DIY: Khokhloma in quilling techniques


If you do not mind, I’ll show you how to do your job. Maybe someone else interested. First made (on the picture found on the Internet) berries. Then transferred them to the black cardboard. Berries gathered here in this way. Stripes 2 cm. The width of 1.5 mm is wound and gave them blossom. Strongly they were dismissed because the paper density of 130. Well, then how did you see droplets. And of them was a berry. Then I collect leaves. Painted sheet of paper under the film. And on it long glue droplets,,,, Black rim glued in half, but not until the end. In the crook of loop turns, these loops are glued to the center. Due to their central vein is obtained. The size of droplets is different. I tried to fit into the picture That leaves all ready. I begin to perform curls. And redcurrants immediately began to play, right? That’s what happened in the end. And now show closer on all sides.