How to Make Lampshade Using Plastic Bottle

Lampshade made using plastic bottle

use your waste plastic bottles and make with them a beautifully recycled lampshade.

Required Material:

  • Brushes
  • Decorative light
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Green craft tape
  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Lighter
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Craft Wire
  • Crepe Paper
  • Decorative stones
  • Glue Gun
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Color Palette
  • Decorative Tape

Step 1: Cut the Plastic Bottle

Take an empty plastic bottle and hold it horizontal. Cut the upper part of it carefully with a knife. This is to make the head of our lampshade.

Step 2: Paint the Plastic Bottle

Now paint the plastic bottle with green and yellow color. You can use acrylic colors for this.

Step 3: Draw Characters

In order to decorate further draw some tribal characters on the plastic head using black color. This type of drawing is called “Warli” art which is an ancient drawing art form in one of the tribes living in the forests in India.

Step 4: Final Look of Lamphead

This is how your lampshade head will look like after drawing is done.

Step 5: Make Plastic Leaves

Now we will make some leaves. For this, cut a small plastic piece from rest of the bottle and cut it further in leaves shape. Paint and decorate these plastic leaves in green colors and add detailing.

Step 6: Make Crepe Paper Leaves

Next, take a crepe paper and create some leaves out of it. Also, collect some ready made flowers from the market.

Step 7: Create a Wired Stand

Now take the wire and form a triangular shape with it. This will form the base of the lampshade.

Step 8: Complete the Stand

Erect the stand and it will look like this.

Step 9: Decorate the Stand

Now cover the stand with color tape and attach the plastic leaves and crepe paper leaves on it. It will start looking more beautiful!

Step 10: Fix the Lamphead to It

Now attach the lamp head to the stand at the top. Use glue gun to make it tight. Make a hole at the top of the lampshade and insert the stand shaft in it to fix it tight.

Step 11: Our Lampshade Is READY!

Finally, fix small torch light inside the lamp head with he help of glue gun. Now your lampshade craft is ready!

courtesy:  Ananvita

Painted Plastic Bottle Caps Craft Tutorial for Kids

How can you recycle plastic bottle caps? Enjoying art projects and making crafts with kids are fantastic ideas for recycling. Ways to Upcycle Bottle Caps are some of the eco-friendly projects. Things that use for crafting- paints, stencils, tools and texturizers. Fabulous recycling ideas to inspire the everyone to turn colorful plastic caps into beautiful artworks.

The kids chose four colors of Decor Art paint.

Then portioned out the bottle caps into four bowls and started pouring paint in each.

We enjoyed mixing the bottle caps into the paint.

After all the bottle caps were covered in paint, we dug them out of the bowls one by one with a fork, then laid them on a flattened paper bag to dry overnight.

Once they were dry, the kids made all kinds of painted bottle cap artwork (with the addition of a few wooden cookie and tea party accessories)…

It’s a perfect rainy day or lazy weekend recyclable art project for the kids.

Hope you like this Painted Plastic Bottle Caps craft tutorial.

Image source: whimsicalkidscanvas

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How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Holder from Plastic Bottle

This toilet paper holder made of plastic bottle.

All made with bottle recycling
And still has a soap dispenser at the end.

I took a photo from all angles so that
You can see how it was done. But, I … I’m curious, I decided to make one!
And as I have bottles to the mountains,
I got stuck at work.
Let’s go to the materials you will need to get started:
3 pet bottles
1 screw
1 pliers
1 pilot pen
1 ruler
I chose the bottle of Fanta because her body
Is longer and the middle of the bottle is
Suitable for cutting. I took the toilet paper and
Me to make the hits on the sides. Medi and I’m doing the lateral cut. I was measuring the little holes with a ruler.
In this case, I did with 1 cm away,
But this is not a rule.
Each one can do closer or
Further … as you wish. Please note that I made a cut for the roller attachment.
At least what I use is very chubby
And had to make the cut. With the help of the pliers, I got a screw
That allows me to drill the hole and not go straight through
plastic. But be careful when handling! Look at the holes.
I did them well on the that I did with the pen! Here I start to finish my work.
I preferred to do the string.
Although I have other lines, I thought the
String wedged well with plastic. I started the base with low buttonholes. Here the work is finished.
I also made a flower in colored string
And a leaf to give grace! To make the union of the plastic again, I made
In the weeds, with this, the increase necessary to
Fit the toilet paper properly. Here the details of the side.
And do not worry about the holes.
After finishing, you can not even see them.
The tip is to make the holes well on the edge,
And that I only realized after
I began to make the point.
I passed the first career with 3 points high
And 2 chains, and in the second race I made high points on high points, when I arrived in the fan I put
2 high points within space.
So filled it out and it was really cool!

courtesy: madame-kathia

How to make vase from plastic bottle

Beautiful vase from waste material

Required Material:
1. Plastic container;
2. Corrugated cardboard;
3. Hot-melt adhesive;
4. PVA glue;
5. Napkins;
6. Acrylic paint and varnish.
Step 1.
Take a plastic bottle of detergent and a cut off the top part.

Step 2.
Draw a flower pattern and cut it. We transfer the pattern on the pattern on the corrugated cardboard.

Step 3.
Cut out of cardboard and pasted our flower hot glue on our future vase.

Step 4.
Tear to pieces napkins. PVA diluted 1: 1 with water. Mash napkin begin their glue on a vase.

So you should get.

Step 5.
Once the wipes to dry well, cover the bowl with black acrylic paint.

Step 6.
As the black paint is dry, retouch brush semi-violet paint.

Step 7.
Coloring flowers.

Step 8.
After drying, cover the bowl with acrylic lacquer.

That’s all there ready to bowl!

DIY Flower Vase Out of Plastic Bottle

I would like to show how I made a flower vase out of plastic bottle. This flower vase can be used to keep both artificial and natural flowers. For keeping artificial plants or flowers use pebbles or sand in order to fill the vase and for natural flowers use water. This piece of craft is completely made out of plastic bottles. We use a lid of relatively large container as a base for the flower vase. Use spray paint or painting brush to paint the flower vase.

Required Materials:

1) Plastic bottle

2) Lid of a container

3) Artificial plants or Natural flowers

4) Pebbles

5) Cutting blade

6) Glue gun or any adhesive for plastic bonding

7) Iron box

8) Spray paint or Acrylic paint


First of we shall make the vase from the plastic bottles. For that,

1) Take any plastic bottle of desired shape. Decide the required size for your flower vase and select a plastic bottle.

2-3) Cut out the top quarter of the plastic bottle as shown in the image. 4-5) Now using a hot iron box curve the brim of the cut out plastic bottle. Set your iron box to a low temperature and slowly slide the brim of the plastic bottle on the surface of the iron box in a circular motion. 6) Now take a lid of a container. While selecting the lid it should have a size approximately equal to the brim of the bottle so as to get a good shape for the flower vase. 7-8) Apply hot glue at the center of the lid top and fix the bottle head on to the top of the lid as shown in the image.

Painting Vase:

Now we have made a simple flower vase.

1-2) Using a white acrylic spray paint paint the flower vase. Apply a second coat a few minutes after the first coat.

3) Now I have made one more flower vase in the same way. You can try with bottles having different shape and size. 4-5) This time I have planned to give a black acrylic color for the second flower vase. 6-10) Finally, i have made one more flower vase to give a gradient effect on it. For this, the flower vase is lay down and spray painted with black on one side. Thereafter on the other side it’s spray painted white as shown in the image.

Add Plants or Flowers:

Finally, we need to place plants or flowers inside the flower vase. We can keep both artificial and natural plants and flowers in this flower vase.

1-6) For an artificial plant or flower use pebbles or sand in order to fill the vase. I have placed to artificial plants in the black and white flower vases.

7-9) Now, for a natural flower we can fill the vase with water. This could extend the freshness of flower in flower vase. I have placed a bunch of red roses in the flower vase as shown in the image.

Flower Vase:

So we have finished the Flower Vase. It’s a cheap flower vase as it’s a recycled plastic bottle craft. Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.

DIY Beautiful Peacock Design from plastic bottles

This tutorial shows how to make beautiful peacock design from plastic bottles….which adds beauty to our home.

In many countries, the peacock was considered a royal bird. Image peacock symbolizes happiness, beauty and nobility. We decorate our infield solar bird peacock. Miracle bird are made of plastic bottles.

Feathers cut from colored plastic bottles.

Need a sufficient amount so on packages pile up feathers preform.

Feathers cut into different sizes.

Sort by shape and size of the work-piece to the tail and breast.

Getting to the manufacture of small feathers.

The trunk is cut out of the synthetic foam. It is easy when working and does not crumble.

Peacock torso to attach to churbachok legs.

Bottle of red beak cut shape for the peacock.

Let us plumage birds. Sheathe colored plastic breast.

Incrementally glue feathers to the bird.

Feathers secured by an adhesive gun with silicone rods.

Alternate dimensions and color blanks when attaching feathers.

On the back of a miracle bird glue over the length and texture feathers.

The photo shows two kinds of preparations for feathers.

In the course of work.

Side view.

Feathers for tuft of plastic cut into thin strips.

Glue series of pieces on the neck.

On the head of the oval continue plumage details.

The beauty of the peacock begins to emerge.

We make beautiful eyes.

For the manufacture of wings use abrasive mesh. Her fasten the feathers.

Fasten feathers to the grid.

When creating anchoring wing preform in length, ranging from smallest to largest.

Getting to the creation of the tail.

Peacock’s tail, including all colors of the rainbow, was seen as a symbol of wish fulfillment.

We are putting all the parts of poultry. And the bird of paradise and settled in your garden!

That miracle bird on the face!

Hope you like this tutorial.

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DIY RECYCLED CRAFT: Bonsai Made Of Plastic Bottle (Tutorial)

Bonsai Made Of Plastic Bottle: Use a sharp utility knife to cut off the base of the bottle about inch above the bottom, and then wash and try the bottle thoroughly.

And so it is necessary to begin with a bottle cut into pieces. I have helped in this case, a hole punch, and nail clippers. In principle, the work-piece can be any shape, but I was thinking round.

Each piece pierces the needle (awl) and gently heat up over the fire. The main thing is not to overdo it and stop in time! Your first piece of plastic will begin to change shape and bend, which is what we need, but if you hold too long, then it starts to boil and firmly adheres to the needle, and if you hold even longer, then burn or turn into droplets and run off.

We get something that’s that. I really liked the unpredictability of the final shape and waviness.

First, I did the piece and after already collected on the wire. But when I decided to try to speed up the work.

Stumbles holes in the blanks immediately gather them to the wire and straight to her brought to the fire.

In this there is little subtlety, start warming need to fingerprints gradually moving to the edge of the wire (if you look at this picture, then moving from left to right), then you will not have the desire at some point to intercept the other end branches (because he HOT).

Everything worked out. Here everyone can decide for themselves how convenient, warm on one Circuits or collect in a twig and heat all at once.

A couple of years ago, throwing empty bottles of mineral water, I thought about the fact that I was losing something precious.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: stranamasterov

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How to Make Bracelets Recycling Plastic Bottles

Let handmade the perfect bracelet to summer.Colorful and cute this bracelet ♥ you do what is made from plastic bottles and It would be able to easily immediately,so why not try to make?

Required Material:

  1. Plastic Bottle
  2. Scissor
  3. Iron
  4. Nail Polish
  5. Abro Tape

2. Take abro tape and sticks it around the bottle.

3. Cut the exhact shape of tape part.

4. Remove tape from it.

5. After Removing tape it’s look like this.


6. Make edges smooth and round using iron see how i did.

7. After we made both sides smooth edges its look like this.

8. Take your favorite color and apply to this.

9. Use nail polish for design.

10. Finally its look like this, you can make your own design in same way.

Here is final result


Plastic bottle butterfly wall art

Required Material:
-PET bottle (without convex patterns)
-a picture with a butterfly
-nail clippers
-permanent marker medium thickness
-3-5 shades of nail polish
-nail polish with glitter
– super glue Take 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle (I use the middle part of the usual bottles of water). Cut off her smooth middle part of the neck and the bottom. We get a sort of a sheet of transparent plastic. There is a picture butterfly shape that you would like to translate. For a start is better to take pictures with clear lines and no small parts, for the first time use patterns – they are easier to translate than the photos, though and can immediately begin with the complex images. They can be found in magazines, I printed out from the Internet and gently draw out the contours of the drawing. To do this, I usually use a thin black permanent marker. Today decided to try out the new – he was stout and blue, but that’s okay because these contours disappear under layers of varnish. The plastic should stay your whole future butterfly with all the lines, streaks on the wings.

Now you can cut off the plastic part of the butterfly from the rest of the web, as it prevents and twists.
Then proceed to the coloring. We select varnishes (3-4-5 different) that blend harmoniously to the color scheme, in which you want to see your butterfly.

Gently colorable place between veins on the wings, do not forget about symmetry.
Impose 2-3 coats depending on the consistency of the nail, giving each layer to dry thoroughly.

Impose 2-3 coats depending on the consistency of the nail, giving each layer to dry thoroughly. Finally, you can do embellishment. All black lines plot the silver or gold glitter (brush should be very thin – in such nail brush drawing on nails). That’s all – our butterfly is ready. Another work

How to Make Pencil Case from Plastic Bottle


I want to offer you inspired by the idea of creating foam or organizer of a plastic bottle that can store office supplies, sewing accessories, or small things for needlework.

To create or foam organizer for office supplies we need the following materials:

1.plastic bottles – 2 pieces for one of the organizer
2.stationery knife
5. Melt with hot glue

Getting Started. Plastic bottle washes and remove them from the labels and adhesive residue that can be done with nail polish remover Stationary knife cut the bottle as shown in the photo below Take colored zipper, open it Glue the bottle with hot glue
Glue zipper and another cropped plastic bottle That’s all, or pencil box organizer is ready to use in the household)