How to make Jewellery casket from a plastic bottle

casket chest of plastic bottles 1

When he was a child, on the lessons of labor made boxes of cards, and we suggest you make a box out of plastic bottles

Cut the bottle in the smoothest place (sorry showing on another bottle).

To do this, use the trunk:

1.5-liter bottle of 6 pieces

2.5 liters – 1 piece: for the convex part of the cover

to make such blanks. According circle cut the smoothest place in the bottle – there is usually a label.

Folding at the seams – they are can be seen. The back of the scissors spends on them a few times. The plates obtained by direct due to the fact that the plate is folded in half. It turns out that the halves are twisted in opposite directions, pressed against each other and the plate is rectified. Plate gets a double – and you are using it.

Punchers at equal distance of making holes, tied with crochet.

Putting all the blanks. Decorate with flowers. Flowers you can do with a master class on creating decorations from a plastic bottle.

For example, these sunflowers:

Beads also made from plastic bottles. To do this, cut into stripes of 2 mm in width and 1.2 cm in length, is heated over the fire and turn in the ring.