How to make wicker vases, candy

wicker Vases Candy 1

Production of small vases, candy boxes, which can be made from the remnants of tubes and in a very short time. With such handle any beginner. Tat candy are a variety of ways. Here is one of them. we need:

  • Two cardboard circle for bottoms (it can and weave)
  • 46-50 rolls of the same color and
  • 15 tubes of a different color of course
  • You can weave and all one color. Between cartons, wallpapered (I) insert 18 pairs of tubes (photo light) and 5 tubes for pins, placing them between pairs at a time. (5 tubes between the pairs, 4 pairs missing and another 5 tubes). I have them slightly darker. We raise our tubes for pens up and fastening a pin. The product is face down. In our working pairs propel pigtails, ponytails from workers remove the tubes in the middle. For simplicity and convenience, I drew on the defective cardboard concentric circles. Small in diameter as our bedplate, and two others of your choice. 6-8cm on their radius greater than the radius of the smaller circle. It depends on how high you want to get candy. Set in the center at the bottom of a small circle, and our anchoring its masking tape. Now we carry out any trouble. I have a couple of tubes over the first, under the second, over the third, a fourth, and displayed on the top. The main requirement is that the tubes were wetted and after the last binding went up. I moved counterclockwise. To do so with all the pairs. At the same time, we look to the fold height touched our circle. In this basket, I chose a smaller circle. This is what happens when we have completely stranded all pairs of tubes. Now you are all good provisos, pull, etc. Next, remove the masking tape and our entire structure is placed upside down on a 3-liter. Carefully drop the cover down, clutching. Our tails raising up- and tubes to the handle go down. Ducts for the handles are glued to the binding and fixing pegs. And our 3-series ponytail weave rope. The tubes are cut off. Flips the product and make out the handle. Handle simple. it does not bear the load. Because simply I gathered her tubes and wrapped them. Korzinulka ready. That’s about what happens. Since the candy in the country (for some reason) do not grow, you have to use them in other ways.