How to make color aromatic candles

color aromatic candles 1

Candles have turned from the simple light source into an object of decoration. Original and beautiful candles can be made with your own hands. They serve as an excellent gift or a way to create a romantic mood.

Required Material:

• Colorless wax (you can rub ordinary candles on a greater);

• Wax crayons;

• Wicks for candles (you can buy at the store);

• Paper cups and stirring rod;

• Transparent glass cups for candles.

Take a transparent wax, pour in a little paper cup and put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. During this time, the wax should melt if it did not happen — wait another 30 seconds. In the center of the glass cup place the wick and pour a little on the bottom of the molten wax. Add wax crayons. You can rub them on a grater or chop by hand. Previously you need to clear the paper of wax crayons. Mix one color at a time. Melt the wax. Thoroughly mix the solution to the wax has acquired a uniform color. Melted wax is poured into a colored candle tipped. So we will receive not just horizontal layers and the original uneven pattern. Before that, you can drop a little aromatic oil in the wax. Repeat this procedure until the candle is not yet been filled to the top. Now you can light homemade aromatic candles. Good for you