How to make a miniature alpine hut – Step By Step

miniature alpine hut. 1

Required Materials:
· Plywood 8mm thick and 4 mm.
· Pine array to stand.
Plastic self-hardening.
PVA glue joiner acrylic
Putty for wood acrylic.
Paints and coating simulating snow.
Thick foam.
Wooden slats of various sizes.
Screws made of brass.
Forms for the casting of the gypsum – lock.
Jigsaw manual and electric.
Stacks for sculpting.
1. To create the world in miniature, consider the story and style of the future work. In my case – is to create a miniature fantasy, the plot, which will be the scene of the life of a hunter dragons in the winter. For this master class, I chose to create a medieval hut. It is necessary to consider what materials and what tools we work. To our cabin looked plausible, we rely on history. In the Middle Ages, there were no paints and tools for wood, especially in the woods. Construction material was stone, wood, and clay. we will simulate in our construction. Since the Middle Ages, severe and ascetic time. Pamper our hunter we also will not.
2. In order to build a house, you must make it a sketch, it is more convenient to do it on graph
paper. The size of our house is:. Width 35 cm, length 36 cm, height 29 cm 3. Our roof is covered with tiles and a fireplace in the house is made of hewn stone. Prepare to do the required number of pieces of self-hardening plastic. 4. Make the foundation for the fireplace from a dense foam. Cut her with a knife Prototyping. 5. On the basis pasted with glue, PVA harvested and-dried bricks 6. The gaps between the stones, fill diluted with water self-hardening plastics. 7. From the plywood thickness of 8 mm cut out the wall for the house. From 4 mm thick plywood cuts roof 8. The walls do an imitation beams. Glued a plastic plate instead of glass in the window 9. The fastening walls of the house with the help of PVA wood glue and brass screws. 10. Imitating the walls of stone masonry with the help of self-hardening plastic. Before applying the plastic wood joinery is necessary to go with white glue. A thin layer of 3 mm put on the surface of the plastic and squeezing her figure imitating brickwork.

11. painted brickwork and beams with acrylic paints. To bring the stone shine after painting, oil the places on the convex plastic colorless shoe wax, and after drying, rub to a shine. 12. The miniature doll made, it is possible to look inside the house. Therefore, we will do our roof hinged to one side of the opening. This will allow us to change the exposition inside the house. We connect the two parts of the roof loops. And sticking the prepared tiles made of terracotta-colored plastic. On the one hand fastened to the roof of the glue and screws. 13. To bring the winter effect paint the window paint simulating snow. 14. putty and white paint decorate the stand under the house. On the PVA pour imitation snow, borrowed from friends lovers of miniature railways, they also acquire a miniature Christmas trees. Roofs and chimneys as well decorate paints under the snow. Well, our hut is ready. Now you can do accessories and a resident of the house. But that’s another story. Making interior decoration of the hut. Materials: Reiki wooden Bamboo Floor Putty Acrylic Acrylic paints. PVA glue joiner. 1. Floor covering cut out from a bamboo cover. 2. On the wall is pasted by a joiner PVA ornamental cornices. 3. The door also decorates bamboo cover 4. On the walls using a palette knife and acrylic fillings do texture surface 5. From the plywood slats and furniture manufacture. 6. Use acrylic paints and waxes, paint the walls and beams. 7. Furniture and utensils, produce several accessories.