How to make cosmetic bag from decorate fabric – Step By Step

Sew makeup of textured fabrics: Materials
The thin fabric with a pattern or solid color.
Vodorastrovimy fleece.
Knitted adhesive interlining.
Threads for machine embroidery contrasting color or fabric tone.
Iron with steam supply.

Sew makeup of textured fabric: Material
Put the sandwich in this sequence (bottom-up): adhesive knitted fleece – a water-soluble stabilizer – cloth.

When you create a fabric preform shrinkage will occur to determine the dimensions of the workpiece to make the product a control sample of 10×10 cm.
Cleave sandwich pins and sew decorative stitching all blank (well suited to create a line or brains Buff line). To create larger textures apply free-chassis stitch setting foot quilted stitches and the workpiece.

We get here are quilted blanks.

Heat up the iron to maximum temperature and turn on the steam function. Hold the iron at a distance of 1-2 cm from the workpiece and guide couples on the workpiece. Under the influence of a pair of billet will be compressed by changing its structure.

When all is uniformly compressed, turn the material to the wrong side and moving the iron glue adhesive interlining. This operation will preserve the look of your workpiece during further operation.

Textured fabric is ready!

For tailoring the product you need:
textured fabric
Disappearing marker for tissue
Zipper Foot from a standard set your sewing machine

Sew makeup of textured fabrics: Process:
Pattern 2 is a rectangle (size can be chosen arbitrarily, there is the size of 22 * 11cm, taking into account the seam allowance). A thin fabric, seal Dublin. Tuck allowance on the wrong side, baste the zipper. The width of the allowance is equal to 1cm lightning, as well as allowances for details.

To sew the zipper, use foot from a standard set of tabs your sewing machine. Adjust the width of the padding on the zipper teeth can be by setting the width of the zig-Zag (2.5-3 setting for computer machines).

Deal on the edge overlock, overlock or zigzag stitch. You can also treat internal sections beauticians using a scythe Bakey of similar or contrasting color fabrics.

Align the top edge of the workpiece, however the sides with pins and sew the bottom of the straight stitch 2.5 mm in length, treat allowances.

Put makeup zipper down the middle by combining lightning and bottom seam how pins. Sew the sides of the straight stitch 2.5 mm. For an even seam allowance guided by the markings on the foot-line.

For processing edge piping, lazy way, use the universal foot or foot Blind stitch. Expand slash Bakey, combine slices Bakey and details, route line, focusing on the fold inlay. Wrap a second edge inlay, baste it and run the line “into the seam.”

Get a rectangular bulk bag.

On the wrong side of Cleave angle pins and you draw a straight line at a distance of about 3-2,5 cm from the vertex of the angle. Lay a straight stitch 2.5 mm.

Turn on the front side, straighten the corners. Beautician ready!

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