DIY Crafts: How to Make Cardboard Tube Pencil case

This tutorial shows how to make pencil case with a cardboard tube. In fact, with the help of a cardboard tube and amount of fabric with a zipper pencil case can be made interesting. Method of making such craft is very easy and low cost.

In this section the size of the desired size to provide some cardboard tube and part of it first as door cut it. And cut into two pieces of tape together and go to the next step

Then sew the fabric together and put into place the cardboard tube. And adhesive tape to earn up to a door opening and closing pencil case.

The pencil case pencil or items that you put in comes out.

Finally, you have been able to make a pencil case with a cardboard tube. I hope you enjoyed this.

Hope you like this “back to school” pencil case craft tutorial.

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