How to make a ship from newspaper

Required Materials:
– Newspaper tubes
– Gafrokarton
– Electrodes
– Transparent glue gun
For starters are forming a bottom. Cut from two pieces and glued together, then pressed his press.

Cut out two more pieces of the same shape, but slightly smaller and gluing. It will bottom.

Cut out more Fourteen pieces of eight-by-ten centimeters and glued together seven pieces.

Paste them on top of the bottom.

Turn it upside down and press down the load so that it is better to stick together.

Takes two electrodes and they pierce the deck.

Then wrapped with newspapers electrodes.

Poured into the holes from the electrodes hot glue and insert to the electrodes.

Then embark on a weaving. Insert the tube into the bottom.

Pick up small stands.

Weaves a string four rows of two tubes.

In the fifth row and add a third straw weaves a rope of three tubes.

Propletaete few more rows to twist got out on deck. Getting to the weaving poles.

Two tubes twist around the electrodes. Then you make the observation basket. The author has shown two options. First, you can start to weave a piece of string around the remaining tubes.

The second option is to wind-blown tube around the electrode.

At the stern using toothpicks are doing holes.

Then pour in the hot glue them and insert the tube.

Now leading tubes weave only the stern.

Deck Wallpapers light tubes.

On the nose put another electrode and wrapped his brown tubes.

Then start weaving the bridge.

Skirting beautiful finish crimping of the two tubes.

Like this, as the author pointed to the picture should look like a ship.

A proplatelet couple of rows, and then paste a piece of cardboard.

Top cover her with boards of tubes.

Front ends of the column.

At the rear are building a railing.

Cut off all unnecessary and stain.

To attach the electrodes on the two newspaper tube.

From white tubes kite guys.

Another time to stain stained with glue.

To make a sail.

Sizing them on both sides.

Cut off by the size of the sail. The ready tube that will keep the sails.

Glued to the tube sails.

Attach the sails to the newspaper ducts.

Make brown tube wheel.

Then you make a triangular sail.

Glued all the sails to the ship.

Here and ready to ship.

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