How to make ring sphere “Paris” of the epoxy resin – Step by Step

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we need:
Epoxy resin (Resin Crystal) Silicone Mold, the basis for the ring, the metal figure of the Eiffel Tower, pliers, wire cutters, glue, epoxy, matches, jewelry wire, sequins or microbeads, breadboard knife, a plastic cup and a wooden stick.
Epoxy mix in the proportions 2: 1, 1 ml and 2 ml hardener resin

mix thoroughly

We pour resin into a special silicone Mold covering approximately 1/3 of the total Mold resin and give leave all  if it does not, you can put the MDL with the resin in a container of hot water

take further action figure of the Eiffel Tower and bite off the ear with pliers, wire cutters, if it did not work very smoothly, you can trim the metal nail file

then take the match and cut off their head sulfuric Prototyping knife, so as to obtain three flat, small cubes

then do the design for securing the tower of matches and wire

anchoring wire

and immersed into the resin, so that legs of the tower structure and it does not come into contact

leave to dry for 24 hours

after this time, we take out the design and our tower remains fixed in the resin

Now to refill the resin, so that it almost covered the legs, this point is very important, because if you pour the resin, your tower will remain hanging in the air, and if you do not top up, then you will not see her legs, you need to be very careful at this stage, because Mold matted and filled up turret trio predict the result of the feet.

after you have filled in the resin again, we leave it to dry for 24 hours, and do not forget to cover the MDL cap to the resin did not get small lint and dust

After 24 Sasa pour in MDL sequins, artificial snow or microbeads, so you can pour white baked plastic rubbed on the Needle or fine saw, but the process is quite time-consuming, this advice find artificial snow if you are not a fan of sequins, I used pearl white tinsel

Now fill it with epoxy resin to the top and leave to dry for 24 hours

As time passes, we take out our balls mold. what we’ve got

then take the epoxy adhesive and glue bead to the base, the base can be any brand, it depends on your imagination, in this case, I used 2 silver and bases of round oval. you do not have an epoxy adhesive can be stuck on the same pitch, just a little wait until it thickens to not let stains

leave to dry for 24 hours.
Our ring ready

I hope the workshop seemed to you accessible and interesting and useful to you in the future