Organizer of books, magazines

Organizer of books, magazines:

Today we propose a simple example of creative recycling to store books and magazines.

Paint for painting the axis ( optional ); – empty bottles of detergent in sufficient numbers to occupy the available surface; – Marker indelible – scissors ; – Screws 1.5 cm long (two screws for each bottle); – Screwdriver ; – Tool to drill (drill type belt or Crop-A-Dile ); – metal eyelets ; – pliers eyelets ; – felts ; The process is this: 1) With the marker, draw the outline of library on the bottle (clean and dry), and crop .

Cut out the bottle

Place one next to the other, on a wooden base and fasten with small screws.

Ready! We have a beautiful book organizer, magazines and I would bet on bags!