How to make beautiful mickey mouse papier-mache

mickey mouse papier mache 1

Required Material:
foam ball
newspaper, paper, adhesive tape and paper napkins
coffee beans
acrylic paints
fabric and lace
needle and thread
wooden frame for stick
We take as a basis the foam ball and draw a face on it Minnie Mouse

foil forming ears and paste napkins

From napkins and paper adhesive tape form the nose, mouth and eyes. Glue to the foam ball

Planting head on a wooden stick

Stick the coffee beans brown acrylic paint

is adhered to the head mouse coffee beans. Next, paper, newspaper and adhesive tape doing trunk

On the legs attach foil

torso completely wrapped with paper tape

Coloring acrylics: white and black

shoe with coffee beans paste

from the foil and adhesive tape doing handles

Remove the size of a mouse and make the pattern for dresses