How to make “Butterfly” with curd cream and jam – Step By Step

Butterfly  with curd cream and jam 1

50 gr.svezhih yeast (or 2 tsp dried)
1/2 tsp salt
yeast grind with salt, add
1 cup of milk (you can from the fridge),
2 table spoons of sugar
200 g soft margarine (softened or normal, or the type of “Rama”)
~ 3.5 cups flour
grease yolk on the cake …
The dough should be thick and heavy (better then before bunching pripylit flour), fast during the kneading begins to come off by hand. Put into a saucepan and  leave to 1.5 hours on the rise, and then proceed to the modeling of the pie.
 Curd filling:
cottage cheese – 250 gr.  sugar – 3 tbsp, protein – 1 units. Poppy – 1 tbsp vanillin

Cottage cheese filling: cottage cheese, sugar, egg whites whip in a blender until a smooth cream, add the vanilla and dry poppy seeds and mix with a spoon.

For convenience, put the filling in the pastry bag.

Most of the testa roll out the layer, leave it on the oval circuits (press any oval dough so that could be seen a little path). Cut so that the outline resembles a butterfly.

The rest will go to the dough ornaments: weave bundles (to put them over the edge), weave braid (to put it on the middle) and some other details (put on wings butterfly).

Fill space curd, put the decorating details, you can additionally cover small areas of different jam. The dough to grease the egg yolk.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200-210 * T * C until ready.

And here is another alternative design of the cake …