DIY Beautiful cabbage leaf organizer

Take a bundle of copper fine wire, anchoring the middle, turn down to the side beams

From each beam turn down two

And we begin to form veins

We put our veins to the file, pull out the brush, PVA glue, and napkins

Coat with glue the wire frame laid on top of the napkin and gently wriggle her brush

So we laid 6-8 napkins.

Carefully turn over our list and do more of the same from the other side

Our blank is ready, now you can go two ways:
1. The workpiece is wet, can be chaotic, a little stretching, pluck edge, forming a cabbage leaf outline

But I went the other way, dry product and cut out the contour of the scissors

Then I cut out of napkins here such small droplets

And sticking them on a path

Slightly moistened the “fringe” glue and give it a shape.

Then primed ready list

Done! Now you can tint our list!
And that’s what I tried:

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