How to make pot holder for kitchen

With a few clicks with simple materials, you can create lovely pot holder for kitchen

Required Material:

  • Cloth, fabric lining
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • pushpins


Measure and cut 2 egg-shaped piece of fabric, 4 shaped cloth bag, lining cloth 1 and 2 ovoid shaped cloth bag liner as shown.

Turn face to the formation of two pieces of cloth bags (No. 1 and No. 2) against each other, then to the back lining pieces. Rating 3 straight edge piece of cloth.

May through 3 layers of fabric in the form of sugar, from the edge of about 5-10mm. Flip the fabric back to No. 1 in the middle lining. May 1 class just fixed up. Turn into 2 cloth bag next picture above

Place the egg in the lining between the two layers of fabric egg, then place 2 part cloth sewed shaped fixed pocket lining into place as shown in Fig.

Using a fixed pin, use a piece of cloth fixed needle 2 pieces of fabric into cloth bag shaped ovoid. Then reverse to hide stitch. Wish you success with instructions simple sewing potholder for Kitchen!

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