How to make beautiful tea house

How to make tea house 1

This master class want to show how to decorate the house for tea made of plywood under the forest izbushechku without using decoupage. Master Class Time is suspended, without time to dry.
When I received and gathered her hut, her bokovinki simulating log walls, immediately created an image of the fairy house in the forest, hidden amongst mountain ash and fir trees. This idea I decided to translate. We need: purchase house from plywood, water stain (I have the color mocha) for wood, textured paste, PVA glue, acrylic paint (I korichnevvaya, carbon black, bronze), glass paint, sandpaper with different grits, masking tape, stencil acrylic contours, brush, palette knife.

Before you begin any of collecting house and see that all the slots close to the end into each other. If something somewhere bother finalizing a file 🙂 It is advisable to remember or mark which wall from which a party to avoid confusion in the future.

Mordant for wood, I chose to paint just because of the fact that it attaches to the workpiece color of natural wood, leaving visible its “structure” (or rather, the name of this “structure” in plywood – I do not know, in general, these beautiful, “natural “streaks

After drying the skins to properly collect and smoothness house. PVA glue construction wall between himself and the roof. I’m on the floor until pasting, for the convenience of further manipulation, but at the time of bonding of the floor wall insert so that they are not twisted. I fix the masking tape and rubber bands. I do not know how anyone, but I prefer a thin glue on the edges of the cracks and distribute a toothpick and spicy flat nail file 🙂 left to dry for several hours. Here, at the Fair, I met with a magic effect “glow” in the decoupage works of some artists, and have long wanted to try to apply it by hand. To do this, at the center of each face of the house and the roof I carefully hides, blowing out:

Then again, the whole house cover with stains, land and again the skins – the edges slightly, the center is strong. And so do a few times, until we reach the desired effect. Now we go to the application of decorative elements. Rowan mountain ash, but it I decided to do some framing patterns. I really like to do the bulk pattern texture paste. On the one hand this pattern stands out due to its volume, on the other – not too flashy and will not interrupt the main figure due to its color close to the color of the house. We spread the texture paste in a glass, add there a little acrylic paint, I took the brown and carbon black, so that in the end turned the color slightly darker edges of faces. Impose a stencil (I Adhesive) and causes the paste is not too flat and not too thick. Spatula for some reason it is not convenient to apply, I put a stick for ice cream A few hours later, when the paste is dry, lightly brush the paint on the plot the bronze pattern:

At this stage we can already stick to the base of a house.

Getting acrylic painting contours. You can pre-apply pencil drawing, I draw once: first osnovyne elements – green twigs and red-orange berries (such as on the roof), then supplement highlights (bronze circuit) and shades (brown contour) – both on the wall of the house.

The two sides have I done with rowan, the front and rear wall has decided to do with pine branches. To use real pine cones can be. I cut them in half with a knife, choosing the appropriate items. Please outline the location and paste the bumps. So they stuck close, grind and align the direction of bonding bumps skin. Then dorisovyvat pine branch. First again osnovyne elements – green branches and needles as they dry out a bit, complement other flowers, dried needles bronze color.

When the paint dries, pass stain again over all edges of the house, including the bulk ornament, leaving intact the main pattern to further highlight the effect of “glow” from the center faces. The whole house is covered with lacquer in several layers with drying of each layer.

Forest hut ready! To enhance the effect, you can drop of essential oil of fir, spruce, pine or cedar.

Beautiful Craft ideas for Lohri

Lohri Festivle 18

Famous Festival of Punjab

Lohri is a big festival for every Punjabi. Happy Lohri is enjoyed and celebrated in India with different names Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Ganga Sagar Mela in West Bengal, Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and Sankrant in Gujarat. Lohri festival is the sign to show that winter is moving back and spring is about to arrive. Newly wedded couples and newborn babies enjoy and celebrate with too much zeal. During Lohri at night, we all get-together and start dancing around the bonfire. We enjoy peanuts, jaggery, gajak, til and popcorn.

I have a lohri gallery to collect beautiful photos of Lohri celebration, of the harvest season all over India. They dance on dholl…..

Lohri fall a day before Sankranti.

We do pooja doing parikrama of fire putting popcorn and peanuts. After that we distribute Prasad. This festival is a mark of a warm prayer to god AGNI to gain blessings wealth and abundant crops

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