DIY beautiful brooches “Basket with flowers”

Today I want to show you the production of a small brooch in the form of a basket with flowers.

Required Material:

– cutting beads brown №12, №10 beads round brown beads round number 9 red (instead of white in the photo);

– crystal beads 4 and 6 mm;

– glass flowers and leaves;

– buckle for brooches;

– the basis for embroidery – Felt black and red;

– the skin (a small piece);

– copper wire of 2 mm and 0.3 mm;

– glue;

– cardboard;

– thread for embroidery;

– band-aid.

The first thing we draw the sketch. Separately traceable basket and playground for flowers.

Heavy wire arches handle baskets. We attach a form for her to handle lay between the parts of the pattern.

Place cut reserve bottom, wind a couple of times with a plaster. After that I paint detail golden acrylic paint (you can not paint if the beads are not very different from the color of this part).

Red felt cut-outs platform for colors, glue parts to the base for embroidery.

Sheathe small beads basket handle, starting from the bottom corner ledge surround is obtained

Rascherchivaem cells basket, fill them with embroidery.

Due to different directions of embroidery in the cells it creates the effect that the wicker basket.

Now fill the basket leaves, flowers and crystal beads Carefully cut off the excess felt. Sticking a piece of cardboard inside out – for rigidity.

The skin incision is made and a piece of threaded fastener into it for a brooch. Skin sticking buckle and cut off the excess.

The upper edge of the flowers I sheathe red beads on the scheme 1.

Sides and bottom of the basket – small brown in Scheme 2.

Between embroidery and edge I stayed clearance. To close it, I’m doing another series of beads around the embroidery. Now go to the decor of the handle. To do this, attach a length of thin wire in the corner of the pen close to the embroidery, dial the wire beads and wrap the handle. And the final touch – add a few leaves on top. Brooch ready.

That’s all!

I hope my idea is useful to you. 🙂

Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Video Tutorials

Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Video Tutorials: In this video tutorial, you can see how easy it is to make beautiful jewelry from beads in the style of Shabby Chic.

This lesson focuses on the creation of color x-cotton fabric

Hope you like this tutorial.

How to make paper flowers bells – Step by step

The bell of the paper with your hands out of paper. How to make flowers bells of paper with your hands.

Since we do kolokolchik.Snachala prepare sprig (wire, wrapped in paper and corrugated rolls 0,5 funnel strip 3 mm. Wide)
More engrave leaves three dimensions (corrugation. Paper glued twice) smallest and sepals (gofr.bumaga in one layer)

Paper glue twice, after drying iron utyugom. Vyrezaem pattern (1/4 circle with five “teeth”) detali.Skleivaem their “kulechkom”, spin the teeth, whereby a circular shape of a bell to attach nozhke. Podgotovim stamens: cut fence (white gofr.bumaga in one layer), divide by three pieces of cloves, base curl, kinks and bends.

Here we are ready to assemble the flower: stamens themselves bells, sepals, leaves and twigs from the craters. All stages shown in the photo. And another point: for the tight buds of blue paper curl arbitrarily.

And here is the finished branch:

Thank you for your attention!

DIY Ribbon flower with beads

DIY Ribbon flower with beads / grosgrain flowers with beads tutorial: This is an art and craft idea that makes for an absolute Quick and simple DIY Project. That you can use in a variety of ways. These DIY Ribbon flower with beads are an awesome idea that make for an awesome Gift Wrapping Project and also appropriate for your DIY Sewing Projects.

There is absolutely no need for any craft supplies that you need especially to make these fabulous DIY Ribbon Flowers. Just a few Satin Ribbons in different colors!

You can watch the complete video tutorial here:

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How to make quilling basket of flowers bouquets

I really like to create thumbnails quilling wee bouquets for my friends. This model is quite easy to do.
The strips in any shade and shape the fold by the following images. Try using thicker paper, ie. Min. 120g / m2. Thanks basket better retain the shape. On a piece of paper, draw two circles (the first is 6.5 cm, the second 2cm in diameter). Put your card on a pad cork and of cover with foil, then it will sklejcie together elements (about 22), the second one in the middle of a larger circle. Wait until the glue dries.

I’ve always enjoyed making Quilled miniatures and flower baskets are my favorites.This model is quite simple and easy to make.

Roll and shape your coils, any color you choose.Try to use thicker paper, at least 120 gr / m2, this way the basket will keep its shape better and will not deform.On a piece of paper draw two circles of 6.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter.Place it on a corckboard, cover it with a plastic sheet and then glue the coils, Approximately 22 pieces, one by one inside the big circle.Let it dry.

Now sklejcie together the ends-receive slightly conical shape. Glue it to tightly twisted disc made from four strips. After drying glue uformujcie basket, generously repress the glue in the middle and in the Paste the basket respectively, cut a piece of Styrofoam.

Now glue the two ends together, you’ll Obtain a conical shape. Glue it on top of a tight coil made from four strips and when the glue dries gently press it to give it an elongated shape. Add a good amount of glue inside the basket and glue a piece of polystyrene.

Cover the Styrofoam piece of paper, add a hand basket – basket is ready. Fill it with any kind of flowers … in my basket was a butterfly.

Cover the polystyrene with a piece of paper, add a handle and the basket is ready.Fill it with any type of flowers you like … it’s mine I also added a small butterfly.

To obtain another invoice you can use the bezel to bars / crimper.

For a different texture you can use a paper crimper tool.

I hope that my course liked you and help you to explore the beautiful art quilling.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and That Will help you discover the beautiful art of quilling.

Hydrangea Wreath with Burlap


For a long time I want to try to bleach and color burlap … all hands did not reach) Look, what a beautiful and gentle wreath can wring out of the vine and the branches or host miniature hydrangea flowers of colored burlap. Very original idea! Suitable for decoration of any interior. Enjoying a master class?

So, to create a delicate floral wreath we need the following materials:

*hessian (can be combined with another cotton cloth);
*vine or branch (the basis for the wreath can be and other scrap materials);
*Melt with hot glue;
*paint for fabric – on request;
*decoupage glue or Mod Podge glue PVA;
*stamp for scrapbooking in the form of flower;
*plastic measuring spoon.

Getting Started. From the vine and the branches are twisted hoop – the basis for our wreath

Now we take the burlap and cover it with an adhesive layer for decoupage Mod Podge or PVA glue. We wait until the drying treated burlap. With a stamp for scrapbooking cut out flowers. If not, cut the hydrangea flowers with scissors. With the help of a plastic measuring spoon attach the flowers form. Now cut out the leaves of burlap previously created a template from the paper. Glue the leaves to the wreath with hot glue Next, glue the flowers: The shutdown circuit note midway flowers.

How to create a cascading bouquet of artificial flowers

cascading bouquet flowers 1

This small master class, I decided to show you how to make a cascading bouquet, understudy in taping technique. I do not know, does anyone still doubles so this technique and I like the fact that it allows you to create absolutely any bouquet shape, whether ordinary hemisphere or “waterfall” to the floor.

Necessary materials:

– small head rose (on the job took them 40 pieces)
– Rose leaves 10 pieces
– a pair of white carnation bushes
– a few sprigs of greens with tiny leaves
– Floral wire is 0.7 mm thick
– Teip tape
– Hot air and hot melt adhesive
– Scissors
– Wire cutters
– Satin tape 4 cm wide and 2.5 cm (2 m)
– Lace 50 cm
– Beads (15 pieces)
– Decorative buttons
Getting Started. Cropped bushes with branches carnation so that we stayed on them “legs”. In order to collect a bouquet of roses in the head, you must first create them stems. Here we need the one wire that was left of carnations.

Cut it into pieces, centimetre 4-5. Such pieces will need as much as the heads of roses we’ll use. Next, we need to put on the head of the wire segments roses. To do this, we are on the tip of the wire we put a drop of glue and put on our roses. It looks as follows: We continue to form stems. Take the wire and florist primate it to our legs so that the ends of the wires were down, prolonging the existing legs. In the same way we do with the rest of the flowers and greenery. Now we need to wire propitiate. To do this, take the tape and from top to bottom, a little stretching her tight and carefully amalgamate she ends our wire. That’s legs and ready. At first glance, someone who has not worked in the technique of taping, the process may seem long, but when “the hand is already packed,” it is done quickly. Now you are ready to assemble. Take one at the flower and begin to put them together to form a “cap” of the bouquet. It is better to do so: lay down a few stalks, tap-recorded tape. Then added another and again recorded. So we continue to put a flower in the flower, alternating red and white and adding a small green, trying to give the bouquet shape of a hemisphere. Here it was possible to stay and start to decorate the handle of the bouquet, but as he we should be cascaded, we will form a part of its drop down. To do this, take in hand a rose, then, below (below the height of the head), are putting two other roses. Below them three pieces. In between, do not forget to insert a carnation and greens. And since several rows depending on how long we want to make the cascade. In form it resembles a Christmas tree. Next, you need to connect the top and bottom of the bouquet. To do this, we bending the lower part and are putting it to the top so that together they constituted a single unit. We fix tap-tape. Now start to decorate the stem of the bouquet. First, on the edges of the leaves of roses surrounded by cushioning the foot and again fix tap-tape. Satin ribbon width 4 cm cut into 8 pieces of 10-12 cm. Each leg folded in half are bent, as shown in the photo and fix with glue. These blanks around the perimeter of foot paste bouquet. Determine how long we want to leave the leg and cut the excess stems clippers. Again, fix their tap-tape. Then decorate the leg across the length of the ribbon width of 2.5 cm. In the centre of some of the glue in beads roses. On foot, the top we tie or glue lace ribbon and decorate with decorative buttons. Well that’s all, our bouquet is ready! If my master class you like, or you find it for yourself something useful, please click ‘like’, because he is involved in the competition.

DIY: Beautiful basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes

Basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes 1

Materials and tools:

  • Feed baskets for a width of 12 mm – about 10 m
  • ribbon roses – a few pieces of different-colored ribbons
  • wire – 30-35 cm
  • plastic box of tooth powder
  • single-rod pin
  • pliers or wire cutters
  • compass
  • marker

With the help of a compass and a marker markup space for the pins. At the bottom of my box already I have a circle, so I put a uniform on it 26 points for pins. But it was not on the cover of the circle, so first draw a compass with two needles circle at a distance of about 1 cm from the edge and also divide it into 26 parts.

We put in the pin marked with a point.

Bending the tape in half, fasten it with a pin. Begin braid a box, watching to fold the tape was sent to one side. When he reached the first pin, not crisscrossing it, go to the bottom pins and begin to braid their knots (clockwise).

Make 3 rows of knots (photo 08) and pull the free end of the ribbon through the hole at the first row.

Gently straighten tape, closing the place start and end of the braid and the box itself translate the tape on the top row of pins. The upper pins also entwine with 3 rows of knots, cut the ribbon and fasten it with a pin inside the basket.

We correct all pins in such a way that they are of equal height and arranged in a circle.

Bending the wire for the handle and by bending the ends for attachment to the basket, we begin to braid her loopy seam tape.

Is twisted braid to create a bump better to do it right, do not crisscrossing the entire pen.

Attach the handle to the basket symmetric, pinching “ears” with pliers handles. On ears tie the ribbon and make a bow.

Making a rose of satin ribbons, or other colors.

With the help of pins fastened flowers in the basket.

Beautiful curtains made of beads and artificial flowers


Such air and colorful curtains to make very simple of beads and artificial flowers, and they look very original. So here’s what we need to work:

To begin with, the line cut off the required length (required length multiplied by two, and add another 30 cm).

In the middle of the fishing line put large beads and folded twice the line begin to string beads.

Thread the fishing line through the heart of the flower., Then re-stringing beads. We continue to alternate colors and beads until there is 15 cm of line. So do the required number of threads. For mounting use wooden batten desired length, the holes drilled in it at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. You’re ready to tie the thread to the rail and our original floral curtain is ready!