How to make pot holder for kitchen

With a few clicks with simple materials, you can create lovely pot holder for kitchen

Required Material:

  • Cloth, fabric lining
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • pushpins


Measure and cut 2 egg-shaped piece of fabric, 4 shaped cloth bag, lining cloth 1 and 2 ovoid shaped cloth bag liner as shown.

Turn face to the formation of two pieces of cloth bags (No. 1 and No. 2) against each other, then to the back lining pieces. Rating 3 straight edge piece of cloth.

May through 3 layers of fabric in the form of sugar, from the edge of about 5-10mm. Flip the fabric back to No. 1 in the middle lining. May 1 class just fixed up. Turn into 2 cloth bag next picture above Place the egg in the lining between the two layers of fabric egg, then place 2 part cloth sewed shaped fixed pocket lining into place as shown in Fig.

Using a fixed pin, use a piece of cloth fixed needle 2 pieces of fabric into cloth bag shaped ovoid. Then reverse to hide stitch. Wish you success with instructions simple sewing potholder for Kitchen!

How to make children’s kitchen set – Step By Step

childrens kitchen set 1

The base plate big box of children’s highchair.
Mark up the pencil, a stationery knife was cutting, self-adhesive paste from wallpaper store. It is also used adhesive tape shopping (gray Scotch type, but few stretches), glue point – liquid nails,

like this in the oven for a device. At the bottom 2 layers of thick glossy magazines for the severity and stability of furniture. All plastered with tape

As an ordinary plastic bowl sink

In the role of handles plates, cork from bottles with cut off neck

so look inside the handle

as well as outside

on oven

so the inside

it is from the inside with the lower compartment

taped to the front socket on the liquid nails thick cardboard pasted film, self-adhesive

for burners her husband CDs

crane used for the handle on the balcony door bolted to pack cartons (in the form of a cube)

All these pens from the store (p 30-40)

well, buy more products and a grandmother, she was so inspired by the idea that bought Dimona and the dishes and products.

Here the comparative size, Dimon fits under the sink:

Well, in general, and all!

Ask clarifying questions. I will answer with pleasure!