DIY: Beautiful Clocks “Fire Flower”

clocks “Fire Flower” by fusing.

As always, the main task of this master class to show everybody passionate about the beautiful products made of colored glass, which, as they say, “no gods pots”, “the devil is not so terrible as his baby”: -), and so on …

At this time, I wanted to do something summer, bright, fiery … So the idea of “Fire Flower”. Especially that all elements of the product are quite simple. To begin, I cut square billets (size 27 x 27 cm) of a pale pink glass with a pattern. He outlined the center of the square a permanent marker and put a twelve-pointed star, which indicates the position of the rays squares tags, symbolizing the number of hours.

The next step, I stuck a transparent glue “Moment” cut squares of deaf brown glass about the size of 15×15 mm. Clay lot of smear is not necessary. A single tiny droplet on the element. For better visibility in the future-digit squares on top of brown squares, I have pasted squares of white deaf glass about the size of 1×1 cm., Too, for each drop of glue on. Now came the turn of “Ray-petals” fire flower. They are made of red, purple and orange transparent glasses. Since this is not an ordinary flower, while still “fire”, the rays, I cut the petals slightly curved and pointed to looked like tongues of fire. I also added a bit of gold and pink colors of light. Special paints intended for firing in a furnace. In my personal view of the ink-rays additionally, fill the blank space background and a few animated picture … If someone from the “masters” wants this step to criticize, it is appropriate to recall that “the artist can offend everyone” and, in general, “I see” – -). Well, here in the evening so I wanted to …

Here’s what happened after the six-hour sintering oven in my favorite “UPFM-005.” Rather 6:00 went slow heating to the glass is cracked. It goes after the sintering in an oven at maximum temperature for about 10 minutes went That was enough. This time I decided to drill a hole 8 mm under the clockwork after glass sintering. So, purely from- there is a difference. The differences to be found.
Turned workpiece bottom up, stuck in place drilling ring of plasticine, I poured some water there. Water is necessary to diamond drill work properly, it does not overheat and prematurely does not crumble. I, accordingly, was not breathing glass dust, which, by a strange coincidence, health does not add …: -)
Perhaps there should be added, he cut glass process glass cutter glass dust does not produce harmful is not. But we have to work with glasses, so that when the glass breaking of the possible fine particles is not flown into the eye. If you do not wear glasses, you can use the operating safety glasses with regular glass, which you can buy at any hardware store (or store tools) for 20 to 30 rubles. That’s the end result. It remains only to insert the clock mechanism.
Since the composition of hours there is a lot of bright shades of red, black clock hands (hour and minute) “lost,” so I have them painted in yellow gold color from spray cans.
For those who still do not know: stained glass is necessary for any item on the fusing technology used with the same coefficient of linear expansion, so that when the cooling of the product is not cracked due to the reduction in the size of different items in different products.That’s all. How it worked – to judge you, but I can only say that the manufacture of such products did not seem very complicated …

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