How to make beautiful wedding bouquet of ribbon flowers

Required Material:
-Finish flowers (we have it rose)
– Wire (knitting better, it is not like the STI, it does not break!)
– glue
– wire cutters
– fabric or mesh
– tape
– bias binding 2.
we do loop 3.
insert the wire in the middle of the flower and dripping a drop of glue on the loop 4.
carefully so as not to stain the flower glue stretch wire

that’s what it turns out! 6.
begin to collect a bouquet! Flowers slightly buckled, so that eventually turned the spherical shape 7.
when all the flowers are gathered, we fix them 8.
and form a ball 9.
You can add green or anything else 10.
cut the required length and anchoring tip 11.
little trick! so that when winding the handle are not tormented with the tip can make such a pocket 13.
make out on the taste and bouquet of our ready !!!)))

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