Hip Hop Hooray for an Easter Picnic!

Easter is hopping up on us, and we couldn’t be happier! Everything about this time of year makes us smile—from the soft pastel colors to sweet bunnies and chicks, everything is bursting with new life and plenty of reasons to get outside and celebrate. We’re excited to share some bright ideas on how to make this spring holiday extra special with your kids by planning an Easter picnic.

Wishing you and your little bunnies a Happy Easter!

Hope you like this tutorial.

DIY: Glowing garland with balls of yarn

Glowing garland with balls of yarn 1

On the eve of the New Year, I would like to tell you how I make a garland with balls of yarn.

We do this usually with his son. He most likes to burst balloons after they glue dries.

Here is a garland presented to me in the new year my sister.

Materials we need:

– PVA glue, better than plain. I use this:

Garland. I buy them in Ikeja. The Chinese are not suitable as light bulbs on them very much, and a small distance between them. Well and reliability again. This garland on batteries. She has a huge advantage: you do not get attached to the outlet. It can be hung wherever you want; – balloons. The smallest that can buy. I buy them just a big package, it is cheaper. More to come  but pharmacies they have gone missing;

Thread should be cotton, or not impregnated with glue, and the design does not turn solid.

The thickness you choose to your liking. Remember you need only one thing: the thinner the yarn, the denser should be winding. With a thicker thread than Iris ball can be more filigree.

Everything has its little secrets. And for them, I’ll tell you.

Inflate balloons. We try to make them round.

In the future, when winding thread can be slightly adjusted form.

If you want to relieve yourself a little further their effort to extract from the finished balls burst balloons before they can be wound a little grease or vegetable oil or fat cream. But there is a BUT. Is wound in such a case, the thread will be more difficult, since they will slide over the ball. In general, with such a small amount of oil to put optional, but if you want to make a big ball, then this procedure, you can not avoid, because otherwise, it will necessarily when you pop the balloon.

We perform in a plastic container two holes thick needle.

There is also a nuance. The needle must not be much thicker filament. If the hole will be a very large, then the thread is too wet, the glue will flow down your arms. If the hole is too small, then the thread will be almost dry and the ball does not get strong.

Fill the glue in the container and begin to wind thread the beads. The winding should be dense, but too drag is not necessary because the ball will turn rough. Once dry the balls ready for several hours. The bigger, the better. Threads should not be just dry, but firm. If much can not wait, you can dry the hair dryer.

Then comes the long-awaited and most favorite moment! Bursting balls !!!

That’s what we’ve got: After that, everything is very simple. We put in the small gaps between the thread bulb garlands. For reliability can be secured with hot glue. Install the batteries and come up with your child a place for garlands!

Because of thread and glue, you can do a lot of interesting things. Shades and just beautiful things


How to make egg box

Egg box with his hands 1

Gallery will be a lot, you’ll excuse me, but photoshop them and do not have time to integrate.
So, take an ordinary pot for seedlings (worth a penny)FROM plastic bottle cut throat and podplavlyaem bit of an edge over the fire, then the paper is not torn on the edges. I apologize for the background because the first did not think to do MK
From People poll yay Tso cut out (not necessarily perfectly smooth, the main form). The diameter is the same as in a pot, or maybe a little less, then the lid will stay on flowers
At the bottom of the hole do (oh, by the way, and here are the update cents).
It is cut straight scissors woohoo easy, even a “markup is” Included perfect, as if well conceived Stand almost ready That’s actually this is my idea A further twist any flowers, but smaller is better Vtyrkivaem flowers in egg
Flowers do not insert to the workpiece edge to remain porch that decorates flex hose. And the very bottom I painted, but it is possible to seal the same flex hose And here I took “replacement player”. The first pot was not enough, so I did the flowers too long legs, had to be replaced. But the point remains the same: a vase decorates flex hose Kristen? added UK Rasha Lok added UK Rasha Lok Together Inside spread ground chocolates READY Well, finally done!

How to Decorate Easter eggs with sequins

Easter eggs with sequins 1

For manufacturing and decorating Easter eggs will need:
foam or polystyrene foam;
universal glue;
Sew mosaic flowers light pink color;
pins with colored heads (white, purple);

For Easter egg additionally need:
sew sequins green flowers
In this egg, a height of 6 cm, will take about 120 pins. Before starting work, prepare the pins. Such pins long needle, so the pliers need to bite these needles 1/3 of their total size.

After all that- strung on each sewing sequins flower.

Take a piece of foam (polystyrene) in length and 6 cm in diameter. Cut so that it would turn the egg. Cut with scissors, safely shred it at the beginning. This is the end you will tinker with it, cutting off little by little and little.
And now, begin to permeate prepared with needles, styrofoam egg. Perhaps it will be easier to start from the middle of the top of the eggs.

When threading with white and purple heads alternate, so that they were mixed.

If you are going to do on egg then should not the lower part of the egg close with sequins.

Easter eggs can perfectly serve the same plastic box. The only thing it needs to be a little decorate.

And this will help the same sew sequins flowers only green. According to the outermost rim, apply a universal glue and lay. At some time, and when the glue is completely dry, you can proceed to the final stage.

The final stage of the most pleasant, because in a few minutes you will see the result of your work. He will not disappoint you.
And here’s the result – easter egg in all its glory!

How to make colored Easter idea- chocolate eggs

bright colored Easter ideya chocolate eggs 1

What we need. Confectionery tinted white chocolate, but if you do not take a look at the usual white tile and add a drop of food coloring in different colors. Chocolate must be melted in a water bath and let it harden very little that was not too liquid.

Inflate balloons small size

from a pastry bag with a narrow nozzle or simply cut package to squeeze a little corner, messy tangling, strips.

Allow to solidify, hanging on to a glass tube.

cutting off a piece remove a ball

if you want to fill with bright sweet candy jelly beans