How to make felt flower brooch

Felting Brooch 1

Flower theme – one of the most popular masters of feeling. And the most popular, of course, the poppies. Maki expressive look barrette, hats, and coats. We matted stylish gray poppy brooch. Materials: • merino wool white, gray and green color; • bubble film; • monofilament mesh • applicator Felting 7 needles; • brush-pad for felting; • soap solution; • white yarn ” Iris »; • pin.


As matter brooch own hands.

The flower consists of four elements: the petals, stamens, leaf, and poppy-head. Draw a triangle on paper 13 cm high and smooth corners. Cut the six petals of paper and one of the films. Then the paper and cut sheet film freeform length Cover the blister foil pattern 25 cm. The layout of each element consists of two thin layers – the longitudinal and transverse.

Separate from the skeins of wool strands corresponding color and place across back sheet so that the tip of the thick strands lying on the edge of the pattern. For stamens, hair lay thick on the edge of tips arbitrary circle. Lay longitudinal row as the previous one. Leaf decorate white wool. Circle for the stamens as making strands of white wool, folded in half. Cover layout nylon fabric and soak with soapy water. Grind elements without effort, occasionally lifting the net to her, not wool. Turn the layout and grind the other side. Before you turn the future, stamens, white bend on the circle edge, thereby thickening the tips of stamens. Wool flower details turn to the right side and apply the pattern on top of the film. Trim protruding edge elements. Place the petals in the shape of a circle. Use blanks from films -2 circles with a diameter of 21 cm with a hole in the middle of 4.5 cm. On the same lap evenly spread out the petals, the second cover them. As such, the flower is easy to pick up during operation and turn. Place the flower on the brush for felting central part and pierce it with a needle applicator to both sides, turning several times. In the center of the flower petals are interconnected. Fold the dry wool waste into a ball and pierce it Felting needle, smoothing out the form, and then moisturize and take a ride on the bubble film to seal. Make the circle of stamens cuts towards the center. Fold the strip along the stamens and gently Roll the fingers on the bubble film, holding the base of the strip, in order to avoid rupture. Then go ahead stamens in the hands, smoothing, and tips. To prevent damage to the trimmed edge, flower wrinkle in his hands, turning the petals inside. Periodically disclose poppy petals flatten, moistening them if necessary. Also matted in the hands of a leaf. Ready to be felt elastic, all the elements will fall by 40%. Rinse the stringy parts of the flower in the water. Corrugation – a flower with the help of a suitable size jar. Leaf and flower dry in the expanded form, the stamens slightly prim logo and domes dry on the needle. Sew seam hiding elements of the flower on the back of the stitch pin.