Father’s Day Cards – card with origami-shirt

The idea of ​​shirt seemed to me interesting and not too difficult, especially because I know how to do origami shirt. I learned to do them for a long time, even when a student exchange in the US – then gave me a dollar made in shirt.This folded dollar is I still – I was laid out and with it probably a thousand times.

Here is the compiled Shirt:

Quite realistic, is not it? On the Internet you will find plenty of instructions to help you add up a shirt in 3 minutes! Here is my version of these instructions, adapted to the size of paper 15 x 15 cm (with a single sheet can be done two shirts). Bend piece from two sides towards the center fold line swipe colonies in the region of 5-7 mm from the upper edge, turn the sheet and bend the top corners at the middle, with the other side of 4 cm to bend the middle, then fold the lower portion (up collar). Lay the foundation shirts and fold the inner edges forming a sleeve, and then fold the shirt. The shirt will serve as the centerpiece of my cards. Actually I made these shirts and two ties complement them with tape.

Required Materials:

  • Letter fine scrap paper 15×15 cm for shirts;
  • Letter blue and white cardboard;
  • Houndstooth folder for stamping ;
  • Bradsy Smirk for Him ;
  • Feed Smirk Best Dad Ever ;
  • Double-sided tape.

Size cards – 10.5 x 14.5 cm (half an A4 sheet). For a card I cut the white lining Size 10.1 x 14.3 cm and a blue square (the size of 9.8 x 9.8 cm), and another strip of scrap paper size of 9.8 x 5 cm. Blue square I squeezed through the machine for embossing that there was a certain texture. But if the machine is not present, then you can do without it. Tied ribbon.
Knot the ribbon I decorated the icon with a funny image. I also graced the back of a postcard and glue the white paper in the middle, so that you can write on it greetings. Here is a get the original “Father’s Day card”!

Courtesy: zrobysama

how to make Quilling Earrings

Learn how to make quilling earrings in just a few steps with the help of step by step tutorial.

Material Required to make the Quilled Hoop Earrings:
  • Quilling strips (5 mm) in green and purple colors
  • Quilling needle
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Paste and join two purple quilling strips.

Step 2: Take a cylindrical Object and roll to wrap this quilling strip 2-3 times around it and paste the end to make a purple colored ring.

Step 3: Make two purple colored rings like this.

Step 4: Take a green quilling strip and cut and divide it in two equal parts.

Step 5: Make tear drop shaped coils with them. Shape them properly using your fingers.
Step 6: Make multiple tear drop shaped coils.

Step 7: Place the purple rings flat on the table and apply some glue in the inner side of the purple ring.

Step 8: Paste the tear drop shaped coils in a designer form, making a pattern of your choice.

Step 9: Take 1/4th of a purple quilling strip and make a loose coil with it.

Step 10: Insert a jump ring in the loose coil.

Step 11: Pass an earring hook in it. Similarly, make another earring and complete the pair.

How to make feathered carnival mask

I propose to you today a DIY very easy to realize with your children, a mask bird colorful paper.

To realize it, you will need three times nothing:
A colored cardboard plate
Thick color paper
A decorated paper straw
A large round hole punch (3.3 cm diameter)

Cut the cardboard plate into two equal parts so as to form the base of the mask.

Using a hole punch, make two round holes at eye level.

To make the feathers of the mask, use the template, place it on a sheet of colored paper and fold in half.

Make notches along the feather using scissors.

Glue the beak and paper feathers to the base.

Finish the decoration of the mask with sticks and fix the straw on the back of the mask.

Happy holidays with your kids and good carnival!

courtesy: madame-citron

DIY Multicolored Paper Peacock

An interesting DIY Paper Craft Project can consist a wide variety of easy Do It Yourself Paper Craft Ideas for you to make at home. This Step by step tutorial with instructions on how to make Multicolored Paper Peacock for Home Decor project is something, that you must watch in order to ensure, you make this wonderful paper craft idea in an easy and systematic way. Peacock design paper craft ideas are always searched for by avid crafters.

Capture the sheer majestic presence of the beautiful peacock by making it as an awesome and easy paper craft idea.Being a fun art and craft activity for kids, you can also make this Multicolored paper peacock for kid’s school projects.Use this amazing Multicolored Paper Peacock as a creative handmade home decoration Idea for your home.

Come! let us learn how to make the pretty Multicolored Paper Peacock.

Step 1: Required Material
The basic craft supplies that you need to make the multicolored peacock are as follows:
  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Craft glue
  • Scale
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Pencil
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Colors
  • Black sketch pen
  • Styrofoam/Thermocol Balls
  • Earbud
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glitter
Step 2: Make the Base

Make the base of the craft by drawing the shape of the body, neck and the beak of the peacock, on a thick cardboard and make two similar cut outs like this.

Paste and join the two cardboard cut out together with glue gun.

Cut thin cardboard strips and cover the gap remaining between the two bodies of the Peacock.

Make 2 blue paper cut outs of the same measurement as that of the cardboard.

Cover the bodies of the peacock with blue color paper.

Step 3: Build Your Craft

Cut out a semicircle measuring 28 cm in diameter, from the thin cardboard.

Cut out square shaped pink color papers measuring 5 cm x 5 cm and make multiple cones with them.

Paste them on the edge of the semicircle, with craft glue, to form the first layer of the peacock feathers.

Add a layer of blue paper cones after the pink one in the peacock feathers.

Keep adding different colors of paper cones to brighten up your peacock!

Keep a small space, blank, in the center.

Step 4: Add Creativity to Your Craft

Make paper cones in 5 different colored layers.

Now take the cardboard body of the peacock and make a slit using cutter.

Insert the paper cones semi circle in the slit and ensure it is firmly fixed.

Paste and join two different colored quillings trips and make tear drop shaped coils with them.

Step 5: Decorate Your Craft

Cut styrofoam balls in half and paste them on the peacock’s body and the remaining space in the semicircle.

Color the beak and draw the eyes using black sketch pen and line the neck of the peacock using decorative pearls.

Paint both the ends of a few earbuds and cut the stick in the center.

Paste them on the peacock’s head to form the crest.

Add some glitter to the earbuds to be used as the crest.

Step 6: Your Craft Is Ready

Within no time and a few basic steps of easy paper craft ideas, you have a beautiful DIY Multicolored Paper peacock ready to adorn the room decor of your living room. This pretty looking colorful Peacock design Craft idea for Home Decorations is one such cool craft that can bring an instant energy to your otherwise boring looking Home Decor.

Courtesy: StylEnrich

Spring Crafts: How to make a ladybug with their hands

Spring crafts. Articles made of paper ladybug. How to make a ladybug. Spring crafts kindergarten. Spring crafts from clay. Spring crafts from salted dough.

Ladybug poem:

“Ladybug, fly to the sky
Bring us bread,
black, white,
only not burnt.”

She listened attentively, and we threw it to the sky.
A continuation of the poem is:

Fly to the sky –
I’ll give you bread!
Fly to the sky,
They are your kids
Kushan candy –
All for one,
And you no!”

In this article, we gathered the spring crafts on “Ladybirds with their own hands.” We invite you to make these cute insects from paper to sculpt out of clay or salt dough and even mini sandwiches prepared in the form of ladybirds. We hope that our crafts will give you the spring, sunny mood!

1. Spring crafts out of paper

We offer you a spring crafts origami – ladybird paper. You will need a square sheet of red paper. Fold it as shown in the picture below, cut with scissors sharp corners black pencil or marker Doris ladybug missing parts. Articles made of paper ladybug ladybug is ready!

You can make three-dimensional applique with ladybirds in the photo below from the paper circles.

For the manufacture of a ladybug, you will need three circles. Each circle should be folded in half, and then glue them together flanks.

2. Crafts on spring – Kids crafts spring

See what kind of an interesting application on the topic spring can be made with the children of colored paper. It is very simple to manufacture spring hack for children.

3. Crafts spring has come. How to make a ladybug:

Another spring crafts out of paper-

Download and print the scheme crafts out of paper on the link >>>> Cut and glue according to the instructions. This spring crafts out of paper just seems complicated. In fact, it makes it easy and fast.

4. Spring crafts from clay – Spring crafts from salted dough

Moving from spring craft paper for the spring Crafts from clay and salt dough. Even a very small child under the supervision of an adult mentor can dazzle ladybird from plasticine or salt dough. The link you will find detailed instructions on making this spring crafts with their hands >>>>

5. Spring crafts kindergarten – Spring crafts for kindergarten

If you have a home remained flat stones since last summer, it is possible to paint them with paint, and you will turn out cute crafts ladybugs.

On the other interesting artefacts from the stones can be found in the article “Living Stones” >>>>

6. Crafts Spring. How to make a ladybug

spring hack – the ladybug imprint of children’s feet.

7. Spring crafts for kids. How to make a ladybug from tomatoes

Cook with your child edible crafts – mini sandwiches “Ladybugs”. To do this, first spread a soft cheese on crackers.Now take the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and pomidorinku of these halves make wings ladybirds. Olives (pitted) make insect head and dots on the back. Decorate all the greens. It turned out tasty, useful, beautiful, spring dish.

8. Developing games for children. Education account

Cards in Mathematics for preschoolers with numbers from 1 to 20.

Download cards in mathematics can be on the links:
link 1 >>>>
link 2 >>>>

9. Spring crafts

Original decoration for pots of potted flowers can be made from plastic spoons. For this spring crafts you will also need: acrylic paints, doll eyes, glue or glue gun on cardboard or heavy paper green.

Hope you like these spring craft ideas and tutorials.

Easy DIY Photo Globe Mobile Tutorial

This tutorial show you how to make beautiful paper craft photo globe mobile that will look great whether they’re hanging in your house, given as a gift, or stranded to spice up your party!

It’s hanging in my son’s room now and he loves to point out mommy, dad, and himself 🙂

Required Materials:

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: emilyburnette

How to make paper flowers bells – Step by step

The bell of the paper with your hands out of paper. How to make flowers bells of paper with your hands.

Since we do kolokolchik.Snachala prepare sprig (wire, wrapped in paper and corrugated rolls 0,5 funnel strip 3 mm. Wide)
More engrave leaves three dimensions (corrugation. Paper glued twice) smallest and sepals (gofr.bumaga in one layer)

Paper glue twice, after drying iron utyugom. Vyrezaem pattern (1/4 circle with five “teeth”) detali.Skleivaem their “kulechkom”, spin the teeth, whereby a circular shape of a bell to attach nozhke. Podgotovim stamens: cut fence (white gofr.bumaga in one layer), divide by three pieces of cloves, base curl, kinks and bends.

Here we are ready to assemble the flower: stamens themselves bells, sepals, leaves and twigs from the craters. All stages shown in the photo. And another point: for the tight buds of blue paper curl arbitrarily.

And here is the finished branch:

Thank you for your attention!

Easy Paper Quilling Photo Frame (Tutorial)

It requires the following ingredients:

  • A dense paper for background (at least 300g / m2)
  • Less dense paper for flowers (from 120 to 160 g / m2 – denser not desirable, tk strip of this size will not curl and smoothly obedient) two colors. In my case it is white, that will stand out, and a gentle shade of the background color, which will allow the flowers to our successfully combined with the main color and helps highlight the details.
  • Paper knife and steel ruler to cut strip. Use scissors to cut a tedious affair
  • PVA glue
  • A toothpick or other curler rolls

Cut into strips 30 cm long and 5 mm wide, the number pretends leaning on conceived plot. There are many clever ways to quickly cut, for example, cut a few layers of paper at a time, but this density (120 to 160), it is quite difficult. so long to not split hairs, I bonded with paper flowers tetrad piece of a cell and, Whack-Whack-Whack by moving the line of cells…

But first, make a frame, and best of all – for later.

We mark up our most dense leaf. It is recommended to prepare a detailed shemku on paper, not to cut too much, take into account all the dimensions. I look forward to photos 13×18, based on these dimensions, select the width of the box, my left and from the bottom a little bit wider. Zakrnchiv layout, cut out window for the picture, which should be slightly smaller than the photo

Now for the “pocket” into which the picture will be inserted. Photographic paper is very thick and has a substantial thickness, so that the frame is not deformed when it put them in the photo, we give the pocket a little bit width)) is glued to the back of the narrow strip of heavy paper, and now you can stick and “pocket” itself, which will not allow our shot to drop out of the frame.

Basis is ready.

We turn to the flowers. As you probably already know, the Demi demisoffice.com.ua/news/news_around_the_world/104 have a whole bunch of examples and lessons, which explores in detail and scale of the basic quilling techniques.
So, for the manufacture of the petal we need a paper strip, which by means of a split toothpick (or more noble instrument) is rolled into a tight roll of. A roll in turn unwound to a certain diameter, and then the end of the strip is fixed with white glue rolls and formed into the desired shape with the fingers. my hands to avoid dark spots then hurt at work. Particularly easy to get dirty cuts strips for the white paper is a disaster, it is easy to give very poor appearance.

For the manufacture of identical petals useful template to unwind rolls up to a diameter. Here is my first flower

Mnoe still really like the flowers of this form

and leaves, of course

In general, we turn your heart’s content, do not forget to create a variety of flora dimensions))
when the basic elements are ready, dispose of on the frame and prileivaem.
This is not the final version, but the meaning is, I think, is clear.

Now add the details and Circuits, until the composition does not seem quite complete

one last step – attach the back of the podstvku stability.

frame ready

Thank you for attention. I hope you will come in handy malenkty my lesson. I’d be happy reviews!