22 crafts made with EVA and Plastic bottle

Want to check out 22 crafts made with EVA and Plastic bottle , to reuse your materials in a creative and different way? So take advantage of everything we’ve separated on this all-encompassing subject.

As we’re talking about two very inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, you can further diversify your pieces by using sophisticated EVAs such as shaggy EVAs and glitter EVAs that make any piece much more exquisite and luxurious. You can make souvenirs with EVA and pet bottle, Pet bottle holder and EVA, EVA toys and Plastic bottle, pet bottle table center and EVA, among many other handicrafts.

Handcrafts Made with EVA and Plastic Bottle


To gift differently and still value your souvenir or gift, make a bottle of pet and EVA. Cut the straight part of the Plastic bottle, fold in order to create the packaging. To decorate your packaging, cut a strip into an EVA and make EVA flowers. Glue everything with hot glue. This packaging can also be used for party favors.

Check out Crafts Made with EVA and Plastic Bottle

Another easy handicraft with plastic bottle and EVA is the piggy bank. You can use the whole pet bottle to make this handicraft. Cut the middle part to place the coins. Cover the bottle with EVA and cut the EVA in the direction of the cut of the bottle. Cut ears, tail, and pinch up winding EVA strips. Stick everything in the bottle. Cover the bottle cap with EVA and glue two black circles. Make and glue EVA eyes or glue plastic eyes.

Creating daisies with plastic bottles Tutorial

Daisies from a flask 1

That’s all we need! Cropped bottle bedplate and form a flower) using a glue gun glue midway our Daisies! do stem from tubules for cocktails and the terminal in the hollow, our daisies cutting the tube in half cut out leaves and glue to the stem! Now do the vase cut the bottom and cut here such strip bending back! cut off one corner of each strip pletёm our stripes like that! cut the top and insert the bedplate cut out the legs of our vases! inserted into a vase of daisies and you’re done!

DIY: Hamdmade vase of plastic bottles for fruit

Vase of plastic bottles for fruit 1

Hello! Today we will do a vase for fruit from the plastic bottles.

For the manufacture of vases with their own hands, you will need:
1. Plastic bottles;
2. PVA glue;
3. Newspapers;
4. Napkins conventional and sandwich;
5. Hot glue;
6. The stones or something heavy;
7. Acrylic paint and varnish.

8. Cardboard

Step 1.

Take the 2-liter bottle and cut off them. First, step back a little from the neck is

will foot. Second, a little below the middle.

Step 2.

From cardboard cut out a couple of feet in diameter circles. And glue them together.

Step 3.

From the third bottle cut out the middle and curl into a tube, it will be a connector

two parts.

Step 4.

Wrap in newspaper stones laid in the leg and close the cardboard circle.

Step 5.

the second part of the bottle to 3 cm. And cut.

Step 6.

Cut the petals glue tape, about the same distance.

Step 7.

Paste vase PVA newspaper strips and a 1: 1 with water. Paste in 2 layers.

Step 8.

From cardboard cut out the template and use it to outline the pattern.

Step 9.

Paste vase crumpled paper towels.

Step 10.

From 3-ply napkins curl flagella and stuck on the vase.

Step 11.

First, paint to black, and then slightly purple at the end of bronze.

Step 12.


How to make butterfly from a plastic bottle


• Paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, pen;
• Clear plastic bottle;
• A piece of white lace fabric;
• Beads;
• Water-resistant transparent adhesive

1. Drawing on paper wings. For this purpose, first of all, the middle sheet with a ruler and pen, draw three lines: one – central, two – side, departing from the center line of 3mm.

2. On the left side, touching the sideline, draw a butterfly wing. Use the eraser to redraw until you get a wing that will satisfy you. Well, if you come out the first time.

3. Now lean the line to the center line and fold in half along the line of the paper. Then fold it on the bend in the opposite direction, so that we can draw a second flap on the same side as the first paper leaning against the window.

4. As a result, we get two exactly the same wing.

5. Draw the torso.

6. Now we cut out our paper butterfly.

7. For our next step, we need a clear plastic bottle. Cut a piece of plastic, large enough to accommodate all of our paper butterfly in him when we are leaning against it. The paper needs to be fixed with tape on all sides, to the butterfly is not slipping, as we trace the path on the plastic.

8. Now that we are firmly secured to the plastic paper butterfly, you can trace the outline of the marker

9. Cut our plastic butterfly. I cut small nail scissors, through which you can carefully cut a butterfly in all difficult places.

10. I tagged dots line the wings bend, formerly called the sidelines. Leaning line to the dotted line, carefully so as not cracked plastic, bend the wings. This will be our plastic butterfly volume.

11. Now, on to the fun. Now we need to lace fabric and glue.

12. Apply glue on the wing, leaned against the fabric so that the lace was on the tip of the flap. We wait a few minutes until dry. Then nail scissors cut off the excess fabric of plastic contour of the wing. The same make with the second wing, cloth covering the body of the future butterfly.

13. Well, the time has come when in the course of action you need to let your imagination. Here we need only glue, beads and glass beads. The adhesive can be applied directly to the wing of the broad layers or droplets and immediately pour a palm or forceps to spread beads and beads. A few minutes later the adhesive layer dries, firmly clinging to an all you inflict on him.

14. Try to pick the beads of the same color range, or the same color, but different shades, then your butterfly will look harmonious. Antennae can be cut from the remnants of a plastic bottle in the form of thin strips, stick them on the plastic substrate before applying beads. And on the tips of the antennae secured with glue. so we got a butterfly. Due to the fact that it was created with the help of sufficiently resistant material, it can be used for different purposes: decoration for flower vases, hair clip, magnet on the fridge, and even decoration for sandals.

DIY: Beautiful basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes

Basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes 1

Materials and tools:

  • Feed baskets for a width of 12 mm – about 10 m
  • ribbon roses – a few pieces of different-colored ribbons
  • wire – 30-35 cm
  • plastic box of tooth powder
  • single-rod pin
  • pliers or wire cutters
  • compass
  • marker

With the help of a compass and a marker markup space for the pins. At the bottom of my box already I have a circle, so I put a uniform on it 26 points for pins. But it was not on the cover of the circle, so first draw a compass with two needles circle at a distance of about 1 cm from the edge and also divide it into 26 parts.

We put in the pin marked with a point.

Bending the tape in half, fasten it with a pin. Begin braid a box, watching to fold the tape was sent to one side. When he reached the first pin, not crisscrossing it, go to the bottom pins and begin to braid their knots (clockwise).

Make 3 rows of knots (photo 08) and pull the free end of the ribbon through the hole at the first row.

Gently straighten tape, closing the place start and end of the braid and the box itself translate the tape on the top row of pins. The upper pins also entwine with 3 rows of knots, cut the ribbon and fasten it with a pin inside the basket.

We correct all pins in such a way that they are of equal height and arranged in a circle.

Bending the wire for the handle and by bending the ends for attachment to the basket, we begin to braid her loopy seam tape.

Is twisted braid to create a bump better to do it right, do not crisscrossing the entire pen.

Attach the handle to the basket symmetric, pinching “ears” with pliers handles. On ears tie the ribbon and make a bow.

Making a rose of satin ribbons, or other colors.

With the help of pins fastened flowers in the basket.

How to make garland of plastic bottles


This interesting and beautiful decoration for the holiday can be built from conventional Christmas lights and plastic bottles.

Required Material:

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Christmas garland
  • Scissors or knife
  • Stained glass paints or paint in cans.

Cut off the top of the bottle, the size depends on the desired size of the next flower. Make incisions from the bottle neck, their number depends on the number of petals. We round off the ends, giving them the shape of the petals. Paint colors for the desired color, you can experiment and make a two-tone or monochromatic colors.

While our flowers are dried, do cross-shaped cuts in the lid with a knife or scissors. Fix the cover on a garland. Screwed dried flowers to garland attached to the cover.

DIY Cock from plastic bottles and disposable tableware

Cock from plastic bottles and disposable tableware 1

Required Material:

– Three brown plastic bottles;

– Disposable plates (yellow and red);

– Disposable cups (yellow and red);

– A ball of dry pool (yellow);

– Double sided tape;

– Easy tape;

– Stapler;

– Black marker.

From three bottles cut off the top and fastening them together with tape.

Disposable cups incision around the edge and alternating colors, attach them with tape on the neck rooster. From disposable plates cut edge and the inner side of an incision. Turned feathers.Feathers in the tail of a stapler. Insert the tail cut.

The junction close packing paper.

From disposable plates cut and attach the wings.

Attach double-sided adhesive tape head.

From red disposable plates cut out comb, beard, beak and inserted into incisions in the head. From disposable spoons do eyes. Cockerel ready.