How to make newspaper tubes frame

Cut the cardboard box. Keep in mind that inside, somewhere in the 5 mm on each side, the frame will be wider by tubes

Flatten with your fingers and sticking the tube from the inside. Here I posted a lot, then remove excess glue and. It is necessary to glue from a distance of 1 mm from each other. I put on top of the load and wait until post

bend the tube at the front of the frame and begin weaving. Promoted through a tube. Next staggered following

So I put my hand and pushes the next tube

I continue marginalia on the width of the frame.

Entangling is also the other side, the same Kol liches vom horizontal tubes.

Now I take my top.

Cut Sredinka and sealed all the tube inside out.

I paint the finished frame. I walked on top of a gold acrylic paint dry brush. On the reverse side to stick the same cardboard box and paint

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