How To Elegant High Full Ponytail Hairstyle Step By Step

When you are going for the corporate event and wishing to have the big full ponytail for yourself then you need to be bit clever for the hairstyle. Therefore, we are again here with the step wise tutorial of the big full ponytail tutorial that you can get. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the steps of the tutorial with few tries of the practice. Start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end and get this in your way as by grabbing the tools required for the tutorial.


You will need:

Hair spray

Hair brush

Hair elastic

Hair comb


Step1: Start with the clean and the dry hairs and if you are not carrying the dry hairs then get some dry hair texture hair spray on the hairs. Best will be if you are carrying the day old hairs for the hair style.

Step2: Comb the hairs thoroughly and clear out the knots from the hairs and then grab the section of the hairs from the forehead and back comb this front section to fluff the hairs i.e. to create the volume of the hairs.

Step3: Brush the hairs with the wide bristle brush and then tie up the hairs with the hair elastic into the ponytail.

Step4: Part the pony hairs into two parts and start creating the volume into the pony hairs as shown in the picture.

Step5: Brush up the pony hairs thoroughly and then add some hair spray to the hairs and you are done here.

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