring crafts

Original decoration for pots of potted flowers can be made from plastic spoons. For this spring crafts you will also need: acrylic paints, doll eyes, glue or glue gun on cardboard or heavy paper green.

Hope you like these spring craft ideas and tutorials.