Simple and beautiful idea about felt hearts

If you are watching this master class, then you think about exactly what you can do for Valentine felt his own hands. This card is very close to you will be pleased, because you do it with all your heart and with sincere intentions.

We prepare the following materials for valentines:

• felt red
• Cardboard white
• red and white pol busily
• White thread for embroidery
• silver paste
• curly scissors
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Paper
• scissors
• a piece of chalk
• glue gun

Identifying exactly what size will our hearts and cut a rectangle of the same size, which is folded in half. Draw a half heart on the part of the fold, so that eventually turned the heart of the whole two equal halves.

Take the white cardboard such size that in it together next two hearts already familiar size. Divide the cardboard pencil into two equal parts and then perform blunt scissors a ruler on the same line a little pushing. Eraser to erase the line from the pencil. Bend the cardboard on the sunken line. To place, the fold is putting heart so that it touched the edge of the pointed end. Encircles the template. Cut along the contour curly scissors except for folding seats. Trace the same pattern on a red chalk felt.

Cut Felt heart, making the indentation of 0.7 mm from the edge of the chalk. That is, felt heart must be smaller than that of the cardboard blank. Departing should be the same. The edge of the felt heart processed loopy forked suture. First delaying loop in one direction and then in the opposite direction, thus penetrating the needle through the same hole. The cut edge of scissors curly decorates red pol bus NAMI. Then on top of sticking embroidered Felt heart and decorate the edge of the white pol bus NAMI. We place them one by one between the red. Silvery glue draws the word love. To this end, squeezing a bit of glue and stretch it in the right direction. After applying the adhesive must be dry. So we have made with their own hands Valentine, which remains the only sign and sends to the recipient.

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