Hinged loops without hassle

Traditional buckle on elegant dresses, including wedding, is mounted on hinges, which are sewn very close to each other. A fastener of this type can be done in different ways. It is placed on the arms, back shelves before or, at the cut skirts and t. D. To take the hinge pins purchase braid, soutache. There is another option, you can sew the hanging loop of Rulik, which is made from the same fabric as the product.

How fast do hinged buttonholes. The author makes the workpiece with loops on a sheet in a cage:

how to quickly make a hinged buttonholes

– Out loop through the cells and paves the line; – Surplus cuts; Bend the paper, watching what happens in finished form;
– Then, this billet nastrachivaetsya to its rightful place, the paper is removed and we are all the same tabs!

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