How to Make Quilling & Earbud Wall Hanging

Making DIY Wall decoration Ideas must include learning how to make Quilling and Earbud Wall Hanging. This beautiful Home decoration Idea using Quilling Art is something that every crafter must learn. Easy to make Do It Yourself Quilling Wall Decor ideas that can totally change the look and feel of the ambiance of your home, and give it a decorative appeal. This pretty Quilling and Earbud Wall Hanging also makes for a best out waste recycled craft idea that you can make with the most basic of craft supplies at your disposal.

This Quilling & Earbud wall hanging is simple to make if you watch the step by step tutorial.

Step 1: Grab Your Craft Supplies

The basic craft supplies that you need to make the Quilling and Earbud Wall Hanging are :

  • Color paper
  • Adhesive
  • Cotton Bud
  • Pencil
  • Quilling needle
  • Scissors
  • Quilling Strips
  • Cardboard
  • Cutter
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Glitter paper

Step 2: Make the Craft Base

Cut out circular cardboard measuring 15 cm in diameter. Make 3 such cardboard circles.

Place the circular cardboard on the colored paper and measure the paper accordingly, to cover the cardboard with it, using adhesive.

Step 3: Build Your Craft

Take a cardboard and cut out 3 strips measuring 4.5 x 35 cm respectively.

Make Multiple tear drop shaped Coils in orange and blue colors.

Now take a circular cardboard and paste the tear drop shaped coils in a flower like pattern with adhesive.

Place a small tight coil in the center.

Step 4: Color the Earbuds

Take a bunch of earbuds and paint them using different bright colors of your choice.

Use adhesive to paste the earbuds in between the space of the coils, forming a spike pattern.

Prepare the 3 circular cardboard base in the same way, using tear drop shaped coils in bright combinations and colorful earbuds.

Step 5: Make the Frame.

Take the Cardboard strips made earlier and paint them in black color. Let the paint dry.

Join the cardboard strips in a triangle shaped frame using adhesive.

Paste the three decorative Quilling Circular Cardboard on each corner of the Triangular cardboard frame.

Step 6: Decorate!

Now add some sparkly touch using decorative Mirrors and glitter sheet pieces, on the triangular cardboard frame.

Step 7: Your Craft Is Ready!

Watch full video tutorial here:

Hope you like this wall hanging tutorial.

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Beautiful Rose Flower Quilling Earrings Tutorial

Every girl likes to be original, and seeks to draw attention to themselves. Bright and creative earrings in the technique of quilling – the most it. Collections Designers Spring-Summer promises to be bright and cheerful. Why do not we make jewelry with your own hands, to match the upcoming season?

Required Material:

  • pink paper strips 8mm,
  • light green strips of paper 3mm,
  • PVA glue,
  • Awl or a toothpick,
  • Shvenzy,
  • Connecting rings


To make the most rosettes Kvilling take a long strip of 29cm (A4 sheet length). Make a slight bend over at an angle of 45 degrees, so that was the tail (for it is easy to hold).
And one oblique bend, but from themselves.
We start spinning rosette, a little before reaching the end of Bend, capturing the tip of the previous bend, take the next bend, too, on my own and twists on rosettes. And so we turn constantly making bends away from you.

When the ribbon ends, we catch it with glue and fat drip a drop of glue around the tail. And thus makes 2 large (29cm length of the strip) quilling roses and 2 small (14,5sm length of the strip) rosettes. Tails, after the glue has dried, cut off.
Further twist rolls of green stripes. 4 stuff diameter and 9mm 2 pieces 7mm. We give them a form of “eye.”

Attach to the back side petals roses.

Cover with acrylic gloss varnish and assemble the composition of earrings. Voila! Earrings in the technique of quilling ready! Decorate your ears on the admiration of others and yourself to the joy!

Hope you like this tutorial.


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Paper Quilling “Owl” Tutorial – Step by step

“Owl” in the technique of quilling. I hope you enjoy it and come in handy.

Required Material:

  • Paper for quilling (1.5 cm)
  • Paper for pastels
  • Cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Shilo for quilling
  • Template “Sovushka-Owl” (print)

is printed on templates owls, here he is in the right scale. If this is not possible, draw yourself, or by transfer from a computer monitor.

Template on thick paper and cut out.
Do not forget to put border of the wings and abdomen.

When the foundation is ready, glue a loop based on an owl. To do this, take the white stripes 1.5 cm wide, coat with glue of our bases end and glue it to the white outline.

Give dry. Then do the boundaries of the wings and abdomen. To this end we coat with glue the white paper and glue along the contour of a pencil, which we dealt previously.

While drying circuit, we turn to the preparation of the rolls. Our owl is filled with the usual rolls.
For this I used a Korean paper (strip length 27cm, width 1.5 cm) of three colors (blue, two shades and navy blue).

Take a strip and using an awl make 1-2 turns. Shilo remove the strip and get a wrapped end, she was very ready to begin to curl.

Then begin your hands to roll the strip into the roll.

When the roll is rolled, dissolve it, put on the edge of the adhesive strip and fix.

The maximum diameter of the roll dissolved 1.5 cm and less.

And so we harvests rolls of different colors and different sizes. To get a small diameter, 27cm strip cut into several pieces, and twisting of these rolls.

When the rolls is sufficient, we go to fill our owls. To do this, we apply the adhesive evenly over the area, which we plan to fill. I started from the bottom. Take on the rolls turn and glue them. It should be done fairly quickly, since the adhesive dries quickly.

Here are a few photos of owls filling process.

When our body is filling owl, go to the wings. To do this, we need the same twist roll, dissolve it and squeeze the two opposite sides, leaving midway through the middle. We get the diamond unit. On the edge of the strip of glue is applied, fix.

When diamonds are ready, just fill in the wings, as well as the body of an owl.

So far, all we have to dry, we turn to the eyes. Take pastel paper translate from the eye template, cut and pasted on each other.

Give the glue to dry, so that in the future the eyes have not collapsed. And when everything is ready glue them to the body of an owl. Like this.

And there are very little. Make legs.
Also curl roll, dissolve it, forming a diamond unit and owls are glued to the bottom calf.

And this is our night owl is ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: art-quilling

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how to make Quilling Earrings

Learn how to make quilling earrings in just a few steps with the help of step by step tutorial.

Material Required to make the Quilled Hoop Earrings:
  • Quilling strips (5 mm) in green and purple colors
  • Quilling needle
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Paste and join two purple quilling strips.

Step 2: Take a cylindrical Object and roll to wrap this quilling strip 2-3 times around it and paste the end to make a purple colored ring.

Step 3: Make two purple colored rings like this.

Step 4: Take a green quilling strip and cut and divide it in two equal parts.

Step 5: Make tear drop shaped coils with them. Shape them properly using your fingers.
Step 6: Make multiple tear drop shaped coils.

Step 7: Place the purple rings flat on the table and apply some glue in the inner side of the purple ring.

Step 8: Paste the tear drop shaped coils in a designer form, making a pattern of your choice.

Step 9: Take 1/4th of a purple quilling strip and make a loose coil with it.

Step 10: Insert a jump ring in the loose coil.

Step 11: Pass an earring hook in it. Similarly, make another earring and complete the pair.

Easy Paper Quilling Photo Frame (Tutorial)

It requires the following ingredients:

  • A dense paper for background (at least 300g / m2)
  • Less dense paper for flowers (from 120 to 160 g / m2 – denser not desirable, tk strip of this size will not curl and smoothly obedient) two colors. In my case it is white, that will stand out, and a gentle shade of the background color, which will allow the flowers to our successfully combined with the main color and helps highlight the details.
  • Paper knife and steel ruler to cut strip. Use scissors to cut a tedious affair
  • PVA glue
  • A toothpick or other curler rolls

Cut into strips 30 cm long and 5 mm wide, the number pretends leaning on conceived plot. There are many clever ways to quickly cut, for example, cut a few layers of paper at a time, but this density (120 to 160), it is quite difficult. so long to not split hairs, I bonded with paper flowers tetrad piece of a cell and, Whack-Whack-Whack by moving the line of cells…

But first, make a frame, and best of all – for later.

We mark up our most dense leaf. It is recommended to prepare a detailed shemku on paper, not to cut too much, take into account all the dimensions. I look forward to photos 13×18, based on these dimensions, select the width of the box, my left and from the bottom a little bit wider. Zakrnchiv layout, cut out window for the picture, which should be slightly smaller than the photo

Now for the “pocket” into which the picture will be inserted. Photographic paper is very thick and has a substantial thickness, so that the frame is not deformed when it put them in the photo, we give the pocket a little bit width)) is glued to the back of the narrow strip of heavy paper, and now you can stick and “pocket” itself, which will not allow our shot to drop out of the frame.

Basis is ready.

We turn to the flowers. As you probably already know, the Demi have a whole bunch of examples and lessons, which explores in detail and scale of the basic quilling techniques.
So, for the manufacture of the petal we need a paper strip, which by means of a split toothpick (or more noble instrument) is rolled into a tight roll of. A roll in turn unwound to a certain diameter, and then the end of the strip is fixed with white glue rolls and formed into the desired shape with the fingers. my hands to avoid dark spots then hurt at work. Particularly easy to get dirty cuts strips for the white paper is a disaster, it is easy to give very poor appearance.

For the manufacture of identical petals useful template to unwind rolls up to a diameter. Here is my first flower

Mnoe still really like the flowers of this form

and leaves, of course

In general, we turn your heart’s content, do not forget to create a variety of flora dimensions))
when the basic elements are ready, dispose of on the frame and prileivaem.
This is not the final version, but the meaning is, I think, is clear.

Now add the details and Circuits, until the composition does not seem quite complete

one last step – attach the back of the podstvku stability.

frame ready

Thank you for attention. I hope you will come in handy malenkty my lesson. I’d be happy reviews!

Paper Quilling – How to Make Key chain from Quilling Art

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful paper quilling key chain at home just in 4 minute. You need not to be worry if you haven’t done any paper quilling activity before,you will find this video quite simple. You just need to follow easy steps. Making key chain with paper is one of the best quilling ideas you will ever find! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Material Required:

  • Quilling Strip
  • Slotted tool
  • Comb
  • Key Ring
  • Glue


1) Take one quilling strip and roll it on comb tooth (as shown in video)

2) Now, fold that design into half and paste another quilling strip on it as done in video.

3) Repeat above steps for more design.

4) Now, take 3 quilling strip of different color and roll it using quilling needle.Paste all the petals on that circle to form a flower.

5) After pasting all the petals together,cover that flower with another quilling strip and hang key ring on that flower. (as shown in video)

You Can Watch the Video Tutorial

Your beautiful DIY paper quilling key chain is ready. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more crafting tutorial.

Everyone loves to keep beautiful key chain. How wonderful it would be to make your own key chain at home! Crafting Hours brings you this exciting DIY Crafts activity on paper quilling to help you learn how to make key chain with paper!

How to make quilling basket of flowers bouquets

I really like to create thumbnails quilling wee bouquets for my friends. This model is quite easy to do.
The strips in any shade and shape the fold by the following images. Try using thicker paper, ie. Min. 120g / m2. Thanks basket better retain the shape. On a piece of paper, draw two circles (the first is 6.5 cm, the second 2cm in diameter). Put your card on a pad cork and of cover with foil, then it will sklejcie together elements (about 22), the second one in the middle of a larger circle. Wait until the glue dries.

I’ve always enjoyed making Quilled miniatures and flower baskets are my favorites.This model is quite simple and easy to make.

Roll and shape your coils, any color you choose.Try to use thicker paper, at least 120 gr / m2, this way the basket will keep its shape better and will not deform.On a piece of paper draw two circles of 6.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter.Place it on a corckboard, cover it with a plastic sheet and then glue the coils, Approximately 22 pieces, one by one inside the big circle.Let it dry.

Now sklejcie together the ends-receive slightly conical shape. Glue it to tightly twisted disc made from four strips. After drying glue uformujcie basket, generously repress the glue in the middle and in the Paste the basket respectively, cut a piece of Styrofoam.

Now glue the two ends together, you’ll Obtain a conical shape. Glue it on top of a tight coil made from four strips and when the glue dries gently press it to give it an elongated shape. Add a good amount of glue inside the basket and glue a piece of polystyrene.

Cover the Styrofoam piece of paper, add a hand basket – basket is ready. Fill it with any kind of flowers … in my basket was a butterfly.

Cover the polystyrene with a piece of paper, add a handle and the basket is ready.Fill it with any type of flowers you like … it’s mine I also added a small butterfly.

To obtain another invoice you can use the bezel to bars / crimper.

For a different texture you can use a paper crimper tool.

I hope that my course liked you and help you to explore the beautiful art quilling.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and That Will help you discover the beautiful art of quilling.

How to make Quilling Casket

I want to share my method of assembling boxes. The principle of the assembly all the same, first going to the frame, and then filled the walls. Making the work piece. Tube 5 cm long. Glue the small details in the strip. Glue them to the angular ducts. And there are 5 items. Glue them together. Get in shape in our boxes. The edges of the petals were light, I made here are blank. Then twisted details. Pasted them into the frame. Thus, all the walls are filled. Fill the bottom. This can be done as the bottom lid. Do cover. Sticking the central part. Combine with five ends of the work piece.Thus glued corners. Fill the cover. Here’s what happened. It remains to make a handle for the lid.

Paper Quilling Beautiful Lovebirds – Happy couple

Paper Quilling Beautiful Lovebirds 4

“Happy couple” The picture made ​​into a birthday present.

I will explain how to do.

Took the picture.“By eye” collection of modules, glued together only modules on the side cover.

And the second.

second 3mm departs from the background to make the Volume of.

the work of the strips of 3mm, only the tail of the first of 1.5mm.

foot of 1mm.


frame 15×21