2 Cool Hairstyles for Little Girls on Any Occasion Step By Step

The classic hairstyle for a holiday is considered to be two high ponytails or braids with white fluffy bows. But now this is not so strict, and you can create many other beautiful hairstyles – all kinds of bundles, braids, weaving and tails .. The hairstyle for any holiday it is recommended to use white or light pastel colors bows and ribbons with a neat styling.

Simple by elegant hairstyle, which can make even the Pope. Suitable for short to medium hair.


Step 1
Make a side parting and braiding little tails on head circumference from the left temple to the right. Tails at the temples are located above and below the sink in the back of the head

Step 2
Now we need to take the tail and screwed it on two fingers, rotate and fix beautiful invisible with white flowers.
Thus we stack all the tails.

And the result is a great hairstyle!
As an option – you can leave your hair loose and curled behind them curling. Or collect in the high tail with a lush white bow.
Hairstyle with ribbons:

To create such hairstyles will need two tapes and a beautiful bow.
Step 1
Tie a high ponytail and braid plait the usual three strands. We wrap the braid around the base, and fix, the resulting beam pins

Step 2
Take the ribbon and through the same distance from the back of the starting pass through under the strands. It is better to do it with the help of invisible – you need to slip invisible under the hair, catch it and pull the ribbon. Ribbon stretching across the entire circumference of the head around the bundle

ozmite another tape in the same manner and only staggered with respect to the first tape, stretch using invisible. Leave the ends of the tape loose. Attach a ribbon beam, a little hair spray and hair ready.

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