DIY: Beautiful pillows from rustic style

Pillows in rustic style (how to use the remnants of yarn)

We need to work:

  • colored wool blend and blended knitting yarn (residues);
  • wood frame;
  • scissors;
  • fork;
  • shuttle;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • paper tape.

First, you need to stick to the frame on opposite sides of paper tape and make it through the markup 1 cm.

Pull the strongest thread in the frame on the layout, winding around the circle (the warp must be stretched almost like a string with uniform tension of each turn).

Wind the thread a little bit on the homemade hook and propletite first row, picking up the lower thread forward, lift with a long front line of threads, and then return to work colored thread back.

Alternating rows of multi-colored threads,  to the desired height, each row for inciting fork density and accuracy of weaving.

When you reach the desired height, cut off the top and bottom warp yarns and each pair of a link between a node without tightening towards web. From the lower part of the fabric tailor, connect it to the lower part and sew, leaving a small opening. Turn to the right side, put a pillow filler hole sew blind stitches. Garnish with tassels made of the same threads as the tapestry.

Author: Athena