How to make newspaper fruit basket

If the look of your kitchen is in need of a renovation, invest in a fruit bowl, which when completed does not look anything like a piece made from recycled material. And this fruit bowl is so interesting that you can even gift with it, because the result and the compliments will be the same if you gift with an industrialized piece.

– To make this beautiful fruit bowl you will need: basin with the following measures: 35 cm in diameter and 12 cm in height; 1 Basin with the following measures: 25 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height; 1 broom handle with 55 cm; 1 reel of cardboard with a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 14 cm; 26 barbecue sticks; 160 straws of newspaper; hot glue; White glue; Stiletto; scissors; pliers; screwdriver; Soldering Iron; string; Cardboard; Latex paint (with the color of your choice); And marine varnish.

  • Start by cutting the two cardboard bases, as measured by the diameters of the basins. Mark the center of each of the cartons and drill a hole that is sufficient to pass the broom handle, but do not leave it loose. Support the first cardboard on top of the bobbin base and glue. It will support the first base of the fruit bowl of 35 cm in diameter. Measure from top to bottom, approximately 5 cm and attach the second base with the diameter of 25 cm.

Then place the straw in the holes that are already marked, these will be the straight straw in the upright position. Then tie the 2 bowls (which will serve as shapes). After that, start a braid with 3 straps, next to the cardboard of the base. Continue braiding as follows, the last behind goes over 2 fixed and under the third. Now, make the second braid at the middle of the bowl. Make sure this braid is level in the middle of the bowl. Then repeat the execution of the braid on top of the fruit bowl.

Afterwards, to eliminate the rest of the tips of the fixed straws use one of the tips of the fixed and pass underneath the next one. Use the next, pass it under the first, over the second and under the third and cut the tip. And repeat this same process all the way back, remembering to always pull the ends inwards.

Now, repeat the same process of the braid and finish on the top of the fruit bowl. Then, for finishing the lower cardboard spool base, cut a circumference of 20 cm and glue to serve as the bottom base. Next, stick 26 BBQ sticks in the diagonal position mimicking the shape of a cone. Between a toothpick and another there should be a distance of approximately 4 cm. Afterwards, stick a straw next to the cardboard of the first fruit tree and go rolling and tying another 24 straws to serve as fixed. Now, with the same end that you were tying, continue making the weaving, reaching the end make a braid with the tips of the fixed. To finish paint your fruit tree with the latex paint and when it is dry pass the varnish. And it’s ready! This idea of newspaper fruit was taken from the Solidarium website .

DIY: Hamdmade vase of plastic bottles for fruit

Vase of plastic bottles for fruit 1

Hello! Today we will do a vase for fruit from the plastic bottles.

For the manufacture of vases with their own hands, you will need:
1. Plastic bottles;
2. PVA glue;
3. Newspapers;
4. Napkins conventional and sandwich;
5. Hot glue;
6. The stones or something heavy;
7. Acrylic paint and varnish.

8. Cardboard

Step 1.

Take the 2-liter bottle and cut off them. First, step back a little from the neck is

will foot. Second, a little below the middle.

Step 2.

From cardboard cut out a couple of feet in diameter circles. And glue them together.

Step 3.

From the third bottle cut out the middle and curl into a tube, it will be a connector

two parts.

Step 4.

Wrap in newspaper stones laid in the leg and close the cardboard circle.

Step 5.

the second part of the bottle to 3 cm. And cut.

Step 6.

Cut the petals glue tape, about the same distance.

Step 7.

Paste vase PVA newspaper strips and a 1: 1 with water. Paste in 2 layers.

Step 8.

From cardboard cut out the template and use it to outline the pattern.

Step 9.

Paste vase crumpled paper towels.

Step 10.

From 3-ply napkins curl flagella and stuck on the vase.

Step 11.

First, paint to black, and then slightly purple at the end of bronze.

Step 12.