How to make feathered carnival mask

I propose to you today a DIY very easy to realize with your children, a mask bird colorful paper.

To realize it, you will need three times nothing:
A colored cardboard plate
Thick color paper
A decorated paper straw
A large round hole punch (3.3 cm diameter)

Cut the cardboard plate into two equal parts so as to form the base of the mask.

Using a hole punch, make two round holes at eye level.

To make the feathers of the mask, use the template, place it on a sheet of colored paper and fold in half.

Make notches along the feather using scissors.

Glue the beak and paper feathers to the base.

Finish the decoration of the mask with sticks and fix the straw on the back of the mask.

Happy holidays with your kids and good carnival!

courtesy: madame-citron

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