DIY Simple Flower Garland Gift Wrapping Tutorial

I love paper flowers gift wrapping and creations that we can do with them. That is why today I propose to make this colorful and delicate wreath of paper flowers to decorate and present our gifts. A lovely touch with us luciremos each time. And we can also use them to other kind of decorations. Armen a nice palette that already started with this idea?

We need:

  • Papers of different colors.
  • Stamping forms: flowers, hearts (optional).
  • Glue stick.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Cutter.
  • Thick needle.
  • Fine gold or silver cord.
  • Scissors.
  • Or filigree quilling tool (optional).
  • Tweezers (optional).

For this idea you can combine the colors you like them according to the occasion. I preferred to use all pastel shades and build a harmonious combination with them.

As you can see, based on this idea are simple shapes such as flowers, leaves and some hearts. And to them I took some of the stamping of paper I have. Two forms of hearts and a special brand Ek Tools I love a big punch two flowers, leaf and flower center. But if you do not have this kind of die cutting, do not worry! They can make their own patterns with some paper or thin cardboard and achieve the same result.

The first thing to do is cut so many flowers, leaves and hearts in all colors you want to combine … a beautiful palette of colors!

Parted ways all groups, and seek the glue stick. A small clamp is ideal for this work, but if they have not matter.

Introducing the flower base in all its colors and combinations comnezamos arm … is the most beautiful part! Playing with colors:)

I give a humble tip for when working with paper and small figures. They can use a cotton swab to put the glue stick. You can also find these lines at small bars with special tips.

Once we set up all the flowers and their including centers, we give them a hint of movement. If you have a quilling tool or watermark (with which we wind paper) can use it to this step. If you do not have to seek a brush or similar with a small tip and roll up her tips of the petals of flowers.

See how nice stay! It’s a nice touch.

We seek now the leaves and hearts, we make a small cut in the cross cutter and bend a little. We spent the golden cord by the needle and prepare for starting assembly of the wreath.

We spent all leaves and hearts that we will combine with flowers.

And with the hot glue gun or liquid silicone paste flowers we started on putting together a nice string garland.

Here you can see how it looks on a gift package. It is a lovely touch not take long and it looks beautiful!

I hope you like and what they can do! ?

Courtesy: guiademanualidades

Gift Wrapping Techniques


You will need: paper, tape, glue, thread
Cut and glue the paper in such a way to get the tube. In this case – the ducts 7
Each tube will need the bottom and the top, it needs to cut slices of the required diameter.
To those who are “top” glue “tongue of flame.” And to those who will be bottomed, here are pasted strips of paper. Actually, stick to the bottom of the tube will be just with them. Once glued bedplate, let the glue dry. Then fill the tube with gifts – be it sweets, Towelie, socks, handkerchiefs, etc. .
After that, cover with slices of the tube with the “flame”. Then tie the tubes together. This IC is used for this same tape, which was made of “flame” candles.