How to Make a Tissue Paper Heart

Hearts pendants of napkins will make a romantic touch to the atmosphere of your apartment. Hearts may be a different color and any size. Suspension of napkins can be decorated with any door, hang at the head of the bed or simply on the wall, finding the right place. Homemade will be a great addition to your interior and bring a lot of enthusiasm and excitement around. How to make this creature with his own hands, you will learn from this master class.

For the suspension of napkins Materials needed:

– Paper napkins two- or three-layer
– glue stick
– Cardboard
– A pair of scissors
– Simple pencil
– Stapler
– colored ribbons

Completing of the work:

Step 1. We select the size and color of our bases for the heart. For this, we need cardboard and scissors. Drawing on cardboard image size required us to the heart.

Cut it to the intended line. Step 2. Making flowers from napkins. Take a paper towel and fold it four times to get one box. In this box draw a circle, a circle can be described any suitable size.

Staples for fastening the middle, napkin, and then cut along the contour of the circle. Such preforms flowers can be done by 10 – 20 units, in accordance with the size of the heart base. Step 3: For the manufacture of the flower, it is necessary to take a ready-made circle of bonded wipes and gently remove each layer of tissue in the center. The more layers of cloth have, the more luxuriant will flower. Step 4. The next step is to mount the paper on the basis of color. It is necessary to take a glue stick and spend some time on the back of the flower and glue it to the heart. For a better and rational distribution based on space, fill in the first edge of the heart, and then the very middle. Step 5. Once all the flowers pasted on the base of the heart attach stapler ribbon for hanging on the highest part of the back of the heart. After that, cut the ribbon and tie in the middle of a beautiful bow.
The suspension is ready! The suspension can not only hang in his apartment but also give a loved one. This decoration will always be a symbol of your love and care. This decor will not require large financial costs and can be done in several different ways for any holiday.

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