How to make beautiful wings for pupa and tail for mermaid

pupa and tail for mermaid 1

I want to share with you, my findings, how to make the beauty of the most simple and accessible …
For a start, marker draw our tail or wing in half to split files.

From wire mode and glue (glue “Globe”) frame.

PVA glue smear wire and put on her organza (pieces of old tulle)

Take the soldering iron at her husband, if not then the needle or nail (heated over the fire).
CAUTION Palchikov not to burn !!!
Making holes.

Clay of Melt or thick PVA droplets impose delays on the edge

contrast PAP can outline them with acrylic or gouache.

Well, know each of us has a hairspray, (then it will be transparent), you can PVA water razbavlennoe.Bryzgaem on the wing and immediately sprinkle blёstochkami.

And then, anything sticking pebbles, beads, rhinestones for nail …

That’s how it will look on your pupae

Good luck and inspiration !!!