Shivaratri Rangoli Designs

Check Out the Latest Maha Shivaratri Rangoli Designs

Here are some beautiful Maha Shivaratri rangoli designs for all the devotees of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi. Shivratri is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival. People often fast on the night of Shivaratri, sing hymns and praises and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Celebrate this auspicious day by making these Shivling and God Shiva rangoli designs.

 Take a look at our divine Maha Shivaratri Rangoli Designs and pick one for the festival.

1. Lord Shiva Rangoli Designs 2. Maha Shivaratri Rangoli  Courtesy of Shamli Nibalkar

Ganpati and Shivling rangoli design. Decorate the rangoli with diyas in the evening.

3. Rangoli Designs for Shivratri 4. Shivratri Rangoli 

Courtesy of Neelam Bharti

Keep the rangoli design sweet and simple. Make a Shivling, add Lord Shiva’s snake Vasuki and his Trishul to it.

5. Rangoli Designs for Maha Shivratri 6. 3D Shivling Rangoli Designs

Courtesy of Gouri Joshi‎

Draw this 3D Shivling rangoli design for the festival. Use hues of blue and green to create this gorgeous rangoli.

7. 3D Shivling Rangoli Designs 8. Shivling Rangoli Designs

9. Kolam for Maha Shivratri Courtesy of Chinthamani

Awesome kolam design for Maha Shivaratri. The black base helps create this powerful effect.

10. Shivling Rangoli Designs 11. Shivling Simple Rangoli Designs 12. Shivratri Rangoli  13. Shivling Kolam Designs

Courtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Lovely intricate patterns surround this Shivling rangoli. Use yellow, red, green and orange color to make flowers and diyas.

14. Shivratri Special Rangoli  15. Maha Shivaratri Kolam Designs
16. Shivling Rangoli Designs
4. God Shiva and Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Courtesy of Minal Raut

 This is a unique rangoli design consisting of Shivling, Lord Ganpati and the symbol of OM. All three have been flawlessly infused into each other.

Different Types Of Kurta Neck Designs

Kurta have become a very integral outfit it Indian fashion industry. From parties to casual wear for your work everyday, Kurta Neck designs are most popular and become a big fashion statement. The ease of collaborating bright hues with a salwar or churidars or even a pair of jeans or palazzos, Kurta have become handy.

There are various necklines available in the kurta that give you a look ranging from ravishing to a perfect traditional blend. Let us have a look at what necklines you must find and go for at various occasions.

Design By: Star Brothers Design By: Ishithaa Design By: Star Brothers Design By: Star Brothers Design By: Star Brothers

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs Ideas

Valentines Day Nail Art Designs Ideas Trends

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Trends 2017

 Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the globe, lovers cannot resist its temptation because that’s the day when they want to go overboard just to bring a smile on their other half’s face. Well I must say that love is not fixed for a day or two, in the entire lifespan we should be greeting each other with love, compassion and care.

Since Feb 14th deals with lovelorn and beloved, there has to be something special in terms of fashion and trends, here I have something so fabulous for all the women who want to make their other half startled at their beauty and charisma on Valentine’s Day. Look at this post of 50 Valentine’s Day nail art designs, ideas & trends of 2016.

 Don’t forget to give us your feedback, we try harder every day to bring before you latest nail art trends that you can take benefit from. Stay beautiful and grab praises from your partner on Valentine ’s Day, you deserve it.

DIY: Hand embroidery mirror work designs


Initially as shishy, ​​mirrors are used instead of mica pieces, and later fine pieces of broken glass. Poor people even sewed shining wings of beetles.

Nowadays, there are a small mirror on the open market. If you are going to use them, make sure their edges are well oshlifovany.

Instead, you can use the mirror sequins – the sequins large with a small hole in the side. They are very light, not sharp, and are available in wide range of colors. Some are experimenting with CD-discs – breaking open them to pieces, grind the edges and sew in place zekalts.

So, step by step guide to embroidery.

Prepare all materials. For embroidery you will need: cotton, silk or wool fabric with a tight weave structure of the fabric yarns, hoop, needle sharp, mirror-shisha (or sequins, or coins) and thread for embroidery (silk, cotton, metallic thread). Tightly secure the fabric in the hoop. Insert the thread a needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Place shisha on the fabric and sew basic cross stitches. The basic stitches are not necessary to be very careful. But they must be tight, and arrange them should not be too close to the edge of sequins – or shisha simply fall out. Now repeat the basic stitches, but by turning them by 45 degrees, as in the photo. You should have this: Now you can leave everything as it is, and sew the next shisha. This is already well fixed and looks nice. But if you want to create a tight box around the shisha – continue. Pierce the fabric with a needle near a mirror from the inside face. Then, insert the needle under the basic stitches from the center to the edge. Pull the thread and tighten the stitch, then make one stitch in the fabric next to the mirror. Now, following the stitches should be the same as odeyalnye stitches. Again, thread the needle under the basic stitches from the center to the edge, but make sure that the thread forms a loop under the needle when tightening the stitch. From now on, when you make a stitch on the cloth after odeyalnogo stitch, you make sure that puncture the needle through the previous stitch in the fabric. So you make a nice chain around your shisha. At this point, you can take out of the embroidery hoop, but not necessarily. Continue with steps 7 and 8 around the mirrors. If removed from the embroidery hoop, will be able to slightly bend the substrate and better control of the stitches on the fabric. Continue until you reach the end! You can stop at this point, or do embroidery even more interesting. Follow the edging of turquoise chain stitch in tone sequins. Then follow the stitches-rays of your shisha and shine like the sun! Shut down the lovely French knots.