How to make ancestral castle – Step By Step

ancestral castle 1
Required Materials:
PVA glue,
salty dough,
Any paint
Matt lacquer.
knife for cutting cardboard and all your existing tools for sculpting.
A cup of flour,
Extra cup salt,
4 tablespoons of PVA
minimum of water.
The dough should be dry, but do not crumble. In the refrigerator at least an hour.
When modeling, if the batter dryly, hold it a little bit in their hands, and if sticks, hold it open to the air. Perfect dough is rolled out to 1 mm.
Find on the Internet that you want to dazzle, whether it is a bug or a castle. The picture is advisable to keep in front of you, in an ideal – a few angles. You can sculpt and .. head, but then a lot will have to correct.
Future wall.

Main entrance.

Merge newspaper.

 We form an arch and separates it for easy modeling.

We begin to mold pre-moistened cardboard PVA or water.

 Increased depth. Sculpted head.

We make an additional input element.

Front view.

Back view.

The final form.

The height of the walls have increased due to the increase of the entrance arch. He added an extension at the rear. Sculpted as input. Windows is desirable to draw the cut and after drying.

 Side view. The reference table under the tower.

Back view.

Lepim tower. Lateral.



 Install the rear tower.

 Install the front arch.

We begin to sculpt the roof.

 The side roof elements.

Install the roof.

Install the side of the tower.

Making tents. Bag filled with dough.

Putting the top of the tower.

Let’s see what happens.

Add side tents. English lawn and coat of arms.

You are invited to a ball in the evening.